I become like the tree, my roots reaching deep into the earth and branches stretching high into the sky. The tree is golden and perfectly symmetrical. With curling branches winding around in soft arches. I step out of the tree with Solange the black panther my constant companion. We are standing at the edge of a bay, we walk out onto the water which is infused with electric blue star light. We meet a figure on the water, he looks like a wizard, dressed in purple. Velvet robes with golden stars and moons on it. He has purple flaming eyes, his energy is the violet flame. I ask if he is Merlin, he says he is a representation of Merlin, he tells me he must take physical form when he enters this realm. He gives me a small bunch of dried flowers, little bell shaped purplish flowers and he tells me to throw them in the fire on the shore. This is a cleansing. The fire turns into a violet flame and a mist of soft purple spreads from the fire to cleanse the people. He says this gift is the mist of Avalon. I thank him and he disappears. 

I turn to my left and the next being I see is a huge bison. Brother bufffalo extends a human form from his being to communicate with me. He uses a blessing in a language I don’t understand. He makes a smudge across my forehead with ash and it takes the shape of a buffalo. He takes the heart from his buffalo body and places it inside my chest, he says this is the heart of the people and as this happens my heart becomes the beat of the drum and is in harmony with the heart beat of the earth that I had never heard before. I thank him and he disappears.
Next a woman of starlight stands before me. She says she would like me to do something for her. And I go down onto my knees and tell her I am willing to do anything for her. She asks me to give her my eyes. I do not hesitate as I remove my eyes from my head and hand them to her. I trust her completely. She gives me two diamonds to put in the place of my eyes. She tells me that were ever I cast my eyes I will be shining diamond white light. She tells me to be gentle with my gaze and kind with those I look upon. I thank her and return to the shore line.
As I stand on the shore line facing the land I see that where my feet touch the earth there is an earth being of green light mirroring me underneath the ground. Our soles touch and as I look down this being pulls itself out of the earth to join with me in my body above ground. I look behind me and the blue star light of the bay has a beautiful being of light reflected in the water. This being of star light pulls itself up from the water to join in my body with me and I house the union of heaven and earth. The cool green and electric blue are in perfect loving harmony and balance and they enhance me and I see as they see with my new diamond precision. I see the surface of the water peel back and an immense being of water and light rises up. She is most radiant and soft she sends out drops of water as if they are stars to join with the people and light up the souls.
As she returns to the bay to sleep and rest I see that where the blue meets the green at the shore line the star beings of electric blue stand palm to palm with the green spirits of the earth. This beautiful union if divine light and ancient earth wisdom is magical to bear witness to. They create a seam that runs all around the coast, the energy infusing and uniting to create strength and connection.


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