Guided Journey – Shenandoah, Beautiful daughter of the stars.

A succession of stones from sacred sites have come to me. This one is from Ireland from the Shenandoah River. Shenandoah means, beautiful daughter of the stars.

I journey on behalf of the collective, walk with me, see as I see, feel as I feel and together we heal, for the earth, for the collective consciousness and for ourselves.

I light up my body, I stretch the roots of my tree deep into the earth, pushing through the cold mud, anchoring, going deep towards the water table and I stretch my branches high into the sky unfolding, connecting like electric circuitry into the stars and the cosmos, neurons of space and time. We step out of the tree with Solange the black panther our companion and protector. As we step onto the path it is made of gravel, as we continue to walk I see we are under water, we are walking the river bed from the mouth of the river we enter and we walk along the river bed. As we continue to walk, the stones, the gravel under our feet become golden with light, only where we are stepping. The river is becoming acclimatised and acknowledging our presence. As we continue to walk along like this our feet are playing songs as if we are stepping on a keyboard. The goddess of the river sits up from her river bed slumber. She shows herself to us as a beautiful golden haired and golden energy being. Divine and godly, she wears a shell as a pendant around her neck she hands it to me and says their is a spiral codex inside.

She can’t go any further up the river than this, she sends us forward and we step out together in a V shape like a flight formation as if we are migrating ducks. I walk in front and I hold the shell like a pointed arrow that guides us. There are many rivulets and branches in the river, at each intersection I hold the shell up as a pendulum and it swings or circles to show us which way to go. We take a left, the river’s stony bottom is becoming golden where we walk and the Shenandoah goddess, beautiful daughter of the stars speaks to us as we walk. She says we are all daughters of the stars, that we are aloud to pass here. That there are kings buried on the hills, their bones decaying and falling and rotting into the waters. The waters are contaminated with war, with battle, fear, pain, separation. The water energy is contaminated and murky and dead. She wants us to bring it to life again.

As we continue taking little rivulet branches off, we continue heading left and left and inland and inland. Little branches spearing here and there. The shell with its spiral codex showing us which way to go. And when we reach the end of the rivers we come to the shore. There is a stone building on a grassy hillside and an apple tree. We walk up onto the shore and onto the hillside. This building is a relic it has been recommissioned. It has been built here because this is a sacred site. It’s all new inside and the tin roof is new.

The stones are very old. We stand around the building on the outside and we each place our hands on the rocks that have been carved into or left raw as building blocks. When we place our hands on the stones we can feel the terror and the pain that has seeped into the stones. Through war and conflict and battle and fear, decay, death. We stand with our hands on the rocks, these rocks have been dredged up from the river, they have have been built here in a pertinent place, the land is sacred. But on this sacred land we have distorted energy, the rocks are like memory. Memory storage banks. We place our hands on the rocks and we sing a beautiful melody that comes to us up through the river through the Shenandoah. High pitches, low melodious and deeply emotive. As we sing the rocks release the memories and the memories float up like ghosts and out of the building like black smoke they dissipate into the atmosphere.

We enter the building, inside it’s new but there is a cellar that we go down into the ground and there are these corridors and tunnels, transport tunnels. They are like mine shafts but they are for transporting people and messages secretly. Seems this was a convent, it seems that this was a Christianised site. That Pagan rites were played out here for many years, deep earth and sacred healing, medicine with the people that were in alignment with the earth and the stars. And then came religion that took that from the people. There has been torture, there has been conversion. But the women, the mystics and the deep earth connected folk and were savagely beaten and told to repent their ways that connected them to the earth. Their connection to the earth has been severed. The site has been severed from its sacred connection to the earth through this distortion through this torture.

We walk down through these tunnels we hold a candle of light each and we continue our singing. The singing is not so much sung from us but comes through us from the river from the goddess Shenandoah. And the honey liquid golden energy flows from us into the caverns and runs all over our bodies like electric. We each go off into chambers on the side, its dark and damp and rotten smelling. The feeling of fear is strong in the air but we come in and we sing to our foremothers, to the magical ones that we have come through the lineage from. Our witches, our wise women, our mystics, folk lore, plant medicine, star mappers. These sacred women pursuing sacred knowledge in harmony with the earth. Performing rites of passage, performing energy healing with the earth. They were severed from their cause, they were condemned. They were stripped of their ability to work and many of them were stripped of their lives. We sing the golden liquid energy of the beautiful daughter of the stars, Shenandoah moving through us like honey, like sound, motion, vibration, light. And the feeling of singing in this way, as vessel for the goddess is warming and loving and electric

