I am shown that feminine energy goes higher in frequency than the masculine energy does, that masculine energy in some part is form. And even though at some level we combine to become one again, we are creators at that level, and at that level so we become more feminine than masculine, more flowing, more light , more love. And in some way we all return home to the mother.

The word mother is so tarnished on earth, it’s become a dirty thing, the physical reality the dense worlds that inhabit physical realities have brought the feminine energy lower than she’s ever been before more distorted and mixed with denseness and decay. And there is only so far you can go down before you become something entirely else. Something that is not of the divine feminine energy. There is a range and a frequency available to that energy after that it becomes distorted and becomes something else. It becomes death instead of life it becomes decay instead of creation, it becomes rot and stink and corpse it becomes animated not be source and light energy but it becomes animated by everything that is not of the light, of dark energies that have separated themselves from source. There is enough light and enough beings of the light on this planet for this energy to feed constantly. And so the Mother Crone energy becomes decay, becomes lost. Becomes merely a puppet. Becomes a lie of what feminine energy is. 

In fact this becomes an absolute block for women to rise into their highest divine feminine energy because all that is associated with that which is rotten, that which is decay and death and lie, makes women, beautiful souls of the light push away their feminine energy because the only known association they have seen is the rot and the lie and the decay, the stink, the fetted energy that claims feminine that is nothing of the sort.

I ask the Earth in her wisdom and her rising high feminine light energy how do we clear this energy, this realm, in fact this entire of realm, of Mother Crone energy that is detritus, decay, death and it is a lie. How do we clear this so those beautiful souls with the light energy of the divine creator, the true high feminine energy that is beautiful beyond words can allow in their true forms?

With the lie I replace the truth

I replace this lie with the truth

All that is woman that is not high divine energy, all that is woman that is not of the light, all that is woman that is lying to our children I ask that you are seen, I’m here to shine the light on you, we are the true sisters of the light, the high divine feminine energy resides within us, and we are here to shine a light on you, all those that are woman that are not of the light, all those that are woman that are here to deceive and cause destruction and decay, all those that are woman that are hiding from the light all those that are woman that are nothing of creator energy nothing of light, we are here to shine the light on you. I perish all veils that conceal your true nature, I perish all veils that hide the truth of your deceit. You may no longer hide as feminine energy, you may no longer lie as woman. Woman is not a name you deserve. 

With my high diamond light energy I fill the entire ring of the earth that is untouched by the high divine feminine energy so far, I fill it entirely with white diamond light, so the earth is haloed so the earth is entirely lit with star light from all of the higher dimensions who love and cherish her, her creative energy her beautiful daughters. And I shine light on all those who are deceiving and disturbing the harmony and frequency of creation energy. I continue to shine this light of truth where ever I go.