Dance Journey ~ Amalgamation of soul records

  I open through dance into a cosmic landscape of soft pastel organisms. Bloom like beings float around me and allow me to touch and connect with them. I ask, what am I? They tell me I am not of an Earthly understanding. I was born here but I am not from here. They showContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Amalgamation of soul records”

Dance Journey ~ Body of a Goddess Heart of a God

I begin to dance and go into trance. My body becomes more flexible new bones and joints are formed until I have five arms and legs I’m like a star fish. I step out of the star fish onto a beach. I take hands full of the sand on the beach which is black andContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Body of a Goddess Heart of a God”

Dance Journey ~ The Seed of New Consciousness

I see the moon gently shielding us from the sun as the solar flares arc and lash out like ribbons of orange and gold. I breathe this fire into my being. The heat, the power is immeasurable. I draw it into my body, I draw it into the earth. As the solar light comes intoContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ The Seed of New Consciousness”

Dance Journey ~ Tears of the Divine Creator

I dance and go into vision. I look towards the dawn, the sand of the desert dances to the beat of the drum and the sun creates a golden glow. I see the divine masculine as warrior men rise out of the earth, they are made of vibrating sand. I turn and I see theContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Tears of the Divine Creator”

Dance Journey ~ Recalibrating the Golden Rod of my Spine

I dance and I go into vision. As I dance pieces of my spine are re aligned. Hands reach in and turn the discs of my vertebrae to lock them into place. Once locked into place my spine becomes a golden rod inscribed with ancient writing. This is the hollow bone I will receive communicationContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Recalibrating the Golden Rod of my Spine”

Celestial Sound bath Vision ~ Star Children

I see the celestial kings charging ahead on their white horses. They hold staffs of silver that emit sound frequencies. Flowing vibrations emerge from them. I see the earth Shamans calling to the star beings asking for the light to return to the earth. The queens of the starlight with beautiful silver woven crowns andContinue reading “Celestial Sound bath Vision ~ Star Children”

Dance Journey ~ Shape Shifting Consciousness

With the beat of the drum and the movement of dance I remain present in my body and I extend my awareness. I reach for the ancient wisdom of the earth. I find the old gnarled and mossy pine trees, so young in their experience here. I move through the trees to the lichen growingContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Shape Shifting Consciousness”

Dance Journey ~ When the Sun and the Moon become One

With the beat of the drum and the ecstasy of dance I move between the worlds. There is a golden flower in my third chakra it draws me towards the sun and I step out onto a volcanic cliff. There is a full blood moon in the sky hung low over the ocean in the distance horizon. ItsContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ When the Sun and the Moon become One”

Dance Journey ~ Sight beyond Sight

Through ecstatic dance I move through the beat into a trance and I vision myself walking into the dark ocean, moonlit and foamy. I hear the soft wash of the current moving on the sand and I walk ever deeper into the sea until I am encompassed by the ocean herself. I stand bare underContinue reading “Dance Journey ~ Sight beyond Sight”