I remain present during the dance and vision, I am seeking in my body what is incomplete. I see myself floating away as I open to the light. Arms raised creating a vessel to carry the light. The rays from heaven rain down on me as I open myself up to the divine realms. What am I seeking? I am missing my balancer. So I connect a large gold chain through my sacral front and back anchoring me to the earth. I still float I still drift, I am still thrown around by the light. I see how this energy moves through me. From above it enters my physical form, electric and luminous, causing my body to glow. It fills me from my crown to my heart in a circular wave pattern.
I seek a time when I was the balancer and I seek to know what is the purpose of the balancer. I find a past life I remember well. I am a Roman soldier. I ask this soldier to stand with me now. The soldier holds me around the waist. The energy moves through his form from the heart electrifying his body from the heart down and deep into the ground. I see the light move in a straight line down like a grounding rod. We are taking light in turning it to fire. We are receiving ether and turning into earth. I see the way this works, two different energy signatures, two different bodies bringing light from the divine realm into the earth’s core. The earth receives this light and then emits it out as a global frequency. Like a pulse of energy that is received by all. When I receive the light and I have no ability to ground it into the earth. I am able to shine it out from my heart on this plane of existence but I receive far more than I can share in this way. So the rest dissipates into the ether again, into the atmosphere. I am completing only the one cycle. There are two phases necessary in this movement.
I seek to understand this movement these two energy signatures and how to integrate them. I am shown they are seperate at this stage of our evolution. The feminine receives the light as she is a vessel the masculine grounds the light as he is a grounding rod. We are coming to a point where we may embody both energy signatures and complete both actions in one form but not at one time. I am shown me receiving light as the feminine, one who connects to the divine realm, the light coming in through my crown into my heart as I raise my hands to the sky, this is a circular movement. Then I am shown the second movement from the heart straight down into the earth like a grounding rod, the light moves down the spine to the root and is electrified through the masculine.
I seek to understand the integration of theses two energies. I see the two energetic signatures, one circular and feminine. One straight and masculine. We are in duality, still in this transition. We are both masculine and feminine in our form, we can hold light and we can ground light. We can balance these energies within ourselves to create harmony. As the earth continues to receive the heavenly light we carry in for her she will become refined and her energy field will allow us to evolve into a greater being, one who has no duality or division. No masculine or feminine we will simply be one.
Then we will be like open portals for light to enter us directly and connect to the earth’s core star. We will be in communication with the earth herself and as we stand in one place we may stand in many. As we are in one body we may be in many. The electric light will be so pure and so conductive that we may travel instantly to any location that we have gridded to the earths energy field. We will not even travel as slow as the speed of light we will travel instantly to any planet any star that is within this luminous grid we have worked so tirelessly to create for the earth who has been our mother while we were in these bodies of bone and blood. She has fed us and nourished us and in return we have created in ourselves the vessel of light to feed her and nourish her so she may return to her divine form.
We are a family of light beings here in service at this momentous time, energetically rebirthing ourselves, this planet and all of the planets and stars in the energy grid we are part of, in this life cycle we are part of, that is coming to completion as we are also coming to complete ourselves coming into a our true form.


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