Take my Light

I see your scars and they are matching mine

We could stand together to align

These beautiful, silver, parallel lines

We could walk the tracks til the end of time

Open the wounds and look deep within

Spend our time hunting Leviathan

You bare the mark you are my kin

You have the pitch, darkness within

From many lives diving deep in sin

Very few know where we have been

I let myself burn to make the light

I incinerate my life to be this bright

As I burn I rise

And I light all the signal fires

You burn and fall like a mighty star

A fallen angel from afar

Our paths split, and our bodies rip

As I rise you fall, and I build a wall

From all my pain, as I cut the chains

I built a suit of armour, made from reflecting glass

Now everyone I meet, thinks I’m their other half

I am a window to their Soul

But I am whole