Audio Recording of Guided Shamanic Journey – Tapestry of Time

My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual. My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During this guided shamanic journey I will translate and relay everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me. We will be activating healing for the collective consciousness, the earth, and our selves. With our open hearts we focus and pull the energy into the earth and connect with each other. In This way we are able to shatter the remnants of the old world and become the builders of the new world. As we embody our divinity the full Potency of creation energy running through us and the realisation dawning on us that we are the creators of this dimension. Our heart beat meets the heart beat of the Earth and we bring our selves into alignment with the universe to move into a new decade fully activated and aware.