– I journey for myself to ask wisdom from the Lumarians:

I listen to the beat of the drum and light up my chakras. I spread the roots of my tree deep into the earth. I reach my branches high into the sky. I step out of the tree with Solange the black panther. I walk across a path of wooden disks leading up to the forest clearing. The stick archway is hovering in space. I see stars all around. The forest clearing in transparent. I step through the arch with Solange. A native american man named Hanunu is there to meet me. He wears tan leathers and a leather headband with one feather sticking up over his right ear, the feather is white ochre and black. He is an elder but he has dark hair, he still has his youth. He is handing me something. It is a large feather with beads around the shaft. They are white, yellow and orange with a blue line around the top. He says “we are all, we are one.” He wants me to smudge him. I have an abalone shell with some sage that I burn. Im wearing my leather medicine bag and I rub my thumb over the cool pewter button on the front. I tell him I have come to meet the Lumarians. He says he knows this. There is a small wooden boat waiting on the shore of the night sky. A man jumps in front of me wearing a tribal mask and a suede outfit with fringes and beads and white and ochre zig zag design. Hanunu tells me he is scaring away any bad spirits or attachments I don’t need. He has a rattle and he dances and jumps in front of me and yells. Then he stands aside and allows me to pass him. We get into the little wooden boat. Hanunu sends us out on to the water with a large stick, pushing us forwards and I hear the water ripple as we dift out into darkness and into space. The boat guides us, it knows where its going. Im going to the Lumarians to learn how to attune more deeply with my own psychic gifts.

I can see somebody ahead of us. A light shines down on the shore of a rocky island. There is a war cheif ahead. He has a large feather head dress, he has a serious face and a small loin cloth in leather with decorations. He has a feather to give me. He is like the gate keeper, the gaurdian. I tell him Hanunu is taking me to the Lumarians. He nods his head. He is extremely tall, 7ft tall. He hands me the black feather it has a yellow dot. He says “you will need this.” And he allows us to pass. Hanunu is my height and build, we walk together, he walks on my left and Solange walks on my right. We walk across the dry grass. Hanunu keeps a very casual pace, he is happy just to walk along, he is in no hurry. I hold my black feather with yellow dot in front of me and I pat Solange. Hanunu takes out a flute, its a wooden flute, he plays a little tune and it brings the butterflies to him. Red and black butterflies and orange and black butterflies. They flutter all around him, it makes him happy. He continues to play the flute and draw the animals to him. Now a small spotted deer and a grizzly bear. All of the animals are in harmony with each other and with Hanunu. He walks ahead and I can see a beautiful woman in white. Her hair flutters above her head like gravity doesnt affect her, she is tall and slender and has huge eyes and in her hair the butterflies flutter and nest. She has lots of bracelets on her right hand and she puts her hand down to hold mine. She has big lips that are sparkly and a small tiny nose. Her clothes and hair dont agree with gravity they float as they please. I think they are affected by her energy which moves out quite strongly from her. She says in a husky voice, “hello my child”. I curtsy. I feel to give her a gift. I look inside my medicine bag and I pull out my aphibole crystal and I hand it to her. It is my most precious crystal. I give it to her and she’s pleased, she eats the crystal like a candy. She turns around says, “you can follow me.” Hanunu and I with Solange trailing behind follow the beautiful light being.

This place has lots of beautiful light and corridors of energy wafting like the flow of water but in the air. She walks like a model on a cat walk. We walk up a few steps and through a door of light. When we reach the door I touch the handle, the light is so intense it burns my skin and when I step through the light it also burns my skin. Once Im inside she gives me a gown to wear to protect me from the intensity of the light. It’s like her gown and it floats up and around not obeying gravity, my hair starts to do the same. Hanunu has brought a little leather head band with tassles on it to shield his eyes and he seems to adapt to the light intensity. Solange becomes white in the light, like a white panther and he also is quite happy to walk in the light. I walk forwards behind the light being in my floaty dress and we’re walking towards someone sitting on a throne, the person sitting on the throne has a shape that is sort of like an animal and sort of like a person. He has a large angular head with points towards the back like a dragon. He has a chest like plated skin or armour. Like a turtle. I go to my knees in front of him. The others remain standing. I put my hands on his feet. The energy feels lovely here. The harsh armour he wears seems unsuitable to his energy. He takes his armour off, he wears it like a suit. Underneath he is a beautiful man with long white hair. He says to me that I may stand.

