Guided Journey -The Fae Transmute EMF

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields and artificial energy into organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute any negative thought forms any interfering frequencies any artificial frequencies, that will be transmuted into organic around us and around our field at all times.

I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth, pushing through wet clay, damp and cool I anchor. We step out of the tree together our branches rising above us like a canopy in a forest, interwoven and interlacing with each other. As we step out together we all hold hands with our power animals standing between us, Solange beside me, black jaguar as power, strength and protector. The canopy of our branches of our trees is creating shade over us and a protection. We walk to the the edge, its like being under a coral, a living and protective organism. We step out from this protection and shade into an electric yellow crackling static energy field and as we take a step out if feels like electrocution and static moving into our body and into our nervous system in a way that frays the mind and the nerves. Jolts that creates anxiety and disconnection. We step back under the cover of our tree into our frequency where we are protected. We are surrounded everywhere by this static, this electric shock energy. We come together under the shade of our branches and we  discuss and call in support. How will we expand our energy field to access to network of interference. The interference energy is bright like fluorescent lighting and it is densely knitted with this static and it moves with a zapping voltage energy constantly around us and you can hear the static sound.
The Faeries are here with us, they are more advanced than us, they are covered in markings like tattoos in different colours that are like ferns and plants and they say that the way to access and infiltrate the inorganic is with the organic. They want to run two lines out from the tree of life, the under ground line from the roots will be of mycelium mushrooms and the over head line from the branches will be ferns. They say that the ferns are also creating sacred geometry and that is actually what we will be doing will be restructuring the energy of the electromagnetic field which is inorganic to a shape and energy of harmony of sacred geometry running through the ferns and mycelium. Because the electromagnetic field is in chaos it always wants to return to harmony so once we access and spread the energy of harmony and of origin the chaos will want to naturally move into harmony.
We hold hands with the Fae folk these warrior Faeries, these ones who are advanced, evolved beyond what we are and they hope we will move to where they are in our evolution in our connection with the earth and understanding of what is beyond the earth and ourselves in our incarnations. So we stand hand to hand with them facing outwards under the protection of the tree of life, underneath the beautiful sheltering canopy. As we hold hands with them and our power animals stand between us the tattoos from their bodies begin to cover our skin now also and it is a living and breathing organism itself, these designs are interwoven with energy and knowledge. And I feel them move across my skin and they don’t just move across, the ferns and patterns root into my skin anchor and I feel the design cooly moving up my arms across my shoulders and down my back. Up my neck around my scalp around my eyes and mouth. It feels like an armour but it is soft and it is alive and moving and it is me, it is not some external vibration it is my own, it is created in my image and my vibration. This energetic imprint of the fern and this flower of life design and this mycelium integrate all over our bodies like tattoos that are alive and are part of us as a fine and delicate lace armour.
We are many as we stand hand in hand around the edge of protection of our tree of life branches. We face outwards towards the chaos, the electric static field looks like very dense crackling static electric lightning in bright tones of white and yellow, in a way that it hurts your eyes and ears and skin. As we walk forwards holding hands in this way our circle expands and we breathe in the calm and the cool from behind us under the tree of life, we move forwards taking steps outwards into the static and crackling electric, electromagnetic field, wifi, data collections, internet, everything that is running through the air around us always that is invisible penetrating our energetic field and creating interference and causing stress and anxiety and chaos, fraying our mind and nerves. Causing disconnect. We face it together holding hands walking outwards into it. And it never touches us as we walk, the delicate interlaced layer of armour that is around us that is organic creates millimetres of distance between us and the static. We continue to walk and it never touches us, the chaos, the static the interference, the fraying of mind and nerves the disconnect of mind and source.
We expand, beneath our feet where we have walked there is a delicate white lace of mycelium and above our heads where we walk there is a delicate and fine interlaced and unfolding of vines that are ferns. I take a moment to look closely at the ferns, they are growing out from the tops of our heads our foreheads as we walk and unfolding behind us as we walk and I can see they have that they have that repetitive unfolding shape like a fractal and it is alive, it is living, it is organic, it is perfect source code, it is perfect original blueprint. We unfold this energy where we walk, it is bellow our feet I look closely, rooting out from the soles of our feet are the fine white lace of mycelium and these are also pure source energy, pure blueprint coding.
