Wake up into the Dream

Since a child

I have thrived

Bending my mind

Stepping outside

Of this contrived

Single mind

That I drive

Reaching the hive

Where I fly

To new highs

Dimensional splice

Losing time

Seeking the divine

Where I find

What is mine

Not defined

Vibrational climb

Becoming blind

Losing my mind

Frequency bind

Altered states

Quickened rates

Heart abates

Soul inflates

Kindred mates

Cleaning slates

Timeline creates

Luminous states

Infinite bright

Feels so right

All my might

Keep it tight

Burning fire

Reaching higher

Angels choir

Strumming lyre

Phoenix brighter

Ashes lighter

Body expires

Soul rewired

Bending form

Spirals warm

Twisted and torn

Then reborn