– I journey for myself to light the fire within:

As I stand beside the sacred fire I listen to the ocean and the crackling of the flames. I light up my chakras and I become like the tree. My roots reach deep into the earth, like a dry ancient pine tree. I reach my branches high into the sky, my leaves are like native pepper berry. Half of the tree is dry and dead and half of the tree is living. I step out of the tree with the black panther Solange. I walk along the branch of the tree which is hanging over the water. I am carrying two buckets of water, I am bearing the weight on my shoulders with a wooden pole. I also wear a Chinese bamboo hat. As I cross the branch, drops of water fall from the buckets and create circles and ripples that expand and move outwards. I look down and see a crack form under the water. All of the water falls through and I let myself drop through the crack also.

I land hard on the wet ground. I see a dragon sitting on a pile of gold, I walk towards it. I carry a large stone in my hat. I give the stone to the dragon. He uses his fire breath to turn it molten red. He tells me that this stone heated with dragons breath will never lose its heat. It won’t go out like a flame does. He tells me I should put it in my body as my central fire.

I look up and I see that the walls are made of white crystals like quartz. Wyona drops down through the crack and lands beside me. The dragon knows her and says she is made of fire. She has a quartz rock and a knife, she cuts the crystal in half with the knife and out pours so much water we will surely drown. The dragon uses his flame to turn the water to steam and it floats away. The dragon tells her that her anger is actually sorrow. He is helping her to let her sorrow float away. Wyona gives half of the crystal to me and we each place them in our hearts. They shine light at each other and it is blinding. The dragon says the water was blocking the light from shining so brightly. The light goes up and out of the crack over us to fill the world. A Tasmanian devil arrives, he says he is not the devil you know he is much more. He can see in the dark and can see into all of your dark places to see what is in there and what to do with what you find. Then it is time to go so I follow the cavern until I find a water hole where I drop through to return.