Healing and past life clearing with the Masters

I go into a room that is carved from the Earth and there are 5 beings there with me in this room their energy is blue and green and they don’t take physical form. I lay on a crystal bed as they clear the residual energy from past lives. They have green eyes and they infuse my body with green and blue energy another being enters the room, a master. He shows himself to me as Jesus and in his hand he holds a pine cone which is unfolding and unlocking to expose something hidden inside it is golden light energy spiralling upwards and he hands this to me I place it in my heart it is pulled there like a magnet. when I received this gift I received the full knowledge of who I am beyond this life and in this life that physical form is also divine being that we are one.

He tells me it is time now, there is no space to carry old pain. When I look into his eyes they are electric blue, like sacred geometry designs. From his eyes the designs unfold and connect to points on my body along my arms and my legs and my back and these little sacred geometry discs spin and unlock codes and energy that is mine that I have cleared space now to carry in my physical form I thank them for their work and help with healing and unlocking my energy.

I go back further now millions of years back I find myself in the deep dark ocean there is nothing around me, the water is the freezing cold I am in the body of an ancient shark I am slowing and I am drifting off I know that I will starve soon if I do not find any food and I don’t have the energy to move far enough to where I can find food. I swim towards the light and I move out of the darkness the sun is coming through the clouds now and on the surface there are fish swimming and I eat these fish and I receive the message that I must remain embodied on the Earth it is most important. In this time in this ancient place I am able to shape shift into the form of a man now that I am Nourished by the fish and I have received this message I take my form as a man many feet taller than humans are now and I sit on the surface of the water.

I don’t wear any clothing I am comfortable just in my skin. A woman comes to meet me also in a form much bigger than the current human. We sit facing each other. We hold hands in this way and we look into each other’s eyes the sacred geometry design unfolds around us like a grid of energy and we are one form the two of us connected along all the points of energy we harmonise our energy and we feel the connection to everything that we are everything that this physical form is also divine that we are not separate from the divine in this incarnation that we are also one with the Earth and universe that we can create with energy what we see with our minds.

She hands me a rose that is in full bloom it is red the petals are soft and the fragrance is sweet and I hand her a large diamond that is faceted in a way that the cut is the same design as the sacred geometry. We hold in the air between us these two gifts the rose and the diamond they interlock with each other each Point connecting in the same design and interlocking to connect and unfold a seed from the centre. This Rose seed is contained in a rose hip and we put it down on the water surface beside us to see a new consciousness born to the world. One that is created by our divine connection and comes into being with our intention and love.

Published by Kilandril

After living as a wanderer for many years in Australia and abroad I have decided to settle in Southern Tasmania. The clean air and snow capped mountains call to me. Here I am able to share my gifts with those seeking truth and connection with their multidimensional selves. My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform distorted energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual. I have a Nordic bloodline. My Grandmother was Norwegian and I have connected to my ancestral knowledge through her. In Norwegian I would be named Noaidi but the Siberian word Shaman is more recognisable and means "One who see's". My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During a guided shamanic journey I will translate and relay everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me. Some more sensitive people are able to feel the energy move as they sit in session with me.

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