We continue moving forwards holding hands with this delicate lace armour over us, we multiply and we become more people and we become more warrior faeries, the Fae folk that we have forgotten are always with us behind us working with us. Not the tricksters not the sprites and the trouble makers that we have come to know but the Fae folk, the hidden folk, the wise ones who know and are always guiding us towards our evolution because they are our evolution. When the human form evolves it becomes part animal and part plant it is an organic structure that is both earth and star light. That we are light but we are in the physical. This is what the Fae folk represent for us and this is why they are holding our hands, as we move forward, they are not many anymore, they have dwindled to a few, they are asking us to step forward to become them.
As we continue to walk through this static electric field that hurts our eyes and our ears we never come into contact with it. I see great pillars, there are vortexes they are central pillars of this static network. These are towers. These are the towers that transmit the energy and they are mimicking the tree of life structure, they are touching the earth and the sky, they are emitting frequency but they are not true to source code energy they are manufactured interference energy. So we come to these towers and we each cluster around them placing our hands on them. As we place our hands on them cracks run up through their field through their mimicking energies, large cracks come from the ground up to the sky, and through the cracks comes a different energy a blue light source code energy and this is available at this time coming through the lions gate portal.
We access the towers, they transmit to satellites, they transmit though the earth energy field. Through the organic electric field of the earths energy as far as the atmosphere and then they shoot out to satellites and back down, creating a shape that is unnatural. We pull the energy through us, through our organic forms through our source codes and through our organic being, through our connection to the earth, the animal and plant energy wizened by the Fae folk and their understanding. This network is an artificial creation, mimicking what our full potential is, we don’t need to communicate through internet and phone, when we are evolved we communicate through telepathy and understanding and we receive directly from source. We infuse our organic source energy into these pillars that are mimicking the tree of life and we draw down through them using them as our own antenna using them to reach up beyond what we can usually access, and we pull down energy from our sun and from Sirius, duel sun energies, dual fire, duel light.
We pull through this star light and sun energy into the earth, into the core of the earth and she receives it vibrating. It looks like solar flares, its electric energy though and purposefully placed discharge from our sun and central sun to give us light codes and source light energy that we require in this stage of our evolution and we are using those towers built to create interference as our access to draw in higher light and energy because what is created in distortion can be transmuted into purpose and harmony if we have the mind and if we have the support to do so. As we cluster around this towers these pillars these artificial tree of life structures. We create many, many points of light on the earth. we fully infuse the artificial network of internet, wifi, telecommunications  systems with source light energy through Sirius through our central sun. We can feel it run down our legs through our own personal network systems of nerves and each one of us grounds this energy into the earth though our organic being and each one of us becomes part of the network of light and source codes to the core of the earth herself, her central star, her inner light.
As we stand anchored around these pillars, these transmitters that we have turned to purpose frequency, we hear the mumbling and language spoken between the earth and her sun and central sun star. And it is beautiful like two lovers coming together after eternity, the unity, the unity consciousness, the connection and the breakdown of interference, the breakdown of disconnection. The  illusion of disconnection, the illusion of interference. And we anchor the earth with many trees of life lit with golden networks of information from the sun and Sirius central sun. The alignment of these three immense beings, Gaia the Sun and Sirius, allows communication to flow. Amplified now with our transmutation of towers into connectors. Instead of static and electromagnetic fields. We have full allowance, of energy coming in and we stand with our mycelium rooted through our feet and through our nervous system and our ferns and flower of life coding running through the tops of our heads out and behind us, around us fully.
