Dance Journey ~ The Great Red Rock

Shamanic journey

Through the ecstasy of dance I vision: I am in the desert. Uluru, the great red rock rising in front of me. As I move to the music the sand moves with me. Dancing, rising and pulsing to the beat. The sun shines down on the sand vibrating around me and each grain becomes like crystal glass, magnifying the rays. Now golden light through the suns rays beams from each grain as it dances. A hundred black cockatoo screech over head their dark wings becoming a mirror reflecting the amplified golden rays down into the earth and into me. I spin and spin, the grains of light spin around me creating a circular belt of light. I become thunder rumbling, shaking the earth below me. I become lightning striking and smashing apart the belt of light into a million tiny golden stars that spread out over the earth into the hearts of the people. The spirit birds catch the stars of golden light in their wings and as the fly they bring the rains. Pure gold liquid light raining down on the earth. The people nourished. The explosion has cause millions of tiny golden stars of light to join with my body covering my skin. Electrifying the ley lines in my body. I mirror the earths energy lines. I walk as thunder rolling, lightning crackling out from my body. I shine golden light where ever I go.

Shamanic Journey ~ High Divine Feminine Energy

Shamanic journey

Listening to the beat of the drum with my eyes wide open I go into vision.

I light up my body and I become the tree, roots stretching deep into the earth anchoring me and branches stretching high into the sky connecting me. I step out of the tree with Solange the black jaguar my constant companion and protector. The tree branches and trunk are peeling gold bark which sheds as sparkling gold dust that falls to the ground, lightly coating both Solange and I. The shimmering gold powder infused into our beings. The feeling of warmth and ecstasy vibrating through our skin, bones and flesh penetrating to our hearts.

I am unfused and harmonised with the heart beat of the universe. A pulse like a toroidal sphere surrounding us goes out as a signal. I see a line of beings in front of me, these are my ancient protectors, my brothers. This heart beat of the universe this energy of pure love and ecstasy draws them to me. Embodied on Earth as they are incarnation in the bodies of great warriors, broad shoulders deep chests and wild hair. Tattooed with tribal designs, adorned with stones and talisman. Their shields radiate out around me and for me. They are my protectors in the Earth Realm and in this body as I am, I am like their little sister. Standing only as high as their shoulders. My heart connects with them as they stand around me in a circle. I feel their energy and calm protective balance. Many life times they have been in battle and gone into dark places, their human selves catching the brunt of the force of theirs souls mission. The dark places they have gone simply to bring the light of their divine souls to shatter illusions, break old paradigms and shine truth into the faces of the corrupted. I bleed for them, I cry for them for I know the pain of this shift, moving from warrior to guardian and protector. The shame and guilt and the burden of carnage and chaos that is upon them to shift, each one of them, from many lifetimes of living at war. This transition is sacred. As they are here to protect me in the Earth Realm I am here to be a guardian for them on soul level so they can shift into their evolution from Warriors at War to Protectors and Guardians at Peace. As they stand around me creating a human shield I cast my energy over them outside of the Earth so they may rise as I have risen, out of the debris and detritus of chaos and terror to the light of their true divinity.

My Sisters in the distance cast a further layer of protection around me beyond the earth and enclosing the stars that I come from around the constellations of my home to form much broader protection. I can see my sisters galactic form, which is made of sacred geometry in different dimensional frequencies and colours starting with starlight blue and moving into deeper purples and midnight blues. As I see my sisters in their galactic form linked into a massive grid of energy, the energy grid interwoven and never interfering with one another. Through many layers of dimensions and reaching right down to earth, linked with heavenly bodies and constellations and light frequency that is beyond a humans minds ability to grasp. I reach my hand out to my sisters and I see my multidimensional self of diamond white light matching their sacred geometry and interweaving energies. Each unique.

