My Training

As a child I had the ability to see spirits and interact with beings from other realms in the dream state. As I got older I learned to hide this ability as it was often misunderstood.
After a life altering experience at the age of 30 I sought out teachers who could help me harness these abilities and transform these senses into tools to help other people.
Since then I have studied with Shamans who have taught me how to enter an altered state using the beat of the drum to step outside of this reality as my higher self Kilandril to walk amongst the spirits and be a bridge between the worlds.
My Teachers
Dream Shaman Robert Moss
Shamanic Approaches to death, dying & the afterlife

Discovering advanced shamanic practices to journey to the Other Side and access helpful and timely communication from the departed for my healing and theirs.
Meeting death as an ally, learning to live and die without regrets, and enjoying clarity, courage and superabundant energy — both now and in the afterlife.
Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing
Expanding my use of shamanic practices to access hidden dimensions, spirit allies and healing wisdom for my family, community and society.
Opening my heart, expanding my mind, deepening my service and advancing on my spiritual journey — within a beautifully supportive community committed to planetary healing.
Journey Therapist Mary Reynolds Thompson
A Wild Soul Woman: A Journey into the Heart of Your Untamed Self

Embodying and expressing from my wild soul ~ the part of me that knows I am one with rivers, forests, and mountains. To break free of the fears and cages that held me back. Experiencing myself and the Earth as the powerful, embodied Feminine.
Travelling into the deepest and most untamed aspects of my soul. Entering an inner world of archetypes, metaphors, symbols, dreams and imagery, where ancient Earth energies shed light on the fullness of who I am.
Intuitive Warrior Michael Jaco
Unleashing Intuition Secrets and Remote Viewing

Developing and using my Remote Healing abilities to send energy to others and everything and anything I want to heal. Learning how to calm my energy fields. Being a healing force as I move through life at all times.
International Best selling Author Jay Campbell
The Optimised Tribe

Learning biohacking and raising human consciousness. How to raise my vibration to oscillation.
Receiving effective techniques to learn how to love and trust myself while teaching me how to tap into my God given intuitive abilities. I learnt how to let go of the fear limiting my ability to manifest my highest and best life.
Sharing ancient wisdom secrets for knowing how to accurately discern the difference between truth and falsehood, and how I can develop razor-sharp levels of cosmic awareness aka knowing.
Consciousness Coaches: Nicole Perretti & Dov Magit
Mastery Experience & Certification

Honing my gifts so I can better serve my clients. As a healer, consultant and practitioner and be able to create a larger impact. Receiving guidance to be a coach and mentor. Receiving tools and methods to cultivate next level of gifts. Learning how to help clients with core traumas, relationship issues, abundance challenges, belief systems, and more. Learning how to help thousands of people around the globe. Going deep so I can truly understand and utilise the processes that have created epic change for so many through the process.