I journey for myself to discover what is this pain of separation, what is this desire, what is it that I’m seeking in my despair?

I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the Earth and my branches high into the sky. I step out of the tree with Solange the black panther my constant companion and friend. Around us is blackness and there are flowers growing out of this blackness. Purple flowers, Morning Glory. They grow vines richly through the black and cover everything I see with vines and flowers. I walk in the direction that the vines are growing and they create a path for me to walk on. It’s like a cavern inside and as I walk along these vines with a flowers on them they are cold under my feet. I head towards a light, a golden light. I see in the distance as I walk towards the light the leaves are lit up and the flowers are lit up by this golden light. It’s like the colour of the sun and it makes the plants grow more lush and more quickly and grow towards light more. I am racing now to keep up with the vines and I realised that the vines are really leading me to my divine self.

My divine self stands in the rays of the sun, golden and I see my divine self as a man surrounded by golden light and he shows himself to me as half man half horse like a centaur. He says “I am the one that you are seeking, we are divided and living as two beings in different places. I am you in a greater form I live beyond this lifetime.” He has golden hair that falls around his shoulders and he is much taller than I am. I ask him, “How does that work, how am I half of you, how are you divine and living beyond where I live?” he says that I am just a piece of him. He shows himself to me as a centaur because he is living in the galaxy Centaurus, he is like a star. He tells me he is a star being he is incarnated in a life as a light being in the constellation Centaurus, that normally we would work together, we would be one being in one incarnation in one lifetime but in this cycle we are split into pieces so that way we may live many lifetimes at once because we have graduated to this level of existence where we may experience more than one lifetime at once because we are reaching this level everything exists at once and as I am growing in my form in this life on earth I’m reaching a place where I can access more than is on this Earth. This is a blessing but it comes with the pain of knowing that I am separated from my whole self, being separated from my whole self is the only way to incarnate into this life in this body on earth when you can transcend your form and your body and what you know as this reality you will be connected with me again and all that you are. You will be able to access the lives you’re living in other places in other times because everything happens at once and we are one I am the divine being you are reaching for but the divine being you are reaching for is also yourself.

He doesn’t seem familiar to me, the warmth of the sunny ray is comforting though. I reach out and I touch his fur and it takes me through an energy portal into a place where it is all light. I am on a star I am the light but I am also separate and joined at the same time. He tells me that in my human form in my mind and my body the feeling we recognised as desire is wanting to join with another and it is the pain of separation when we are not joined with another. But this is a lower version of the feeling the feeling you would aspire to that is above desire is the feeling of unity. Instead of reaching for that which you desire you become that which you already are. In the star in the light in this energy field, the energy field makes me feel quite drunk and heady and relaxed and euphoric. He says that it’s ok for me not to understand this because it’s a lot for me to grasp in the form I am in. Where I am I hold a small piece of the energy but am also the larger and greater piece of yourself also outside of this reality We live in.

I ask him about Centurious, he says there are many stars systems and planets we incarnate on. There are many places we have been as our whole self when we are learning to divide ourselves and live in lower forms a smaller vessel for holding light it is challenging but we do learn greatly from these experiences.  I say if I am a star being in my greater form and I am also living in Centurious why am I told I am from the pleiades? He shows me this blue energy this pleiadian energy. He says that the pleiades star system is most common and most reasonably harmonious with the energy of the Earth. We have incarnated here in our whole form many life times and we were part of rebirthing the star system into its glory. We are like a hunter the energy we carry we are hunting the light we are chasing the light because we are of the Light. We are bringing the light to it’s greater glory through our very being, through the energy that we work with, through the energy that we are. What we are doing on Earth at the moment is extremely challenging, we are extremely fragmented, but this is the only way to enter in this life on earth. You will never be able to make yourself whole the way you are fully whole outside of this life but that is ok. You can Witness the wholeness of who you are as you expand your capacity to witness something beyond your current understanding and recognition. You will need to let go of so many concepts of what you have learnt so far, what is true, what exist. It’s like your mind is a prison. But because your mind your brain is a tool. It can learn to decode the energy. Maybe you won’t be able to make this energy into words but you will be able to make this energy into a feeling, into a resonance that will connect you to who you truly are outside of this life. Who you truly are outside of this life is greater than you can conceive at this moment in your life and it can be a struggle. It can be challenging, it can be scary to let go of the things that are obstructing your way. These are like mind obstructions. He shows me my mind has criss cross lines through it. All these straight lines causing congestion where my mind should be open and glowing instead of having these roads going through it that are restricting my ability to see further. He tells me that what I have known in this lifetime is helpful to live in this lifetime but it is not helpful to live beyond this lifetime and to be who you truly are all of the structures of your mind that are for this life are actually just for this life and this is what they call the ego this is what you understand as your personality which keeps you alive on Earth and it keeps you in this body able to move around on the earth while you are on this mission.

He shows me on this life in this mission on earth you were using the pleiadian energy that I’m a wanderer soul that I’ve incarnated on many stars and many planets many star constellations. That my greater soul self that I recognise as him that I am desiring and trying to bring towards myself is living in Centurious and that I am able to use different light energies from different constellations because I have incarnated on different constellations. The Ray he shows me that he is living within at the moment is Golden. The ray that I am using on the planet is blue. He says I will learn to see further, he says it’s ok I do not see yet. At the moment he says who I am is not who I am and when I allow that to release I will understand. You are one piece of your whole self he says. I can travel with him whenever I can open my mind to allow the golden ray in that he is living a life on a star in energetic body. I thank him and I pull myself out of the golden light energy of the star constellation and I go back towards the Earth at first I go through the pleiades bluelight constellation and I connect with him and then I come back to the Earth the small blue and green planet made of rocks and trees and water like a physical body herself an organism that is living . I walked back through the vines and the purple morning glory flowers back to the tree I touch the bark and I put my feet in the water I let my feet drop through the water and I sink back down breathing out all the air in my lungs and releasing any excess energy that doesn’t need to come back with me sinking down and down until my feet touch the ground and then I return.


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