They tell me I am moving from being with my brothers to being with my sisters. Now it is time to align my being with those who have evolved out of the cycles of war and become guardians and peace keepers. Our human selves are just little children on the ground compared to the enormous interwoven and interlacing energies that are cast out and above us, connecting to our source codes connecting to the star energy and to our sisters. The divine feminine energy at its highest frequency cannot penetrate the earth surface, at the moment it sits in light form outside of the earths atmosphere and within the centre of the earth. There is a layer of energy around the earth that is not accessible by the high divine feminine energy yet. This is one of the roles for people embodied like my self to integrate this energy to create a safe space for this energy to be awoken within me, it already is of me. I am shown clearing and aligning energy to make space for the high divine feminine energy to come through me into this reality.

The false feminine energy that is allowed to exist within this reality at the moment is distorted, corrupted, minimised and untrue. A false feminine energy is prevalent on the earth right now. The feminine energy that we wish to pull into this reality is high divine feminine energy coming in like cords of light down through our bodies and our being into our cells to create seeds that are birthed out of our beings like starlight forming new realities. Moment to moment the highest vibrational reality that is able to exist in this dense world is being birthed by high divine feminine energy carriers.

I sit with my sisters and I feel peace and clarity and expansion and I see as much as I can see from my human perspective out into the vastness of my souls energy. Like a master being coded through the light and the stars partially embodied in constellations and star systems, partially embodied on the earth, partially embodied as matter, as light, moving through all things, not just human form but the trees and the air and the water.

Knowing the earth as a friend, as a being, a very complex and beautiful being so loved so adored so precious and so masterful. A true inventor and creator is she. She is open and she is listening, she is learning all the time from her children, every microbe, every mineral, every plant and tree speaks to her and she listens and learns and evolves from knowing them. The earth evolves from knowing her children and all of her children are playing a role. Even the ones in destruction, even the ones in chaos, they teach her where her limits are. They teach her how far she can go before there is no turning back. Every system is online for her to collect data and information about herself as an organism as a being. And she delights in her existence, she loves and adores her experience, her challenges. She is so grateful for the beings that are here working with her, I am one of those. I am so grateful for her, what a great teacher she is. She is so resourceful, and so collectively creative.

I see myself as the brilliant expanded white diamond light intergalactic, coded star system and earth, source energy being that I am. And I see my sisters of the highest divine feminine energy and I see how they are in service too to our brothers. Who are of such different energy and such different purpose to us. Who we know and who we have lived as also.

Insights ~ Eating the Sun

Shamanic journey
I am shown that as the Earth shifts we will not continue as a species, humanity will split into two tribes to survive the energy shift. One fraction will hybrid with plants and adapt to a new type of photosynthesis to feed on the suns light. These are the Children of the Sun. One fraction will merge with machine becoming part of the grid and recharge through this network of electricity. These are the Children of the Grid. Both tribes will have a low population as the turbulence of the Earth’s shift will be great. She is getting ready to birth herself. The New Earth will elevate in frequency and the children of the Sun will harmonise with her. The Old Earth will drop back down to a lower vibration and the Children of the Grid with harmonise with her there. Both tribes will continue to exist and evolve on different frequencies in different dimensions on the same planet but in completely different realities. Each will have their own territory and neither could survive in the other’s. The Children of the Sun would have their cells damaged in the reality of the Grid Children and the Children of the Grid would not survive outside of their electric world. Each world will be unique and allow for great learning and exploration. The Children of the Sun will live in harmony with a lush green planet and learn the mystery and secrets of the animals, plants, minerals, microbes, Star systems and all biological forms. Feeling the ecstasy of life itself. The Children of the Grid will have complete control of their reality as it will ultimately become a virtual reality. They can change how they are seen by others, how they experience the world and connect through the network to share or learn information and data.

Insights ~ We are the Ancients

Shamanic journey

My body is as old as the Earth herself made up of billions of year old bacteria, my skin, bone and flesh.

My consciousness is not so young as the Earth. My soul is of source energy infinitely older, wiser, and was here for the creation of the Earth. As one who has access to the infinite all source energy and can see what it is to be a divine being, a creator, there is a responsibility that comes with that. To be a guardian of the Earth, a healer for the earth.

