Kilandril’s Waking Dream

Kelly Smyth has been trained by Shamans to step outside of ordinary reality as her higher self, Kilandril. To walk among the spirits and be the bridge between worlds.

A shaman is a person who uses the ability to see “with the strong eye” or “with the heart” to travel into hidden realms. The shaman interacts directly with helping spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness and perform soul retrievals, retrieve lost power, as well as remove spiritual blockages.

Throughout history many powerful leaders had personal spiritual advisors to aid them in making important decisions. Being able to receive knowledge and wisdom from the spirit realm gave them a distinct advantage and in many cases enabled them to reach beyond the normal capacity of their human abilities.

Experience a Shamanic Spirit journey with Kilandril. Using the beat of the drum to enter an altered state. The journey will unfold as a story. Everything Kilandril see’s while in the trance state will be spoken aloud and recorded for you.

For a more direct approach to resolving current situations in your life, experience a Shamanic consultation with Kilandril. A protective energy grid will be created around you as the conversation unfolds and Kilandril accesses information through vision on your behalf.