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During my personal expansion I have been able to remember myself beyond this life. As a Soul having lived many lives on Earth and other planets and star systems as well as time spent in between incarnations. It is my desire to share my experiences of remembering myself as an infinite being of light so that you may remember yourself as the multidimensional being that you are. The Human vessel has far more potential than we as a species are currently experiencing. I am here in this life to help activate and awaken dormant DNA sequences in our human bodies through working with the energy of the Earth.

As a child I was highly intuitive and connected to the spirit realm. I was able to see spirits and talk with them. My parents called them my imaginary friends. It was difficult for me to integrate this into my ordinary life especially as I got older and the visions became stronger and more tangible. The dream state often becoming a living nightmare for me. I had no language to explain what I was experiencing and there was nobody in my community that was trained or initiated in the art of communicating with or entering into the spirit world. I was afraid and I didn’t know how to handle myself when I was walking on the fringes of different realities and alternate dimensions all the time. So I learned to block it out by dulling my senses. I did this for 15 years, living like I was on the run.

When I turned 30 I stopped dulling my senses and I stopped running. I re connected with the spirit world in a different way. I found teachers to help me and I began my training:

My Teachers and Education to Date:

~Certified Transcendental Meditation Instructor Anjelica Daniels

– Personalised TM Instruction, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

~Dream Teacher Robert Moss

– Quantum Dreaming

– Death, Dying and the Afterlife

~Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman

-Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing 1 & 2

~Mary Reynolds Thomson Wild Soul Story Coach

– A Wild Soul Woman, Journey into the Heart of your Untamed Self

~Consciousness Mentors Dov & Nicole at Twin Flame Revolution

-Mastery Experience

-Practitioner Certification

My family comes from a scattered and war torn compilation of humans trying to survive. All of this chaos intrinsically woven into the strands of my DNA surely has an effect on who I have become.

I was born in Australia in 1984 into a normal looking family. My mother is Australian but was born in Malaysia while her father was serving in the RAAF. He was adopted out as a child, his mother concealing his birth as having children out of wedlock was taboo at the time.

My father was born on a mountain top in Kenya during the Mau Mau Rebellion receiving no birth certificate at the time to acknowledge his arrival into humanity. His father my Grandfather was known to be a Spit Fire Pilot in the war, he was highly decorated in his service but his war records are sealed. By all accounts he was a dangerous man. The camp in the desert where they lived was protected by fearsome warriors, it truely was a wild country at the time. My father and his brother learned African languages and English as children.

His mother, my grandmother was Norwegian and had traversed the mountains with a small group of travellers to escape the war before meeting my English Grandfather. She spoke 9 languages but her accent was distinctly Norwegian. Having grown up in her homeland, learning the traditions of her people and the ways of the land she came from. In the alpine lake region of Norway she would catch Trout by hand in the icy waters. They would navigate their way to the log cabin amongst the pines and dig out the chimney, buried under the snow to light the fire and melt enough snow to inhabit the cabin. During the long dark winters she would cross stitch delicate and intricate traditional designs from the Norwegian archives.

Enquiries via email: kilandrilswakingdream@gmail.com

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