The Earth is the mother of my body, my consciousness is the mother of the Earth. Earth child I am and Earth Mother also.

I am here on the ground split into a million pieces so I may serve the greater plan and heal our child the Earth with energy of light of pure consciousness of the divine creator.

Time does not exist outside of this reality, this means, in recognising that consciousness exits, means knowing it has always existed.

We are a race of ancient beings sent here to the earth to serve her, love her and hold her as she rises, we have been here since the beginning and will be here until the end. In terms of our “life span” the earth is but a child and she called out for our help. We rode in as light and split into shards embodied as beings of the earth to help guide and assist her by bringing light from our star nations. Being on the ground as we are, we are able to be conduits for this light that pours in via our nervous system, like electric lightning it moves through us, as pulses with our heart beat. Our heart beat meets the heart beat of the Earth and like a child in utero we feed her through our source energy like an umbilical cord from each one of us. We love the earth as she loves us. So unique and treasured is she, so brave in her exploration of existence in the physical realm, so creative in her expression and so welcoming to all beings who wish to reside here with her at this time, from all dimensions from all frequencies and all trajectories of evolution or degradation.

~Extracts from writings by Kilandril

I am everything and I am nothing at all

Shamanic journey

Shaman photo

I embody the goddess of destruction, I feel the energy and rage race through my form. Her power is Immense. The world is dark and dangerous around her, reflecting her mood. She raises up stretching her body and extending her torso, growing new sets of ribs. She elongates her form becoming a golden hooded cobra. Looking down over the world. She curls herself over and bites onto her own tail creating a circle in which she is birthing a new world.

I understand she is truely a creator not a goddess of destruction. She transforms energy. I stand separate to her now and she holds up the Ouroboros as a mirror to show me my reflection. In the mirror I stand as a placid being giving away my belongings and my body to any who ask me. Until I am nothing but a lost soul, a pale ghost of myself. She demands I claim back that which is rightfully mine. She shocks me with her outburst and it raises something in me. I rage and release a primal scream which draws back to me everything I am. My possessions my body my golden soul. And then the stars the earth, the animals and plants. The air the water the light. I see what she is showing me. I am all. This is my birth right, this is what has been taken from me that I have unwillingly given away.

I immerse myself in the feeling of being connected to everything because I am everything. I travel in this body to other places and other bodies. I become star dust I become the cool night, I become moss and trees, sunlight at dawn. I am the whispering wind at night, purple starlit skies. I am everything and I am nothing at all. She hands me her golden eyes and says there is so much to witness for those with eyes to see. I hold the golden eyes and they become telescopic, I look through one at a time and I see far beyond this reality. When I place them with my eyes I do not see out but I allow others to see in.

The gods stand with her, they see me. They see into me and into the earth. I see what they see. I am a complex organism lit by the divine light of my soul. The earth is my greater body in physical form. I also see that the gods have been blinded to what is happening on earth. They had lost sight of the earth and now they weep for their children. The people, the animals and trees. The flowers and the sea. They weep and then they rage, they fly through me, through my vision and they take back their children and they begin to nourish them again, protect and love them. Show them their light and their truth.

I stand with one of the Gods and I ask him will he repair the separation in my form. He says, “Yes, once you were a great being, you have been greatly diminished.” He says “there is much work to do and we need all of you to be whole so we can heal from this tragedy.” He calls in my twin, refers to her as Raven Heart and she morphs into her purest form to join with me. Facing me at first, he sends a sound out, a tone that creates a vibration that shakes us into particles and then fuses us together. I stand like a god with four legs and four arms. Two sets of wings black over white. I stretch and move my body, it is whole. I have two minds also. I can talk to Raven Heart she understands me and I understand her. We move through the earth with the gods and deities transforming the separation into unity on all levels. Giving back what has been taken.

