Clearing Old Debts

I dance to the music and my energy spirals like a caduceus, golden wings opening at my crown. The golden rod of my spine pierces deep into the earth and I open all of my energy centres to see where I am tethered.

I see golden cords of light going out from me in all directions. I begin pulling on one of them and I draw to me a soul brother. I look him in the eye, the wings tattooed to his chest matching the wings at my crown I scream high frequency light through the golden cord and into him to see if he can withstand the intensity. He pulls the cord out of his chest. The light is too much for him. He says he chooses a different path. So I tell him to give me what he owes me. And at my feet he lays a staff made of rare metals that commands his light army and adjusts frequencies. As he walks away the light army come to stand behind me. 

The next golden cord of light coming out of me extends into the distance and I pull on it drawing a soul brother to me. He says sorry its too hard and I scream the high frequency light into him. He pulls out the cord. The tattoos are alive on his body and he changes. I tell him to give me what he owes me and he lays dried mushrooms at my feet, gifts of food and stones. Bids me farewell and walks away.

I keep turning to my left and I find another cord to draw towards me. I start screaming the light at him and he dies over and over again. His body turning to ash and flaking off. He doesn’t pull out the cord. He withstands the intensity. I tell him if he tries to take too much from me I will incinerate him. I tell him the exchange must be equal and he places a gem at my feet from deep in the earth. He creates an anchor for me to bring in higher light.

Then I start pulling a cord that is down deep and I draw it up to me. I scream the high frequency light at him and I start to cry, I see all the times he has failed me and I demand he gives me what he owes me. The cord falls out of him. Then he pulls something golden out of his chest. It has a gold handle and 4 extensions. It looks like a piece of DNA. He says this is your blood lineage I have been trying to keep it from you. I take it and it fastens to my back and the 4 prongs secure to my shoulders. It makes me stand as tall as the Gods and extends my strength.

I turn left and I pull two cords with the twins coming in together. They have white wings like arch angels. I scream at them, I feel betrayal and abandonment. I tell them to give me what they owe me. One lays down a contract that says Loyalty and the other lays one down that says Compassion. I tell them they were meant to help me like before. I see Roman numerals like scripture written all over their bodies. And I say they were meant to help me carry the codes. They say they brought them in for me but they can’t be my vault. I cry and scream the light at them. The cords fall away and the Roman numerals move up off their bodies and down into my head fitting in with the golden piece in my spine. I cry with the weight of having to carry this without their help. Their wings fall off and they have to walk as mortals on the earth not angelic anymore. 

I turn and I pull a heavy cord of gold. It draws one to me. He has massive black wings. I scream the light at him and tell him to give me what he owes me. He stares at me with furious eyes and says he owes me nothing. I scream with force and intensity blinding him with the light and he pulls out the cord. It’s burning him. He lays the black wings at my feet and a pile of diamonds. And something else that isn’t a gift it is his presence on earth. He says you knew if I came here to Earth it would break me. And I am broken! He shows all the cracks in his body and turns to walk away. 

I turn one more time find the cord draw it to me. It is black and woven from leather. I see Vin wearing leather and weapons. The cord goes around my heart and hers like a claw. She wants to fight. She says this is not a love story, this is war. I tell her she has to free me. She put me in a cage. The leather claw around my heart is mirrored by a cage. I turn everything to blinding white light. I flex the caduceus and new golden rod from my ancestors. The cage shatters the claw unfolds from both our hearts and it turns to cords of light the leather unwinds and splits in two. Then makes a necklace of light each with the white light of our hearts as diamonds hanging from them. Matching. I beat my chest and it makes her heart beat. She mimics me tapping her chest it makes my heart beat. I say we are two points of light infinitely brighter together. But I can’t shine if you won’t let me be free. She asks what is freedom to me. I say it is being able to do what I must do with out interference or consequence. I tell her I can’t do my work if she is controlling me. I take a sword of light and stab her through the chest. Piercing her heart pierces my heart. The light is blinding, it is excruciating. She frees me.

She comes to stand behind me. I stretch and extend the caduceus into the earth deeply. Beams of light come out of my crown and the high pitch scream, high frequency light. It shatters the atmosphere and all of my warriors come in as light beings. They stand in rows and battalions. I hit the high frequency as they stamp their staffs and hit the low deep tones to ground the light. The earth is bathed in light. It hurts and they hold it for me. All of my lifetimes I have collected my warriors of light. So many failed. So many never got through training. We are all here now. On different dimensional planes of existence, in different timelines. We create a network together. Everyone of us placed in the right location to hold the light and emanate our brilliance. Piercing the earth and lighting it up.