– I journey for myself, to learn about the core of all existence:

I listen to the beat of the drum, I open my chakras and become like the tree. My roots reach deeply into the earth, I feel them creaking as they stretch. My branches reach high into the sky, it feels so good to unfold them. I step out of the tree with the black panther Solange by my side. I am wearing wings of fire. I walk up the path to the forest clearing. There is a path of black wet stepping stones they feel cool beneath my feet. I reach the archway portal woven with sticks and string, the portal is quite thick with sticks and is symmetrical. Solange and I balance ourselves at the archway portal before we step through. I can feel the cool breeze against my feet. I step into the forest clearing where I greet the wizard.

The fire portal is open, the right side is orange the left side is blue. The wizard says, “you are going through here but you have to be wary, take Solange with you”. A shape shifter arrives, he wears spots like a cheetah in the form of a man. The wizard tells me Zed will show me the way. The shape shifter, Zed goes through the fire portal half blue and half orange. I remind the wizard I want to know about the core of all existence. He says, “yes I know child”. Zed goes through the fire portal. Solange follows, he is slinking low to the ground. I go through last. I feel tired and distracted in the place we have stepped into. We have stepped into a dark place it has no light. There are black smooth rocks that we step on. I continue to follow Solange who follows Zed. We walk for a little while. I start to see a blue light in the top of the sky. We are inside the sky I suppose and it starts to stretch. It looks like the sky is being eroded by this blue light. We step through where the sky is being burnt away and we still continue to step on the black stones but we are stepping into another section that looks like another sky, there are pale fuzzy white lights everywhere like little smudges of light. In this section I can see a large crystal which symbolises the core of all existence.

Tomohawk a Native American man who has shown me this crystal before stands in front of me. He pats the crystal with his left hand raised up next to his head and he says this is the core, you work from the core outwards. I can’t quite get across to where Tomohawk is because I am still standing on the stone disks with Zed and Solange. He tells us to jump over to join him, so we do. He is unusual looking he has beautiful dark hair and olive skin like a Native American but he has bright blue eyes. He wears a necklace carved from bone, with red tips. He has a bare chest but wears pants that come up over his stomach, they are made from leather hides. He is bare foot but wears similar anklets like his necklace they are matching, he also wears them around his wrists. He wears a black feather in his hair that has a red coloured tip. He wears a ring on his left hand ring finger. It has smooth, red stones in it and is shaped like a disk, it has circular ridges, smooth, like a shield. I can see it because he has his hand placed on the stone. He says “This is the core, I’ll show you how to use it”. Inside it’s not like a crystal, there is a lot of smoky energy flowing around everywhere. He is explaining to me that the core is located inside each person but this core has access inside each person. He shows me the core then he shows me a little piece of that core inside each person living on earth. He shows me the surface on the stone, even though it looks shiny and hard it isn’t. He places his hand inside the core and moves his hand around. I can feel him moving the energy around in my chest. He shows me that to explain that the energy in the core is connected to the energy inside each person. He lights up his hand with his energy and places his hand inside the core. When he does this my energy lights up inside as well. He is showing me how to put light inside all of the people. He says, “You might also call this planting star seeds, which you have talked about with your guides before.

One of my guides Silver Simon arrives in his human form and he is still quite metallic. With his metal he can conduct electricity. He uses this electric current, placing his hand inside the core of all existence and I can feel it like an electric volt charging through my body. He shows me that the core of all existence is like a network and you can pin point different people in the network. To give energy to any person through their own core. He pin points different star seeds and gives his energy to that person. I ask them if this disrespecting personal space. Tomohawk laughs gleefully, he finds me naive. He explains that the core holds its own energy inside each person. What I call star seeds can be active or not. It all belongs to the core. He thinks I am naive because it is one energy. Giving energy to other people through the core is only expanding my own energy. When you charge the core you are charging all. He says that they are going to teach me more but for now I just have to understand how it works. He says that I can practice using the core by pin pointing my star seed and charging it with energy, then feel the energy inside me expand. He starts to explain the energy like a seed. Because I understood it like a star seed. A seed that is viable but unactivated is still alive but may never grow. A seed that is viable and allowed to grow given the water and love and sunshine is allowed to expand. He says that I will be creating the potential for growth by giving energy to the star seeds.

I ask Tomohawk why he has blue eyes that don’t match his body. He tells me he is the blue eyed Indian from the prophesy who will connect all the people. He shows me that when I’m looking at the core of all existence I can see the little points of light that are the activated star seeds and they are the ones that need energy. The others are not important right now. I ask him where does the energy come from that I will feed the core. He tells me that there is limitless energy and I understand this. It comes from everywhere I feel it coming through my feet as he explains it. He tells me the earth has unlimited energy, from the earth itself, in the atmosphere, storms and lightning, trees and plants, the sun and water all have limitless energy. He shows it to me like the energy has different flavours. Plant energy feels different from the sun or earth or water and I will intuitively choose where I draw the energy from. I will intuitively choose which points of light to feed the energy to. I ask him will I know who the energy is going to and he replies not at this stage. That I am to practice with my own energy first. I ask Tomohawk what is the point of this exercise? He tells me that expanding myself while expanding others, expands the energy of all. When the energy is expanded there’s more to work with. It becomes a tool in itself.

Silver Simon says I’m not very good at listening to him at the moment because I don’t always like what he is telling me. But we will grow into better harmony. He used the core to help expand me when he put his metal energy inside my bones and fortified my strength. The core will be a profound tool when I learn more but we will start with transferring energy so I can manage my energy better because he know’s I haven’t been able to manage my energy well so far. I can feel the heavy pointy weight of the crystal inside my chest cavity.

I ask Tomohawk does the core stay here? Is this where I access it? He says, “No we’ll bring it closer for you. It’s not practical to have to come here all the time. You can picture that it is right with you, energetically you can move it anywhere”. Zed comes to get me and says he’ll show me the way back now. He goes onto all fours as a cheetah and I follow him with Solange out the way we came. I turn back around and ask Silver Simon and Tomohawk “why did the wizard tell me to be wary?” He laughs and says “because the sky is falling”. I can see where the sky is eroding still.

We leave following the black slick stone path, I have trouble gripping so I transform into the wolf. Zed is in front and Solange is behind. As the wolf I have white fur with grey and brown tones. I follow them out through the fire that is blue and orange. The wizard admonishes me for being the wolf carelessly so I change back and I hug him telling him that everything is ok. I walk under the archway touching it as I go down the steps to the water hole where I jump into the water letting the water wash over me sinking down letting the air out of my lungs until my feet touch the ground. And I return.