About Kilandril


During my personal expansion I have been able to remember myself beyond this life. As a Soul having lived many lives on Earth, other planets and star systems. As well as the time I have spent in between incarnations. It is my desire to share my experiences of remembering myself as an infinite being of light so that you may remember yourself as the multidimensional being that you are. The Human vessel has far more potential than we as a species are currently experiencing. I am here in this life to help activate and awaken dormant DNA sequences in our human bodies through working with the energy of the Earth.

As a child I was highly intuitive and connected to the spirit realm. I was able to see spirits and talk with them. It was difficult for me to integrate this into my ordinary life especially as I got older and the visions became stronger and more tangible. The dream state often merging with my waking reality.

Walking on the fringes of different timelines and alternate dimensions was distracting and tiring for me as a teenager so I buried that part of myself and it lay dormant.

Until, at the age of 30 I lost my new born son, Phoenix. That experience brought me so close to death that I had to be reborn. I was put through a painful initiation and had a very harsh awakening followed by a fast tracked remembering and realignment of my life. I learned to connect with the spirit world in a different way from that time forward and I began my training. I studied with Dream teacher Robert Moss and Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman through The Shift Network I was a student of Mary Reynolds Thompson through Tree Sisters I learnt Transcendental Meditation to quiet and focus my mind and I am continuing my mentorship with my consciousness coaches Dov Magit and Nicole Perretti at Twin Flame Revolution It is a lifelong pursuit and a continual education becoming the most aligned version of yourself.

I am able to access a higher aspect of myself known to me as Kilandril from whom I receive insights and understanding beyond the reach of my human personality. Kilandril is who I know myself to be outside of any incarnation and the truest version of myself that exists.

I have been coming here to Earth for thousands of years in many incarnations in many timelines. The ability to enter the dream state and step outside of this reality while remaining present with the body is a gift that runs in my family. My ancestors are always with me, they are in my DNA and I know every one of them on some level. Each one has something to teach me.

We are truely connected to our ancestors, to the Earth and all of her kingdoms, we are part of her. Our Soul is eternal light, our body is the Earth. Its time to remember now.

