I journey for myself to receive healing and guidance:

I listen to the beat of the drum. I stretch my roots deep into the earth and they creak as they push through the ground below me. I stretch my branches high into the sky a full canopy of leaves and sun above. I step out of the tree with the black panther Solange. I run my hand down his smooth back. And we begin to walk along a road that has been freshly tarred. The little black gravel stones are still clinging to the wet tar below. And the tar is melting off either side down into a dark abyss. Some colourful birds cross our path, macaws. There is a big palace ahead of us. The palace is old and ornate, gold but not bright. It has lovely hand painted decorations all over it. Points, peaks, globes all over it.

When we reach the end of the path there is a big gate in a large wooden wall, two soldiers guard at the gate they hold a wooden spear with a metal tip. They each have a tiger on a chain at their side. They don’t leave their guarding posts as I arrive, they don’t worry about my arrival. I knock on the gate. A voice says “you may enter” and the gates swing inwards. Inside the palace grounds the court yard is gravelled and exotic animals walk around. There is a huge glass atrium that contains all sorts of tropical plants. The person who this temple belongs to seems to be a collector of exotic items.

I walk into the huge atrium with a glass top and the floor is made of marble. I greet the man sitting in the middle of the atrium. He has a white tiger that he is patting, he is slouched and comfortable, he wears a silk turban. He looks like he is Bangladeshi. He is not very tall has a dark moustache and is friendly. He says to me as he takes my hand in his soft hand that is covered in rings with large jewels. “You are a curiosity my dear, I would collect you if I could but I know that is not appropriate, and would be unkind. Please enjoy my grounds, you may visit as you please.” He walks with me, he is proud, he holds his head up high and folds his hands behind his back. We take a slow walk around the grounds, Solange walks behind me. He tells me he is a collector of exotic and fine animals and plants and treasures. He tells me he has built this palace in his own vision and the things he has collected come from his many adventures. He is a lord, but he has built this world for himself with lots of work and lots of travel.

It occurs to him that he has something that will help me. He takes me into his treasure room which is displayed like an art gallery. Beautiful pieces displayed perfectly and respected and loved. He has a room divider with satin inlay, gold and velvet decoration. He has a beautiful egg standing on a single golden stand. I can’t recall the name of these eggs. They are just decorative but they are extremely valuable and people collect them as investments. “A fabiche egg” he tells me. He runs his hands around it. “Ah yes, very beautiful” I say. He says “Not as beautiful as you, my dear.”  He is charming and kind and happy in his place he has created for himself. He takes me towards a green stone that has a little cage around it. It looks like a lantern the way it’s displayed. The green energy is like smoke around it and it drifts in and out of the cage. Even though it’s like crystal. He says “This stone is like kryptonite for your enemies and those that wish you harm. Though there aren’t many of those, they don’t really mean you harm but they would prefer you stay down at their level and not rise up. You can’t expect too much from these people and don’t tire yourself trying.” He picks it up off its hook where it looks like a lantern and he puts it around my neck like a pendent. It’s not heavy at all, it’s extremely light. When he places it on my body the green energy runs through like smoke flooding my form.

One of my guides Stony Silence, arrives. He tells me “Now you will see.” He says “You will notice those who turn away from you. You will notice those who are repelled by you. Notice this with joy. They are not the ones you want to attract into your life. It’s not strength you need”, he says. “It’s focus, and if those that are distracting you are lead away or repelled your focus will be more keen. You will be able to see and apply your strength to your goals and like the archer, patiently take aim and move forwards and bring all of those who are willing forwards with you. And those that are repelled were never willing to begin with. Your energy should not go towards helping them because it is futile, draining and they hold you down. I will be here as one of your future guides. You intuit I came with the energy upgrade, that is true. You are afraid but that’s ok because you continue to face your fears and I accept that. I will be a challenging teacher for you. I will work along side you. You will always be pushed to your limit because if you are comfortable you will remain comfortable. That is not to say you won’t have joy in your life. The joy will come from connecting with nature and her elements which you do find great joy in. It is your only salvation on this planet. You can continue to use herbs for healing yourself and creating calm. You must be more careful with putting degraded food into your body. All of these processed and dead foods instantly lower your vibration and connection. Please grow more of your own food that you have made with love. Connecting with the plant and the earth so directly will help attune you to a higher vibration. Please take time and care with the food you eat. It will help you immensely. Everything is going to start falling away now, all the things you have been shaking loose are loosened and they will just fall to the ground like leeches that have has their fill. And they will move away from you and your life in a manner you won’t really even notice. It will just be a natural progression.”

The lord is patient while we are talking, although he would like a treasure in exchange, I think deeply on what exotic treasure I have collected on my adventures. What rare items I’ve stashed away. I hand him Mowhawk, a black cockatoo feather. I tell him I found this feather stuck in a dusty cobweb. He is very excited, “oh from Australia, it’s a rare spirit bird.” He takes the feather and he places it in a beautiful glass dome on a gold stand when he places the feather in the stand it levitates and it becomes golden and enlivened. The dome expands like an egg growing and the bird comes to life as a black cockatoo eating some gum nuts. The self created lord is very pleased. He says “oh joy a rain bird. My forests will grow so lush. Mowhawk I love you and you are treasured.” The bird speaks quietly in a chortle to the lord and is greatful for the love and respect that has been denied it in the past. The lord explains to me the bird will be free to come and go and the bird will help him grow his forests with rain that will come to its call. I bow to the lord gently and I take his soft hands in mine. I thank him for his very generous exchange and I’m pleased to meet him. He tells me I can wear a pendant as a symbol for this repelling stone I have now. “A green stone will do. Just to embody what you have collected here today. It is a fine treasure. Thank you for visiting.” And he goes off with his white tiger and his black cockatoo. Joyfully in the world he has created.

Stony Silence touches my shoulder and transports me directly back to the yurt where I sit and drum. Stony Silence, the man with no mouth speaking from behind me while he is standing in front of me, tells me “The yurt is the portal. The vessel, the pond, the water spring. All of these symbols are contained within the womb of life. And you travel through this womb. You die each time and you become reborn in the world you are stepping into. This can be tiring and grating on your body but it can be useful for constant release and energy upgrades. You will notice that your body is strong with out any excercise. Your energy systems are working differently now.”

He puts his hand on my knee and he kneels in front of me. My other guides Amenrock, Phoenix and Solange surround me, they join their energies together. They create a blue light for healing infused with green for repelling ones enemies. They say “you are protected, you are strong, you are guided on your path, and we love you.” They raise their hands up and they disappear. I feel my feet on the ground warmed by the candle light. It begins to rain and I return.