As I allow the beat of the drum and the movement of the dance to take me deep into the other worlds I see I am standing on a blood soaked battle field. I become like a golden tree with curving and unfolding branches and roots. The blood fertilises the tree and I grow strong. I see one soldier remaining on the battle field. It is my divine twin flame. She holds a sword in her hand and I ask her to put the sword down the battle is over. But she won’t. I reach over with my branches and I pull it from her hand and throw it on the ground. She begins to morph into a tree also. Her tree is a burnt and blackened stump. There is lava inside the stump that goes deep into the earth. I reach my roots underneath her tree stump and up through the lava. I form a tree for her, with her. I make the shape and she cools the lava to form a silver tree. A weeping willow that has little drops of lava dripping from the tips of the branches. It is a beautiful and very strong tree.
As our tree roots join under the earth we begin to crack the ground under us and unearth stones and skeletons. The skeletons come to life as they are infused with golden earth energy. They are the miners and were called dwarves once. They dig in the earth and find gemstones. They make beautiful decorations for the trees out of silver and gold and gems. As they dig and collect treasures they start to raise two towers either side of the trees. Twin towers of gold and silver with many jewels on them. They are like castles like crowns. The dwarves ask us to help them gather gems.
I go down the roots of the tree there is a path in the earth that I follow. It leads me to a door. It’s golden with curved vine designs on it. I through the door and there are many gems here, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. I ask can I take some with me and I am told I may take as many as I like. I ask if they have moldavite. I collect large faceted moldavite it’s in different sizes and I place them over my chest and back in a large V shape. Blue divine star light shines out of them where ever I go. I collect sapphires for the towers and I bring them back with me.
As I come back into the room the blue star light of the moldavite is calling to the pleiadians. The room fills with these star beings one for each person dancing and they open a star gate, a portal of light for the pleiadian energy to merge with the earths energy meeting at the under ground ley lines.


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