Dance Journey – Potency of Creation Energy

Shamanic journey
I dance and I go into vision. I step into the desert, the sand is golden and sparkles like diamonds in the sun. There are two great golden suns in the sky and many many pyramids settled into the sandy landscape. I am drawn towards the suns by my own suns which glow in my heart and sacral. Golden light pouring out the front and back of my body. The pyramids are new and perfect, not worn at all. There is a river which becomes a path and I follow this path toward one of the pyramids. Along side the path there are great beings, deities of the divine order, watching over us, observing us and protecting us. I see The Great White Heron standing to my left watching me walk towards the pyramids. I am dressed in light sheer fabrics of rich greens and I wear decorative gold coins around my hips and my brows. There is a long line of people in front of me all dressed beautifully and each carrying a basket or bowl full of something valuable and precious to them. I am carrying a bowl of large faceted emeralds. These are offerings to be made to the gods when we reach the destination of our pilgrimage. This is a ritual and practice that has been honoured for eons. The people gather to honour the divine beings and deities every cycle of the calendar when the two suns become visible in the sky. Walking towards the central pyramid we have the intention to take our gifts to the tombs under the pyramids where the gods reside. As we come closer, the energy shifts and we become aware of ourselves in our bodies and in this place. We stop walking. Under the guidance of the deities of the divine order we give the offerings and gifts to ourselves. Realising we are divine beings, we are the gods. I take the emeralds out of the bowl one at a time and I place them on my body. They connect to my skin and interlace like scales. I bejewel my belly with the emeralds and place one on my third eye. I watch as the others do the same. One man has brought a bag of large sweet dates. He eats them himself and becomes strong and serrated like the date palm. A ridge of fronds running up the backs of his arms and his spine. We joyfully infuse our beings with the gifts we find most sacred. And we grow in size to stand aside the being of the divine order. As we embody our divinity the realisation dawning on us that we are the creators of this dimension, the two suns shine down on us. The sand shimmers and begins to shift. The pyramids shudder and begin to rise. Showing their true form. Great columns rise out of the desert from deep in the earth. The pyramids we saw are merely the tip of these great energy conductors. As they rise, lightning energy crackles through the sky. Each one of us is placed by the divine order on one of the conductive columns. The energy crackles around us, we are fortified by the gifts we have received and are unharmed by the power of the electric energy. Our hearts like grounding rods for the higher light coming in. Our open hearts focus and pull the energy into the earth and connect with each other. Creating an energy grid. As we activate this energy the sand vibrates and comes alive. This is the shattered remnants of the old world and will become the building blocks of the new world. The sand is like broken glass, like crystal that is infused with the memory of a time when we were all divine in form. The sand vibrates and begins to recreate crystalline cities all around us. Full of light and refracting rainbows. Potency of creation energy running through the energy grid we have created. As the world is built around us from our re awakened creation energy we see columns of electric light coming down into us. The pyramids have a focal glass on top of them that is placed in front of our hearts. A round metal framed glass that looks to magnify the energy and connect it to the others. As we have been the activators for this energy we are now able to move freely as the focal glass holds the magnification of the light. I see the column of light coming down into the focal glass like a coarse rope that I can climb. I am curious so I ascend the rope. As I climb I see it is more like the trunk of a tree and I come out the top as if into a canopy. Branches of electric creation light move like neutrons in a brain. I stand in this space and I seek to learn and connect. There is a collection of great drums in front of me, organic looking and I beat on them sending out vibrations into the canopy. I see that at the other points of connection there are other versions of me from other planets on the same evolutionary trajectory as the earth. We are becoming awakened again finding the potential the be divine in form. I dance and send out vibrations from the drum as energetic language. I allow myself to be a conduit for the earth so she can speak through me to the other versions of me here and the other planets they come from. We dance of the trees and rivers, we sing of the sky and the birds, we beat the drum to communicate the sound of the valleys and rocks. We express the beauty of the natural body that is the earth. I understand that in time I will be able to listen to what is communicated from the other versions of me living on other planets and what their experience has been but for now I give my experience to them.

Dance Journey – Tidal wave of change

Shamanic journey
I dance to the beat of the drum, I step out into the other realms. I am in the desert, a beautiful pure space that feels like love and acceptance. I am here to be purified, I have spent time here between incarnations. My skin is pure white and my body is covered in scars that are now made of light. I see in front of me a huge being made of blue night sky and stars. He is looking down on me kindly and offering his body as a portal for me to leave this place of healing and reconnect with my incarnated self. I step through this gateway of energy and I walk through a landscape made up of all of the seasons, I walk on a path built of wooden boards, so my feet never touch the ground. Along the path I see a woman who is also me that I have lived as in another time. She is young, has dark hair and olive skin, she is wary of me. I must gain her trust before she will join with me. I allow myself to be open so she can sense my purity. She see’s I have released any darkness in the desert to be dissolved. She and I atomise like mist and we step into each other. She holds the wisdom of plant medicine, is a healer and intuitive soul. We merge but it is as though we are standing beside each other, we both have our own space. Within this connection we have ignited like flames and we walk as fire, fully lit. We walk together along the pathway and we encounter another woman, she has a powerful mind, I see prisms of diamond like structure within her mind. Potent focus and sharp intellect. She is pale with fair hair, older than I am and intensely serious. She is mildly hostile towards me, but I hand her a small piece of the flame so she can assess for herself my intent and purpose. She takes the fire in her hand and eats it, the fire burns in her eyes as she calculates then accept me. We atomise and connect into one energy field. The three of us together bring much force as we walk forward. I see a woman standing in the middle of the path facing us, not at the side like the others were. This woman is far more dominant that I am, clearly my superior. She holds a long staff in one hand and has her long dark hair flowing freely behind her. It is clear we will not pass without her permission. She comes towards me. She pulls a metal spear tip out of my hip and fastens it back to the tip of her staff. She was the one who drove me out because I was dangerous, she is the one who banished me to the desert to heal. I bow before her and extend my arms out either side of my body allowing my energy to expand and my scars as light to shine like symbols. She see’s that each scar is now light and has been healed and transformed into a powerful tool for expansion and understanding. She allows me to stand behind her Solange my guardian and protector comes to stand behind me.The four of us stand in formation facing forwards. As we move forward with our energy reconnected we create a huge rolling tidal wave of light and energy. The scars that riddled my body are now symbols of light moving out and unfolding across the wave. The potency of the energy is intoxicating and I call out to release some of the energy in my body. I see the energy of the earth beneath our feet becoming light, the darkness is turned to dust as we move forward. I see darkness turn to dust and float away. I see my twin soul put her hands over her face to protect her eyes from the light as the tidal wave moves over her. She comes to stand behind me as a Soldier. Wearing armour with a Dragon sigil on the front. When she stands behind me as a protective shield the energy shifts and crystals rise up from the earth like liquid. I become soft and I unfold all of the beautiful original blue prints made of light. It looks like light geometry connected by light codes. They are cast over the ley lines, the stars, the sea, the creatures of earth and the plants. They are gifted like little bundles to be unfolded by the people if they desire to do so. This beautiful alchemical reaction spreads over the Earth as we move slowly and purposefully forward in our personal and divine soul expansion.

