Shamanic Journey ~ Blending the human body with the divine essence

We stand within the portal of evolution, we are blending our human body with our divine essence.

I invite the high divine beings of light, the spirits of the Earth and the elements, my guides and helping spirits to journey with me on this intention. To blend our divine and our human into one unity consciousness.

I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth they unfold slick and loose, piercing the earth and anchoring. I stretch my branches high into the sky, elastic and strong stretching smoothly into the sky and connecting. Solange the black Jaguar my companion and protector looks up at me, his eyes golden and his fur dark and smooth.

We step out onto the cool soft earth. In the darkness I connect myself to Solange. My eyes are green and create a light before me. His eyes glow golden in the same way. The cool black earth that we walk upon disappearing under tannin stained water. We continue to walk into the water until it’s up to my chest, until I’m breathing it in. Then it is over my head. We go deeply into the water walking on still, softly now as gravity shifts. We see what an immense body of water we are in, dropping away sharply below us. This cool tannin stained water is soft against our skin and our fur. Our eyes shining out in front of us green and gold not only creating light but illuminating the hidden structure of the water. Like amniotic fluid, this water is a place of birth where there is some thing new to come. We are not able to breath but we need no air.

The light from our eyes decoding the water, the water is made from spiralling DNA strands, sacred geometric patterns and alive molecules. Only where our eyes shine can we see the hidden depths of the water’s memory. Every where else it looks like tannin stained water.

So together, we go down to the very deepest place, to the ground of this womb space. At the bottom there’s a black mass, like the soft bottom of a shore, seaweed like threads entangled creating a nest in which sits a large white egg. Larger than any egg that any animal on earth could lay. But I know it does not come from the animals of the Earth. This egg comes from a divine being beyond our station. But still I have access. I lay my hands on the glowing white egg. I can feel movement and life inside.

Solange and I sit beside the egg unsure of what we are to do next, until our gaze crosses paths and I see the minute strands of DNA lighting up in the water around us coming into a greater from. I huge gold and green spiral of light coming up from where we stand and drawing the egg up with it to the very surface of the water. Glowing and absorbing the water and the wisdom from this womb of origin. The egg grows immeasurably glowing and then opening, not like a breaking shell but like a flower with a million petals. As the flower opens a column of brilliant white light shines directly upwards. And from the column of light comes life. Creatures, animals, humans. Humans beyond what we know them to be. Humans that are infused with light like the luminescence of the ocean.

One of the the humans that comes out of the column of light, so godly I believe he is an angel. Speaks to me. He says, once we were, one, and he means that, separation in energy has caused separation in creation on Earth, the plants and the animals, they were once one. A human being like this angel being could access through his own body any of the living creatures on the earth and move himself from substance into being through intention activating his internal DNA to become any one of them. I say to him, you were a shape shifter. He says its not as simple as that. I am all because I know I am all. I may remember myself to be anything I have lived as. And in remembering I may become that. Not such solid form but created form. Matter from energy as thought. I think it and I shall be it. He shows me all of the strands of DNA like ribbons coming down from the centre column. He begins to weave them together creating a colourful canopy above us. He says these strands were never meant to be separated. These stands were meant to be interwoven, creation was meant to be fluid not rigid and hard like its has become. Some people in their madness have taken it upon themselves to try to recreate what was once. He shows me humans interfering with genetics from the ground level not from the creation level. He shows me that where we are now as we elevate in form as light into our divine selves we have access to all forms of life, we may be any of the creatures of the earth because we are made of the earth as they are and in knowing this we are allowed to move our form from one to the other. It is pure energy reconstruction. He says its not really the mind that creates, its consciousness that can bend itself into any form.

He continues to weave all of the ribbons of DNA into a canopy until it is like a large tent. He calls all of the creatures into the tent and he says this is my circus. I ask what he means by that. He says its merely a show. An exploration of self. He says the show must go on. It can never end, that which has begun must go on. And so here we are in the middle, aware of who we are but unable to move with the power and the form which we once had. He says, fear not we will reach these lofty heights again. It is just a matter of time which is another mess because time of course does not exist. We are stuck in these loops of created energy cleaning up the paths laid out by others. (When I call myself the clean up crew it is no joke I know who I am). Contained in the tent I ask him why don’t we just blow the lid off the whole thing. He says fagility. Of course we could do that, start again and again. Creation didn’t unfold very elegantly and there was interference, but we have come so far and we will succeed, its better to let it run its course than to begin again and hoping for a better outcome. All outcomes are perfect in the divine’s eye. It is only on a human level that we suffer and from suffering comes such learning.

Earth is like the little sister, she has many stars that are her brothers and sisters, soon they will be connecting. This is where your focus will be turning, pulling the strings, connecting with the people on your frequency so you each have greater power and sight. And greater reach. We are finished now with this piece. The eternal now.

He gathers a collection of strings and hands them to me, each a different colour, pulling them into alignment getting all the pieces to fit. He puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me patience, he means it in a way where he wants me to be steady and calm and reassured and balanced in my knowing. To keep myself entertained with the unfolding and the mystery, because even the most powerful or the the most obscure divine being watches in wonder as a leaf bud unfolds. Enjoy the wonder, enjoy the magic of form, enjoy the mastery of moving form with energy. Take delight.

I have all of these ribbons in my hands and I pull them all at once with great force, the top comes off the tents and the walls unfold and all of the beautiful creations from the column of light burst out in the sky around us. As I do this all around me other tents burst open so the creation can unfold outside of these spaces.

As the earth blooms like a flower unfolding all of her petals from these centre columns of light. She becomes one bloom in a sky of a million blooming flowers each to pollinate each other and create a new world, the dust of the pollen intermixing the creation unfolding. The new seeds of the new worlds that are born out of the old worlds now floating in the sky, in the abyss, perfect parcels ready for birth. The beauty is startling the detail is magnificent, every little crinkle in every little petal and every little line in every little seed. I know there were masters at work in this creation and design and I know I am one of those masters.  I take such delight in this creation. And I am thankful to the angels who support me and all of my brothers and sisters coming into knowing themselves, coming into being.

With the flowers and the seeds bursting in the abyss above me I turn back towards the tree, now rigid, no longer slick, like great arching and arcing bones and antlers. The tree eternal, encloses me as I sit at the spring well of life, this crystal clear pond of water, sparkling starlight within radiating outward to my entire being, I sit with my feet in the water and I look up to the sky millions of bursting flowers once planets sowing their seeds for the new worlds. Cross pollinating to build stronger versions, new realities, more brilliant worlds, all of the teachings going into this.

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