Between his hands the beautiful man holds an energy ball of light with a turquoise colour to it. He holds it up and places it on his head, into his head. It has an infinity symbol that is actually two interlocking pieces of chain. He shows me, “this is what we use to speak between our minds, it should be easy enough for you to learn also. But you need someone to link to otherwise you are speaking only to yourself which you are quite good at already so that will be no extra learning”. He shows me the two pieces linked together like an infinity symbol and he unclasps them, now he holds them in each hand. Two tourquise light energy balls. he says ” Give one to your twin flame. Being made of the same energy you will be able to use these easily enough”. He says, “that is all you came for and its easy enough for me to give to you because you are ready. Was there something else you wanted to know?” I think about it for a little while and I want to ask him why did their civilisation disolve but I know immediately that is hasnt disolved at all. He tells me they still live in the mountains but not on the mountain tops or hidden somewhere but in the mountains. The energetic form of the mountain is their home, the way the mountains are formed allows the right kind of energy for them. Even though they are not directly in this reality, they are still in the energy matter of this earth. He tells me there aren’t many of them here any more. They can only bring in a few Lumarians because the earth is a limited capacity vessel, and their higher frequency vibrations take up more space than is currently available in the earth. There is too much other debis that needs to be shifted first. He explains that as the earth shifts and grows the Lumarians will find more space.

I ask him to show me where they live in the mountains. He takes me around the back of the throne to show me. There are lots of pools of water like bathing ponds, they hang high on smooth cliffs. There are pods that run down the cliffs like a hive. I ask him “why is it built like this?” He explains that the Lumarians can move around without having to walk, they dont need to eat or drink, so the energy network the way they have it is for energy sharing, cleansing, being together, holding higher vibrations, sending love. They are all here just to work and raise the vibration of the earth so this is like an office but very differnt to an office. I look at him more closely, he is changing his features a little bit to show me more. He is dialling the light down a little bit to show me better. He has blue eyes, but not irises, his whole eyes are blue, he has thick soft white eyebrows. His head is bigger than a human. His eyes are also bigger. He has a green and black stripy camoflaugue pattern on his gold skin. This body shape looks more like the armour he wore. He says the way I see him is his energy form, and this is what he looks like when he takes physical form. He wears the armour because in a way he is a wariior. He doesn’t fight physically he fights enegetically. This is where they come to recharge, then they shift energy in different areas and it is like a battle because they are pushing and pulling energy and moving mountains basically. Creating mountains so they can have more space to work from. He is very patient with me but he explains to me that in my limited capacity vessel, which is my body, I will have difficulty understanding the way they work, where they are and their form. I tell him I accept that and I appreciate his patience with me. I thank him very graciously and humbly and I have such a huge appreciation and love for him for sharing his mind link energy with me. He says I am welcome, he knows I will use it well and that he knows that I am working and helping move energy in my own way. He indicates for me to turn around and go back the way we came.

