Children of the light

The Ravens are calling and I am walking up a path to a tower made of white bones, the spire of the tower like a church, reaches through the darkness as if we are under the surface of water. I go into the church made of bones and I climb up the stairs into the tower. I come out the top where the spire is and I step out into another world. One that is white light. There is a white knight on a horse wearing all silver armour. The sky is cloudy but filled with light. I ride side saddle behind the knight. I am very small compared to the knight. It is like I am another breed. All white, with white hair but black eyes. The knight takes me to a white shining castle with many turrets and leads me in the gate.

Through the wooden door into the large dinning room inside the castle. At this dinning table there are all sorts of beasts and warriors feasting. And there is a creature sitting on a thrown. There is blood all down the front of me around my mouth and down my chest. The creature on the throne asks “Is it true you do not give yourself to Service?” And I can tell the way he says it that he means Serve Us. I say ” It is true, I no longer serve you.” I go up to him on his throne and I give him my black eyes and he returns to me blue diamonds that I place inside my head as my eyes. As soon as the blue diamonds are placed inside my head. I rise up out of this dimension as light. Through many layers of dimensions until I become a star in the sky looking down.

As the star I have a radiance and a bliss, a glow all about me. I have peace, I am diamond white light. I am Kilandril. I have resolved myself to no longer be in service, or servitude. I am love and I am light. That is my purpose. That is all that I will give my energy to. As I say this, as a star I am shifted in the galaxy to a new location. I am placed near the central sun and the central sun has a strong masculine energy of warm glowing protection and nourishment of care and guidance. I am a blue and small star in his warm embrace. The central sun says, “you are one with me.” And I reach out my blue flames in communication as he reaches out his orange flames, and at first I feel I am being burnt, but then I feel I am being given a gift of light. Then I become a blue flaming star with an orange orbiting ring of fire. He says “You are the centre of yourself. You hold a radiance above all else. You are my child and my mother. We are kin and family.”

In this space, as this star, when he says family, I see my Soul Sisters beside me. They have many sacred markings on their body. They speak to the central sun directly and he speaks to them. They call him father. I understand that at once we are his children and his parents, because in this body in this form we are a child of his as light. But he is a child of ours as we are pure consciousness and all that has been created including him. I stand and bask in his warm glow, with my siblings beside me. He says “You will remain here beside me while your body returns to earth. Your radiance which is starlight has been moved to hold light with me.” My soul sisters become blue stars and it is as if we are orbiting the central sun but we are actually creating a design of energetic lines, it is like a crystalline grid around the central sun. All his children, all my siblings. Children of the light. Becoming like a crystal grid shaped like a snow flake with him at the centre.

The blue light energy runs through me and the warming flame, fuels my fire. He says “I will fuel your fire” and I see my Twin flame and her soul fire. Illuminated in blue star light my siblings and I drop down from the crystalline grid surrounding the central sun and we go down drawing light with us as we descend onto the Earth, this blue light ray descending from around the central sun from the stars that we are. Down to the Earth, blue light cords and when we touch our feet on the Earth we create a design that is aligned with the star design that we are, we are all connected and interlaced through this geometrical crystalline grid .

We hold and draw with us the light of the central sun connecting the the centre of the Earth our mother and our father communicating and connecting, drawing to each other. And this will continue until the Earth herself becomes a star to match the central sun. Energetic union.

I walk back through space on lines of blue energy to the tree that is silver and elongated and below the tree there is a pool of water that is bright blue. Alive and electric, I put my feet into the water, calming and cooling. I sink down dropping through the pool of water, breathing all the air out of my lungs and releasing any energy that doesn’t need to come back with me, sinking down slowing until me feet touch the ground and then I return.

Published by Kilandril

After living as a wanderer for many years in Australia and abroad I have decided to settle in Southern Tasmania. The clean air and snow capped mountains call to me. Here I am able to share my gifts with those seeking truth and connection with their multidimensional selves. My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform distorted energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual. I have a Nordic bloodline. My Grandmother was Norwegian and I have connected to my ancestral knowledge through her. In Norwegian I would be named Noaidi but the Siberian word Shaman is more recognisable and means "One who see's". My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During a guided shamanic journey I will translate and relay everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me. Some more sensitive people are able to feel the energy move as they sit in session with me.

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