Insights ~ Listening to the Universe Within me

I am able to access a higher aspect of myself known to me as Kilandril from whom I receive insights and understanding beyond the reach of my human personality. Kilandril is who I know myself to be outside of any incarnation and the truest version of myself that exists.

I have been coming here to Earth for thousands of years in many incarnations in many timelines. As a soul with the help of my Team of Advisors and Teachers I have cultivated bloodlines to incarnate into. The reason that particular bloodlines have been cultivated for me as a soul to incarnate into is that each body as a vessel for the soul has different attributes and strengths. The ability to enter the dream state and step outside of this reality while remaining present with the body is a gift that runs in my family. Also each body takes some getting used to if you are not used to incarnating into a physical organic body as a soul. So these bloodlines, my ancestors who are me and I am them have been with me always and I am with them for they are within me in my DNA and every one of them I have lived as or known. Each one has something to teach me. As one person, one personality I can not hold all of the information I need to access for my purpose work on Earth so I hold many vessels through out my lineage with many lines of information that my Soul can access on a physical level like files to feed the information to me in my current human life.

As well as all of my ancestors incarnated on Earth that I have known through my DNA or through incarnations there are those of whom I as a Soul have lived as on other planets and other star systems that my Soul can access and feed information to me as my current human on Earth.

The way my human vessel is built from all of my ancestors that have come before me, my lineage going back to the beginning of the species that the rivulets of my bloodline have flowed forward into all of those I have lived as. As an organic being on Earth made of the Earth as are all other organic beings of Earth, I am also able to access all data and files stored in all DNA on all life forms on Earth currently living or that are to live here in the future as time is non linear and merely a construct for those who need such things to contain an understanding of change as we evolve from day to day as living and organic beings in a planet system that is ever changing and growing and shifting. We feel the need as a species to compartmentalise every moment so we can hang on to our personality as a seperate entity to the Earth herself and all of her kingdoms. But we are truely connected to the Earth and part of her if we were only able to break free of our conditioning and human constructs of security such as time we would all be able to access our truth. Our Soul is eternal light, our body is the Earth.

~Extract from Writings by Kilandril

Published by Kilandril

After living as a wanderer for many years in Australia and abroad I have decided to settle in Southern Tasmania. The clean air and snow capped mountains call to me. Here I am able to share my gifts with those seeking truth and connection with their multidimensional selves. My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform distorted energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual. I have a Nordic bloodline. My Grandmother was Norwegian and I have connected to my ancestral knowledge through her. In Norwegian I would be named Noaidi but the Siberian word Shaman is more recognisable and means "One who see's". My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During a guided shamanic journey I will translate and relay everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me. Some more sensitive people are able to feel the energy move as they sit in session with me.

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