53052564_643575559408848_170612941563887616_nWhile the lightning flashes outside we dance, a tribe of sisters, re wilding ourselves back to our truth. We dance to the tribal beats and I am filled with joy in our movement and the electricity we create together. I go into vision as I dance.

I become like the golden tree anchored to the earth with my roots but reaching far beyond it with my branches. I look down on the earth from space and I see the ley lines are blinking on and off. Like they are shorting out. I see light ships hovering above the earth and each lightning strike comes down from a light ship to replace the energy ley lines that are shorting out. As the ley line shorts out a lightning bolt strikes and creates a new energy line, one with many branches or rivulets of energy off the main line.

I come back down into the dance and I see each of us is playing our role in shifting the energy grid. I have a column of golden ray light light codes coming out of my heart and shooting up and a blue ray light column from my third eye. I see the light codes like symbols like language and signs. Big powerful angular symbols filling the columns of light. I look around the room to see what others are doing. One sister has green light columns and codes from her feet and red from her root Chakra. Another is pulling dark energy from the earth healing old karma and traumas through her body and transmuting them into silver white light language through her crown. Another is like a pure white column of light with concentric circles of light codes within itself. Another has pink light codes coming up through her body and out from her crown.

I am told that we have permission to use these light codes and energy that we hold certain keys, that we have worked with them before and we are representatives of larger groups of star beings. I see behind me a group of people, my soul brothers, they hold the energy for me and heal me at the same time. Phoenix my primary guide is the closest to me then they spread out in a triangle shape or wedge behind me. I see in the centre the light codes and energy that comes out from the 5 of us is joining and then shooting up to align the earth with the galactic grid. In the centre of us is a large interwoven symbol with concentric circles and it is a key. We are going to lock the earth and galactic grid into place. The light language and codes are co ordinates and constellations. The other circle spins and locks into place then works onto the next circle towards the centre. As they spin and lock into place we are aligning our energy to higher and higher frequencies and dimensional realities. I feel the space around us bend and the air pulse.

As I look around the room to see what each person is doing I feel love as golden rays coming through my back from the hands of my tribe of brothers supporting me. Phoenix holds me around the waist as I go higher. They place antlers in the shape of a throne and I sit as the representative and council member. The antlers curve around creating a protective enclosure for me as I sit. Another sister has a tree grown from the earth and becomes her throne. Another has smoky quartz crystal emerge from the earth in large terminator spikes to seat her and her power. Another has the foaming waves of the sea with mist and curving rainbows as her throne. Another sits on a honey comb and bee throne, the bee’s are humming and shaking like when they swarm. We all have our tribe standing behind us as we are seated as council representatives at this momentous time of shifting back into union with our galactic grid and connection to our star nations.

The centre of the star light codes and co ordinates locks into place it is like a vault lock and a full column of light shines up like a beacon and light portal for the integration and upgrade of light codes. This intergalactic council has chosen us as the keepers of the light codes to aid in unlocking the density of the earth and help re write the story energetically for the people and the planet by allowing higher vibrational energy to enter this reality through us as we are incarnated here.


Personalised Shamanic Journeys $88.00 ~ Group Guided Journeys $44.00

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