– I journey for myself and my twin flame to ask to be released from the matrix

I listen to the beat of the drum and I light up my chakras. I stretch my roots deep into the earth. I see my black panther companion Solange walk towards me as I step out of the tree. I put my hand on his head. My branches are curled around like a candelabra. They go up and around towards the centre and they continue to shift and grow. Constantly renewing.

We walk along a path in the night sky. The path is invisible but when we step on it, it lights up. I have bare feet and I am wearing a dress that looks like the night sky so I am nearly invisible. When I look out to the stars, lines join them to make constellations. Along the path a man greets us, he is very tall and kind looking, angelic almost, he has a light glowing softly out from him that makes him see very bright in the darkness. When speaks his voice moves through space around us like an echo. In a soft warm voice. He says to me “We are going to detach you, so you can work more easily.”

We follow the path in the sky and he pushes the sky apart as if he is opening the curtains. The curtains open into a light filled world and we step through. It’s noisy here, there are lots of people moving around going about their business. Dusty ground with large animals. There are light orbs of energy that are like ships. I follow and walk with the man for a little while. This is his home planet I think. The animals and people are different looking here. He is much taller than I am, Solange and I seem much smaller here. I’m still wearing the dress like the night sky. So it’s like you can look through me into the space. No one notices or worries about that. They’re busy going out in their light orb ships. The colours are pastel, greens and earth tones. And the air is different it’s not clear, it’s almost like you can touch it. There’s lots of energy, I think that’s what I can see, the energy in the air. I wave my hand through the air to test the air. I see ripples in the air where my hand has been. It’s like an energy container.

The kind man takes me up a large wooden stair case that spirals into a tree. The soft green pastel colours surround us. The tree is alive as well. Inside the tree he introduces me to an old man who is very vibrant, has lots of energy and runs his hands over his mouth as he looks at me quizickly. And he asks “Where going to cut you loose hey?” I say “yes please.” He reaches his arm inside my night cloak which acts like a portal and he pulls through the earth version of me. He also reaches through and pulls through my twin flame in her earth version. It makes us uncomfortable being pulled through like that. We sit in a large wooden room inside the tree.

He has technology, he has screens that are holograms. He is looking at us the human versions. Looks at me behind us in my journey body still wearing the night cloak and he looks at us on the screen as holograms. There are codes running down the right side of the screen that are analysing us, seeing where we fit. He enjoys his work and he is chatting casually as he analyses us and our place on earth. He says “a couple of light workers hey. Incarnated twin flames.” He brings up our energy bodies on the screen and over lays them so he can see the energy as one. He can’t understand why we would split in two but he keeps on looking and he realises we must have had to split in two to be small enough to incarnate this way. He says “two halves make a whole.” He is running the analysis on his screen. All of the writing on the hologram is gold. Its running a program filtering through the numbers until they line up. While the program runs, a little light, a line of gold that shines outwards starts to cut us out like a cigarette burn on paper. Cutting us out from the program. I can see the light energy bodies like a flame colour overlaying on his screen.

While the computer runs the program the code starts to finalise from the bottom upwards on the right side of the screen. It zeros out once it’s calibrated. Finalising and zeroing out rapidly from the bottom of the screen upwards. Like a cigarette burn he is cutting us out of the program. On the other side of the screen he is creating a new program quickly. He says “ you can’t function with out a program. You don’t want to run on this program that you’re in.” I feel the energy get real heady. He is writing a new code for us. This new code comes out light green. “He says this will harmonise you with the earth energies and elementals but you won’t resonate with the old paradigm of humanity in the 3D. Which is what you want to disconnect from.” So he is writing a new code from the top down. He’s working fast, he is filling in the gaps that are being created where he’s stripped away the original coding. He turns around and he says. “My name’s Max anyway.” He’s typing furiously into his hologram, moving things across the screen. Plugging the holes. He is basically back writing the whole program. He says we will fit into the program, but we will be isolated units. The program won’t recognise the difference. But we will be able to move around independently. Without being held or moved around by the program.

The code starts to zero out from the top where he is locking in the new data. As he’s finishing the code the two energy bodies now shown as we are on earth start to glow green. And we look at each other knowingly. We’re excited. He says, “This means you can write your own destiny, the code I’ve written is organic and it grows with you, it’s like the earth, elemental and alive. It fits into your DNA structure and you create pathways and the story instead of being fitted into the story that’s already written. You will have to do work to create the new realities though, your mind will have to shift, otherwise you will be running a parallel program to the one you were in. You have to understand that the old rules don’t apply to you any more. You will have to spend time calibrating and feeling out what’s possible and available to you now. The good thing is you won’t be pulled into line with dramas and traumas that run in the old program. Having that deleted simply will make so much more space for you to create and grow the future that you see. The reason I am allowed to do this for you is because of who you are. You’re not fulfilling karma. You’re not running upgrades on soul. You’ve volunteered here to help.”

The codes on the screen are zeroing out in the green. And locking in with the new pathways. He says “remember its organic and it can grow, you feed it and change it to be how you need it to be, but it’s disconnected from what was written, it’s mimicking the original code but totally transmutable and transformative and organic.” He’s telling me there will be some symptoms in the energy shift changes. But we are probably already feeling that. He clicks a green stone like bangle around each of our left wrists. It’s got the code and the genetic organic data running through it and through us to keep the code running and alive. He first pushes my twin flame back through the portal of the sky cloak then he pushes me back through.

I stand in the sky cloak as Kilandril I shake his hand and say. “Nice to meet you Max you’re a miracle worker.” Hope to see you again. And I flick the edge of the cloak as I turn with Solange and head down the wooden steps, out into the dusty soft energy world and I see that the energy pods that are being used as ships have the code written into them as well. They are transportation vessels. The lovely kind man pulls aside the curtain again for me to walk back through into the cool space and to the tree, whose branches remain cycling and are starting to look more like a deers antlers. When I walk back to the tree my twin flames higher self is there and she’s wearing antlers and a cloak made of black and purple sky, but with out stars. We hug and the stars from my cloak transfer onto hers. We join to become one energy for a moment remembering what it feels like. Our cloaks remain joined as one cloak and we hold hands as we drop through the water hole that is also reflecting the night sky. It becomes like a skin over us. A further layer of night sky as we drop down through the water and we absorb the water as we fall hydrating, and we absorb the bubbles in the water oxygenating. We absorb the stars and light up, and we absorb the dark, we absorb the space to expand with. It takes a long time to fall back through. There is a white Elk there with Solange. And then slowly and gently our feet touch the ground, our feet caressing the smooth pebbles on the bottom of the ocean of the sky. And then we return.