As I leave I feel to give him something. I take a woven willow bracelet from my medicine bag and I give it to him. It lights up when he touches it. He smiles with joy. He is very happy to see this. He says that I am clever in the way I use nature’s unlimited energy and that I’ve been able to connect to nature in this way. He looks at me curiously. Then he takes my energy apart with his eyes by looking sideways. He folds me out like a deck of cards into different generations and he can see down my lines. He takes me apart and looks back into my ancestry. As he does this I can see it too. Shadows of myself back through my lineage. He tells me that I have many generations of shamans before me but there has been a great gap and divide. He shows me five generations where there was no shaman, even though the person had the ability they didnt activate themselves and it is caused a horrible wound in my lineage. He says I will be able to heal that wound by fully activating and fully accepting who I am. And forgiving those before me. He can feel that I have a great wound from not being taught and led, that it was my inheritance and my right. He says I will be able to find the knowledge I need through Source and through my research, that the right people will come to me. He fills the five pale and unfulfilled generations before me with light and peels off a layer of shame that is like a chrysalis. Because they never emerged fully as the butterfly they remained unformed and it is causing me such a wound. It is causing me such shame and it’s causing me such sadness and unfulflment. He takes the last 5 generations before me out of their chrysalis. I feel a huge releif as he does this. I see this is a small task for him, its nothing for him but to me its so big and I am so grateful.

He walks down the line, he is looking at all of the generations before me. The further they go back the wilder they become. The shamans before me have obscure peircings and body modifications. One has his tongue split in two like a snake. He has fully embodied snake medicine. One wears her hair wound up in horns and has knotted leather tassel skirts. They become more anamalistic as they go back. Shape shifters, and as the density of the earth becomes less as you go back they become more brilliant and beautiful and free, my shaman ancestors.

He is far down the line now. He’s found one to bring to me from far down the line maybe 50 generations back. He’s pulled her out of the line and he is bringing her up to me. She looks like cat woman but I know I cant see her correctly. When he brings her up to me he ways his hand in front of my eyes so I can see her properly. She has slick fur like a cat, she has become a shaman and she has merged between the body of a black panther and a woman. She is slight, she is light on her feet and she has the night vision. She asks me what is she doing here? I say ” I believe you have something to teach me”. I show her my mind link energy balls. And she tells me, “you dont just need to link to one other you know. You can link to all the animals too”. I ask her “how do i do that?” She tells me to give her a little bit of my mind meaning the mind link energy. I take a small piece off like the size of a marble to her. She eats it and she takes it back with her she says she will feed it through the line. And that I will have this natural instinct and ability past down the line through 50 generations and they will also all recieve healing through her to me. The Lumarian takes her back down the line and places her in her space. He comes back and he looks at my line of ancestors and the chrysalis that he has cast aside. With his hand he just files us back in like a deck of cards. Puts them back into my body. It rocks me gently as he does this. I feel connection and fulness and wisdom.

He says he is pleased to meet me, thanks me for the willow healing I have done and says he will speak with the willows also. He is happy to have that connection now. I turn around. I hold the hand of the beautiful woman, Solange is with me and Hanunu is ready waiting with the boat to take me home. I step into the boat, and I ask “what is this feather for? I didnt use it for anything.” He tells me it’s just a time pass, that I cant come in without it but I will return it to the warrior as I leave. I look at the feather, it’s all ruffled and frayed and sweaty and wet and parted. Like I’ve used up so much time. When we hand it back to the warrior gate keeper he grumps and huffs. He says, “well used, well used” and then he spends the next amount of time smoothing it back to perfection and re invigorating it with energy. We continue back to the clearing in the stars and I thank Hanunu and I also give him a willow bracelet he puts his hands together and bows his head.

The man in the mask comes back again to chase away any bad spirits. Hanunu smudges me again wth sage and the big feather. Then I go back through the stick portal archway with Solange. I see the wood steps but I don’t know where the portal is so I walk back to the tree. I see the tree from the other side I place my hands on it. My twin flame is there. I see something inside the tree. It looks like a Mary statue. I ask my flame “how do we get back from here?” She says “don’t worry I’ll dig a portal for us.” She starts to dig a hole. The virgin Mary statue is beside the hole she fills the hole with the tears of the virgin mother. We stand in the muddy water and slowly slowly we go back down through the cold water and earth together. Until I feel the earth and water move over my whole body from the bottom to the top. Then I return.