Guided Journey – Sacred Tribe Lighting our Paths of Evolution

I see as you see

See as I see:

This journey is to bring us into alignment with the energy shifts the earth is experiencing. This is a guided journey, you walk with me following the footsteps I place on the earth as we step beyond the veil. 

We stretch the roots of our trees deep into the earth, the bark creaks and stretches deeply anchoring itself to the rocks. We stretch our branches high into the sky, feeling the expanse, feeling the unfolding. We step out of our trees, we have with us Solange the black Jaguar for protection. The ground under our feet is crackly and dry, we step out into a world with a burnt orange sky and clouds hanging low, the landscape we see before us is dry parched lands, cracked earth and smokey haze hanging low. There is a path before us it glistens silver. As if water is reflecting light and it moves like a snake through the valley. We step off the cracked earth and onto this beautiful path of silver light. We follow it across the landscape and towards the horizon. Under our feet the path is energising, calming and cool and the star light energy of the silver path works its way up our bodies slowly integrating with our cells as we walk along the path in single file. 

As we walk along the path, power animals gather at our sides walking on the barren earth with us in solidarity. The energy is heavy but the silverpath lights us and lifts us as we move forwards, slowly, calmly. We head towards the horizon and we start to see a light rising, from the edge of the earth. This is a light of a new dawn. And as the light rises into the sky you would be forgiven for thinking its the sun. But this is a much greater sun, a star of divine heavenly light. It glistens white and silver with rainbow refracting outwards. Everywhere the little shards of rainbow light refracts onto the earth it creates slithers of green it creates a new way of seeing, I allow my hand to fall under one of these rays of light, and I even see myself differently. 

We walk forwards on the path coming ever closer to this light of divine star. And the silver path underneath us infusing us from the ground upwards starts to merge with the rainbow refracted light heading down from above us. Until we reach a point where this white star is over head perfectly above us. When the star reaches noon position in the sky, we reach a pond. A round body of what looks like water but is the merging pool of silver light that we have been walking along the path of. And we see above us a beautiful white star as big as the sun and we see at our feet a pool of this divine white light energy. We form a circle around the pool of energy. And around us a protection and as an energy enhancement the power animals stand behind us. They protect us and they amplify our energy. The white star, silvery rainbow energy lines up with the pool of energy in front of us and it creates a portal of light coming directly down. Standing around the pool of energy as we are, we begin to change, like shapeshifting. We become less human we become more divine. We can feel the little shards of light like spikes going through our skin, like being stitched together, newly formed in this new energy. It radiates out through our form completely lighting us up, making our colours more brilliant, making our sight more clear. Allowing us to feel, not just with our heart or our emotions or our mind but our entire being. Our senses move along our skin, the hairs on our arms stand up the senses move along our spine down our backs and into the ground beneath our feet. We are completely alive with this new energy, we are completely activated with star light. 

The divine star, this greater energy lining up behind our sun moving through us like white fire. On a molecular level I see the energy moving through our forms, cleaning up any of the old stagnant and dead energy and transforming it into movable, versatile and creative flow. We stand radiant in this glow and this connection with light coming down through us. We are creating a portal, we are holding the energy as it comes through, so that it is focused. That it comes in as it needs to without dissipating. Until the star has completed the download. And then we are released from this centre pool of energy, this silver white light where we have been energised and re created. 

We each turn outward in the circle we have created and we each take our power animal with us as we walk outwards on the barren earth crunching under our feet, and over head thousands of spirit birds fly with us. And we create a silver path of light under our feet and this energy goes into the earth and we move slowly and calmly and we sense everything with our entire being. We sense the energy shifting, we sense the upheaval the chaos and we understand what it is. This is massive amounts of energy being pulled up, being shifted and being put back down where it belongs, this is a new time. We are creating the paths of evolution on the earth and we walk across the entire globe through time and space. We pace slowly and with method and intention until we meet in the centre again at the polar opposite side of the earth where the light from the white star behind the sun has come out the other side and the circular pond of light is there where we meet again one at a time coming together with our power animals support. 

We form a circle again around this pond of light this pool of energy and we rejoice and we hold hands around this pool of light, this pool of energy. We communicate where we’ve been what we’ve seen what we’ve felt, every experience from across the globe and we rejoice. We have pulled the energy through the entire globe, re have rewritten ley lines we have shifted poles and we sit at the pool of light together. We allow our feet to dip into the pond, we hold hands in a circle, we regard each other, we see each other newly. We know one another, we feel what the each of us has been through to get here and we have full respect and love for one another, we are equal and completely unique each one of us. We see through each others eyes, through the time lines. 

We know it is time to go so we drop through this pool of light white energy coming in from the father star behind our sun and as we go through the light together with our power animals whom we bring back with us we feel connection and peace and complete clarity. We can feel with our whole beings we can sense the energy shifting and moving, where its going what it needs to do. As we sink through this pool of light we breathe out all of the air in our lungs release any energy that does not need to come back with us and we sink down slowly until the ground is firmly under our feet. We feel the ground under our feet, wiggle our toes, we re balance and re set in this reality as we return.

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