– I journey for myself as I am guided into a past life:

I step off the bridge and I am bare foot I see that I have a leather skirt and metal chest armour, I am wearing a helmet with metal leaf patterns. I am tall and strong I have many battle scars including a big one next to my belly button. I am standing in a line of men. I am in Athens Greece. There is a dirt road leading up to a city gate made of wood. We are waiting for the arrival of an important guest. I hold a tall wooden handled spear with metal tip and the air is warm even though it is dusk. I am standing in the shadow of the city wall. Two lines of warriors stand with me lining each side of the road leading up to the gate. We are here to both show the power of the city and to show that our guests are welcome and will be protected while they are visiting.

I see a horse drawn carriage approach. There are four grey mottled coloured horses drawing the carriage. They wear metal plate armour and there are thick leather reins connecting them to each other and the carriage. The carriage is wooden with red and gold decoration and red curtains. I can see a glimpse of the person riding inside and I try to get a better look as the carriage approaches the gate and the guards open the door for the guests. I will be off duty for the night. I wear loose fabric clothing, a light cheese cloth shirt with lacing at the chest. I run my hands through my thick brown hair and I prepare for an evening of celebrations to herald the arrival of our important guest into the city.

I stand in a dusty arena looking up to the royal box where the ruler of the city announces our guest and raises her hand to the crowd. She is well received, the people love her. She is royalty and the daughter of a ruler from a neighbouring city. She wears colourful and exotic fabrics and is very bold.

The following evening I go to a feast. We are in times of wealth and peace. We celebrate and the room is decorated richly. The royal woman comes over to me. Greats me and asks questions about our warriors. She is very knowledgable and charismatic. Even though I am a guard I am a battle hardened warrior and hold the respect and honour of those high in society such as the royals. It is not uncommon for a warrior to mix with the royals. We talk and she speaks in an un familiar language with a soft but husky voice. She is much smaller than me, beautiful with long dark hair and dark eyes. She places her palm on my palm in explaining balance and harmony between her city and mine. I feel an electric current run thought my hand into hers then back into my hand through her. We are both hypnotised by this powerful energy exchange and we stare into each others eyes for what seems like an unreasonable amount of time in this busy room.

The royal woman asks the city ruler to have me show her around. He agrees. It is a political move on his part to show neighbouring cities our strength and wealth. This royal woman is traveling around from place to place on her own volition to gain a better understanding of the regions resources and economic responsibilities as well and future sustainability for growth. I spend weeks with her. Riding our horses out into the desert showing her our rivers and plantations, cattle and other resources. After this time together learning and sharing she requests that I be transferred  to her city to act as a guard and teacher for the young warriors. My city ruler is pleased with this arrangement because it will allow him to keep a friendly connection with her city and we will become allies.

Moving forwards in time I see we marry and have two sons. I train young warriors including our sons but I worry that because we are in times of peace these young soldiers having never seen war will not be hardened to the world of true battle. My wife is concerned for the poor and the diseased, she brings clean water to the peasants. She makes clay water carrying pots and distributes the water carefully and fairly. She tells me of her concerns of lack of fresh water and food for the people it is getting so bad the city may have to relocate. I worry that if the city collapses our sons will have to join a neighbouring army and go to war.

My wife watches the moon each night from the balcony as if she is communicating with the moon goddess to learn her secrets. We are so busy in the day tackling our respective tasks that we allow ourselves the evenings to bask in each others glory. We take this quiet time together to give and receive love and connect in a deep and soulful way. Our passion is so deep. We wait all day to delve back into each others eyes and reconnect the fire within each of us. One night my wife has a dream that the moon tells her where to find a water source. So she rides out into the desert at night looking to the full moon and amongst the desert peaks and valleys she sees the moon reflecting on a body of water.

My wife takes me in secret to show me the water hole she has found. We celebrate by making love in the water, we hold each other in a passion that burns so bright I can barely take it. She explains that it has an underground cavern and the supply is pure, filtered by the sand and limitless. We must keep this a secret from everyone to protect our selves from war. This resource is highly valuable and will allow her city and my city to survive in times of peace and prosperity for a long time to come. We train our sons as water protectors and they keep our secret. My other young warriors keep a greater patrol of the area to further secure our water. My wife distributes the water to everyone and we prosper.

I am on the war council but want to keep the peace. I am constantly counselling the rich lords to hold off on going to battle and raiding the neighbouring cities for their resources. It is a tiring job but my main work is to teach the young warriors to be strong and to uphold the peace and to always find a way to calmly resolve a problem before going into battle.

As my sons grow older I am very proud, they are so much like. I can trust them and have their complete support. They are two pillars of strength at my side and I could not have kept the peace with out their strength and calm.

I walk back across the bridge to fold myself back into this body and this life. When I return to this reality. I mourn the lost of my past life, my wife and sons. It is now a memory I hold in this life too.

Notes: I have to collect something from the jewellers so I have a look while I am there. I find a jewellery set made with antique Roman coins picturing a soldier on the front. It is the only set and it’s just come in. I know they are for me and I buy them on the spot.