We have created a pathway within the network that is from our feet to our head, we can see forwards and backward as far as we can see, we have created a gap for us to move energy as organic beings through a network that is artificial and this is not created as a network or a sphere around us but it is created like an actual level, where ever we stand where ever we are, where ever our physical form is, with full support from the Fae the Faery folk in their organic armour that they have shared with us, we have created a split, pushing in with our roots and our fern tips, we have created a breakage in the electromagnetic field and through this breakage we run our organic code source energy and we create a full infiltration of the system to allow source energy code to come into the core of the earth, we amplify like satellite towers the receivership of the earth, the potential for her to bring in light. We feel it in our hearts like pressure, a pulse, this beautiful murmuring when the earth talks to the sun and central sun like they are her lovers, like she is so grateful to them and they are so protective and shielding and loving towards her giving her all the light and nourishment she needs to grow and evolve and she draws herself ever closer to them and her purpose and evolution.
As we create this space within the network and we have pressure in our hearts and beautiful delicate armour all over our skin we become part of everything that is unfolding, we become an integral part of it, a witness to the unfolding and on the surface above us in the artificial electromagnetic communication field. Where little men are running like ants, trying to fix the breakage, trying to overcome the light infusion, but all of their switching and unplugging and reconnecting has no affect on our work. We are fully infused on our own private level in the electromagnetic field, a huge space has been made by us. We can run our energy through this network and use the towers like trees of life to bring in source and creator codes for ourselves and for the earth. And she bounces her starlight energy off the satellites recreating sacred geometry that goes from her core to the satellites outwards and creates a line of energy from the sun and central sun, they feed her energy and she bounces it out, creating a very intricate and ancient design, millions of lines overlapping and creating codes right from the centre of the earth out to satellites, deep within the core a whole golden grid that is not one line but many, not one depth but the complete depth of the earths physical being, and as she does this each line is created with intention and love and so much joy, so much force and power too just very purposefully placing each line of light, and we stand with our hands on the trees of life as towers just holding, just witnessing, just being part of this amazing energetic shift.
We stand in the lions gate as we open to that light, we become that light a little bit more, we become our truth and our selves a little bit more, we see ourselves our purpose into the future a little bit more, who we are who we are becoming and we understand the reason why we are here on the earth standing here now, being here now during this evolution where our bones ache and our minds hang on as the kaleidoscope of information comes in and it translates it for us this amazing tool that we have, that we are so blessed to be here and see this jump, this huge jump in evolution, that we have been given permission to participate that we have given permission to ourselves to participate.
As this sacred design is created by the earth, this 3D moving into 5D,7D and 12D vibration that she is creating with light as a sacred geometric pattern, she seals up the edges of it, the sun and Sirius disconnect from her, still warming her, shinning towards her, and the earth becomes silent again, her rumbling language stilled and we are standing around with our hands placed on golden trees of life that are towers, we release our hands from the trees we hold hands again interlinking with the Fae folk, these warrior faeries the evolved versions of us and we all still have our fern design organic armour on our skin and we walk back towards our central tree towards the trunk. As we come towards the shelter of our tree, the shade and the peace, the armour comes off us the fern pattern becomes part of the branches, the mycelium becomes part of the roots and grounds under us, we walk to our tree and we place our hands on the trunk, we are released from the energy and we become entirely human again organic and alive, part of the earth and we sit around a large and clear waterhole and we report back to each other what we have seen and experienced like children that have been out playing, the Fae folk stand behind us just supporting us, we feel the energy run through us healing us, repair our minds and our nerves, opening us up to being receptive.
As we sit around the waterhole we take sips of water, clear and pure water filtered up through the earth, we allow ourselves to rebalance and we look younger, we look more like children now, with wonder in our eyes with what we have seen and understood. That we have created a level for us to walk in that is free of interference and static energy that frays the nerves that we are able to move through this reality without having our systems hacked all the time, that our organic frequency and our light codes remain unhindered, that we take our frequency with us where ever we go, we are not infiltrated we hold source codes of organic energy, we are pure, we sip the water together as friends as soul family as we are bonded in this experience, once we have sipped the water and cleansed and earthed ourselves again the Fae folk hold space for us supporting us as we drop back through the water hole sinking down allowing our bodies to infuse with the pure spring waters filtered by the earth and we breathe out any excess energy that does not need to come back with us and we sink down slowly, all the way down until our feet touch the ground softly landing and then we return.
To be part of a guided journey experience for the collective and self contact me here:

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