-I journey for myself for elevation

I listen to the beat of the drum and I light up my chakras, I reach my roots deep into the earth and spread my branches high into the sky. I step out of the tree with Solange the black panther. I walk up the path to the forest clearing where I greet the wizard and he says to me. “Your heart’s a mess, you won’t admit to it.” He sends me off to find my heart. I walk up to a cliff, it is made of black molten stone, smooth with little shape to get a hand hold. I am dressed in robes with a chest plate. I have a large backpack made of leather and skins. Also another large bag, shoulder bag, handbag and small handheld bag. I try to bring it all but I realise I can’t. I take the smallest bag. I string it over my shoulder and start to climb. I grip the rocks and climb. My hands and feet strain, all of my muscles are aching and tired. I am sweating and getting dizzy with the fear of falling, I am exhausted. I see a long animal tail come down to me from above. I hold on with both hands. I walk up the cliff like I am abseiling in reverse, I am lifted up. I reached the top out of breath and shaking. Solange is there and has allowed me to climb his tail like a rope. It is black all around us. I look into the bag. Solange encourages me to open it up. Inside I see a wooden box detailed carving and inlay. I open it up and inside is my heart. Large with blue and red veins, beating and bleeding. Inside the box I see hundreds of diamonds cut and perfect. The diamonds rise out of the box and attach themselves to my heart covering every surface. My heart shimmers and reflects rainbows in every direction. I lift my heart and it merges with my body. I feel uplifted and strong, full of light. And all around us is bright light, there is a path made of light it looks like a silver ribbon. We walk together and my message is Illuninate your path with the light of your heart.