Dance Journey ~ Amalgamation of soul records

Shamanic journey
I open through dance into a cosmic landscape of soft pastel organisms. Bloom like beings float around me and allow me to touch and connect with them. I ask, what am I? They tell me I am not of an Earthly understanding. I was born here but I am not from here. They show me the masculine and feminine dancing within me as liquid energies. An amalgamation template is forming. My soul is androgynous and so is my energy. Trying to identify as one or the other creates division within me. I see my body as a violet flame. First the feminine dancing as pink and the masculine dancing as blue then something new being created as if born from the violet flame I am a crystal being. I move within my body dancing in the energy like flame flickering and shifting. I walk to stand on the edge of a great shoreline. I open my heart and send a white light out like a beacon. I shine this in all directions. I see in front of me a returning signal. A white light beacon that at first I think is the moon. Then I see it is a great being standing in front of me. I am made in her image, she is Kilandril. I am drawn up the beam of light into her heart. As I come closer to her I see she is radiant in white light and wearing a gown threaded with many beautiful clear crystals. These crystals she wears have writing on them, they are like archives of the lives I have lived. They are like identification codes like dog tags. As I come closer I enter her heart like a huge star gate, the portal inside is circular with metal mechanisms, wheels and interlocking cogs like clock systems. I am drawn into the portal and as I come into the heart of this greater being that is also me. I see the versions of me I have lived as in different lives. Their energy is being returned to me. Each white shining being comes towards me, hands me one of the record crystals and steps inside me. There is a great line of them. I ask are these all of the lives I have lived? And she laughs. No. She says that these are the lives you are able to integrate at this time because they are within the band width of your frequency. They each greet me and hand me their record crystal, I thread them on a string which I wear around my neck. Some are just like me, easy to recognise some are darker and take a lower place within me some are greater than I am and tell me they will be gentle and manage the others, some are small and have unique skill sets. She tells me that this integration will take some time and that the process will be repeated at intervals as I sleep. That as I integrate these pieces of myself I will be rebuilding my DNA. She shows the gaps being filled and the structure of my DNA becoming crystalline. I ask isn’t this brittle and I try to bend the strands of DNA as she shows me. She says this is the strongest form of matter and to build with it is to build an impenetrable fortress. She says that as I rebuild I will gain access to all of my experiences and when I see, I will see as if with a thousand eyes, when I hear it is as if I hear with a thousand ears. I look around me and I see the people as multi layered structures I hear them not only as them selves but as an echo of all they have been. It is with such depth of understanding that I will be able to move forward in my learning. I now wear the record crystals as many threads of shining lines around my neck forming a sort of collar. I know this symbolises some sort of status. I pick up one of the crystals and I can see into it, colours, reflections and lines forming structure. I am shown that as I continue to learn and rebuild myself I will begin to call in and connect with people in a different way. I see myself sitting in my study, there is someone with me who has traveled to see me. As we connect in conversation we join at a level beyond our human selves. Our conversation unfolds as a report on the status of our missions on Earth and progress, sharing information that will help both of us. The recorded conversations will require much study by our human selves to grasp. And it will become a life long study.