We move through all of these underground caverns, we move through all of these places of disharmony and we sing with our candle lights and we see each other and we see through the eyes of the daughter of the stars. Until light and gold and love has been brought to all of the caverns. And after we walk through all of the caverns, our ancestors, the mystics and witches and wise women, star mappers, plant medicine people. They follow us out, they have been awoken they have been illuminated. The healing of the river has reached them where they were ashore and they could not reach her anymore, the separation of land and time.

They follow us out as we come up above the ground again and they show us by leading in front of us. They are in their ethereal forms in their higher aspects of love and light mixed with earth energy, beautiful woman that are made of the stars and their bodies made of the earth. They take us down the hill side into a grove where the trees grow scraggly and bushy and wild, there is a water hole that has become full of leaves and stagnant and clogged. They take us to this water hole, its a spring, the water comes up through the ground and we stand with them interwoven, our energy and their ancient energy. Connecting and weaving in and out of each other to strengthen and bond. We stand around the water and we hold hands, and we sing this beautiful song and its amplified now, we sing it out of our hearts not out of our mouths and it comes through us through the Shenandoah. Goddess of the stars.

The water starts to become vapour and the water starts to remember and it shakes off the decay and it shakes off the distortion. The water remembers the pure light and love of sacred ceremony. And the water transforms itself through this song into a pure spring again. The trees hang over creating a secret grove, they are bare, it is winter and their branches finger off in many directions. As we purify the water with the song of the river goddess the birds come to sit in the trees around us. An owl comes to sit there even though its daylight. And lots of little sparrows and flitting birds that have made nests here.

This spring is the water of the Shenandoah river filtered up through the ground, the light of the daughter of the stars. This river goddess, this beautiful being that lays her energy into the river, like the formations of the river bed. Shenandoah once again can rise her energy into the spring and she stands in the centre of us, golden and electric and alive and connected and able to access the sacred site again.

I ask her what is this sacred site? She says this is where women came to bleed, this is where women came and brought their new born children to be blessed by the water, to be blessed by the water that is pure, that holds star light to introduce the new child to its ancestors through the spring. The spring was like a communication vessel between this world and others between the magical and mystical women and their ancestors, and their star lineage. This is also where they would receive their wisdom and insights from. Coming to sit beside the water drinking the clear spring water, sitting and listening to receive the knowledge of their ancestors, the knowledge of their star ancestors. This is one portal of communication, their are many, and their are many sacred sites that have been distorted with torture and abuse, fear energy. It creates decay, but the water remembers, the stones remember, the river remembers, the stars remember. We are just remembering again ourselves.

There is a priestess of a sort from these pagan circles, she is one that blesses, she wears a gold decorative piece on her forehead that joins at the the back with a chain. She has soft lovely eyes and features and a lovely heart, and for those of us who have come today to heal the water through the energy of Shenandoah she blesses us now. She comes and kisses each one of us on the forehead, giving us a golden talisman that is of a tree, interlacing with roots and branches circular. She walks around the edge of the water with the golden Shenandoah goddess behind her, she kisses each one of us on the forehead gifting us this golden symbol.

She says that we are connected now, that we may look into the clear waters and see what our ancestors saw, that we may receive information and healing, that we may partake in ceremony, blessing our children, blessing ourselves, communicating and sharing, connecting. She says that they will work from here outwards to the other sacred sites, water portals, springs, that have been decayed, that have been claimed and taken and Christianised. In the name of Jesus.

Blasphemy, Jesuah was a beautiful soul, kind hearted and loving. To take the things of the earth in his name is pure corruption, although we hold no malice towards anyone who has chosen this path.

I ask may we return through the sacred water hole, infuse our lives and ourselves with the golden energy of the Shenandoah who remains on the earth holding this energy and this frequency in the goddess form in the landscapes. We are given permission, we all sit at the edge of the waterhole with our feet dangling in, pure and clear, the water that remembers. The water is delighted and joyed, so much light and love and memory, it heals our bodies and infused us with light as we move through it. We drop down through the waterhole, letting our bodies sink down slowly, breathing out all the air in our lungs and sinking down until our feet touch the ground and then we return.



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