With the highest love and respect I invite in the angels, earth spirits, guides and healing spirits to journey with me today. I journey to connect the star beings to the ancestors of the Earth. I light up my body using the colours purple, gold, green, blue, yellow, orange and red. I reach the roots of my tree deep into the Earth and the branches high into the sky. I step out of the tree with Solange the black panther my companion. I place my hand on his back and we walk out onto a black slate piece of stone that is smooth and worn with time. There is a being there to meet me, he’s wearing black, his eyes are electric blue. He takes my hand and I follow him, he walks me up the black slate rock to the edge of the coast where a being of light stands.

She is most radiant this being of light, from the Stars. A beam of light is entering her and filling the rock under her feet. She is infusing the rock with star light. It is pouring down onto the beach like bioluminescent tides, spreading through the ocean. She says to me you are of the Earth, you may  call the ancestors. I tell her I’m not from here. She says you are in a body of bone and blood, you are of the Earth. So I place my hands on the rocks and I’m small next to her, when I touch the rocks I can feel the starlight and it moves up my arms. I place my hands on the rocks and and I call the ancestors of the Earth to join us here. The ancestors that come to the call are not those of bone and blood but they are both those of the trees and the stones. They are plants and minerals and they’re from the animal kingdom, from the earth Kingdom, from the centre of the earth. She says, these are beings I call to, these are the ones I connect to. She sends the bioluminescent star energy into the plants and the animals of the Earth and she says that in the plant Kingdom and the animal kingdom she can send the light more widely that’s why she’s working with the tides with the algae.

She says she will not worry so much about the people because they will wake up through being surrounded by this light energy. She continues to infuse the light energy into the plants and the rocks and into the Earth she says to me, you are of bone and blood of Stone and Wood. You are not truly a human you are a shapeshifter in the form of a human, your body is much more made of the Earth, the stone and the wood, than the bone and the blood. You are camouflaged so you can walk amongst humanity, but you are not from humanity, this is why your body is so able to carry light, because your DNA is infused with the energy of the Earth. Through plant and mineral.

Standing on the rock I can feel the light infusing into me. I am reluctant, and I am only half present but she doesn’t mind, as long as the call has been made she can do her work and she has access now to connect to the ancient ones. I was confused, I understood that it was the ancestors of bone and blood that I was calling. I felt I had no right to do this. I am not indigenous to this land. But it was the ancestors of the Earth I was calling and I am indigenous to the earth in this body. The Star being thanks me and tells me I may return and rest now.


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