What is Shamanism?

The ancient spiritual practice known as Shamanism is believed to date back over 100,000 years. Anthropologists have discovered evidence of Shamanism in Siberia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland and north and South America.

The popularised term “Shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia and translates to “one who see’s in the dark.” In Norway (Where my Grandmother comes from) a Shaman is referred to as Noaidi and their role is to mediate between the human and spirit worlds.

A shaman is a person who uses the ability to see “with the strong eye” or “with the heart” to travel into hidden realms. The shaman interacts directly with helping spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness and perform soul retrievals, retrieve lost power, as well as remove spiritual blockages.

As science is learning now through research and understanding of quantum entanglement everything on earth is interconnected and any belief that we are separate from other life forms including the earth, stars, wind, etc is purely an illusion. It is the shaman’s role in the community to keep harmony and balance between humankind and the forces of nature and the spirit world.

One of the major ceremonies a shaman performs is called a shamanic spirit journey. A shaman’s role is to go into an altered state of consciousness and travel outside of ordinary reality into the hidden realms. The Australian aborigines call non-ordinary the Dreamtime.

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