Dance Journey ~ Body of a Goddess Heart of a God

Shamanic journey

I begin to dance and go into trance. My body becomes more flexible new bones and joints are formed until I have five arms and legs I’m like a star fish. I step out of the star fish onto a beach. I take hands full of the sand on the beach which is black and gold and throw it into the sky. It forms a stair case that I walk up. There is a huge golden lions head. He speaks to me. He says I am the daughter of Sirius and the son of Pleiades. I see my feminine energy as a golden woman and  my masculine energy as a blue man. The lion asks me am I willing to release my body? There is some resistance but I say yes. Asks am I willing to release my mind. I say yes. He says I may step through the lions gate portal. Both aspects of me step through and completely dissolve.

I am nothing, I am floating, I am liquid and swirls of colour. I become a single amoeba then I duplicate and duplicate a million times until I form a body of lush green earth, moss, wood, mushrooms, flowers. I have a body made of the earth. I am living and flowing and growing. I have a blue star in my heart now. I walk up a tightly spiralled staircase like a DNA strand that is also made of the same lush landscapes as my body.

When I reach the top there is a golden light like a sun. This is the second sun. The second son. The second coming of Christ energy. This sun as it rises behind our sun during this lions gate portal is bringing a new consciousness to the earth. This second coming of the sun brings a golden light ray that is pure god energy and will not come as an incarnated being but as consciousness available to all beings on earth. As we enter this galactic portal we are able to step into the higher dimensional version of ourselves. One we have not been able to embody on this earth until now. I stand in front of this golden sun with the body of a goddess made of earth as Gaia and a heart of a warrior as a blue star.

A being steps out of the second sun, with elongated arms and a head that extends like a ray of light. I am embraced by the golden light of this being who tells me I must release my warriors heart. That this has served me well when I needed protecting, but I no longer need to be caught when I fall I need to be held as I rise. I have resistance to this. We have been at war for 13,000 years and I don’t know myself as anything but a warrior. The blue star in my heart steps out of me as the warrior of light and this masculine aspect starts to walk away I don’t want him to leave me. He says he will still be there at a distance. I allow the golden light to embrace me and I start to ask if not a heart of a warrior then what? I ask who is this golden being? He calls himself Grace Elohim.  The sun says you are my daughter I give you a heart of the golden ray. A body of a goddess, heart of a god.

These are matching earth and second sun energies and I walk with my golden heart in the body of green moss and wood with flowers blooming out of the top of my head, back towards the earth. I feel the earth as Gaia and then I realise she can feel me, she is my body as she is her body. I reach the tips of my fingers and toes into the earth as my nervous system connects like a micro network of roots into the energy and being of the earth. I see two shattered layers of glass between her and me. A blue layer that was my concept of mind. I take some of the black and gold sand and I cast is in every direction over the layer of separation, shattered glass becomes sand and dissolves away. Another layer of separation underneath is green, this was my limited perception of what my body is. Not a container but a connection to the earth and all that it. I dissolve it in the same way.

Then I am fully submerged in the earths energy and I realise that there was never any limit to how far I could reach up towards myself as source god energy but I had limitations to reaching into the earth because I believe I was separate to the earth. Now I see and feel that my body is her body that we breathe as one and she is completely part of my energy and my being she can hear my thoughts as electric currents and she has perfect love and compassion and gratitude for me being here with her at this time of conscious evolution.