Healing and past life clearing with the Masters

I go into a room that is carved from the Earth and there are 5 beings there with me in this room their energy is blue and green and they don’t take physical form. I lay on a crystal bed as they clear the residual energy from past lives. They have green eyes and theyContinue reading “Healing and past life clearing with the Masters”

Lions Gate Portal Experience

I enclose myself in a golden crystalline sphere of energetic protection and allow the experience to unfold. A great dial of symbols and images begins spinning above me. A carved circular calendar. So great is the time it encompasses that it was born before time itself. The circling dial clicks as it moves into placeContinue reading “Lions Gate Portal Experience”

Where the Heavens Meet the Earth, Golden Ray is Birthed

I stand with my feet on the Earth and green glass like crystal stretches out from beneath me. I see that I am standing in an impact crater. The glass-like crystal is tektite. (In Australia, Australite). It opens like a cave beneath me and I see blue glowing light. As I enter the cave, fragmentsContinue reading “Where the Heavens Meet the Earth, Golden Ray is Birthed”

Dance Journey – Spears of light pierce the hidden world of Darkness

We rise up from the Earth at night, made of clay and mud. Our bodies form and harden, powdered with dust, bones made of stone. Shoulders wide and stance grounded with solid foundation. Formed this way we are coloured the tones of the earth’s body, ochre, rust, tannin, sand. We begin to walk out fromContinue reading “Dance Journey – Spears of light pierce the hidden world of Darkness”

Guided Journey ~ Solar Light Energy Gracing the Earth

We light up our bodies as a silver blue energy comes down through us and we become like the tree, stretching our roots into the earth uncurling and grounding, stretching our branches high into the sky unfolding and connecting. We step out of the tree together with Solange the Black Jaguar my guardian and protector.Continue reading “Guided Journey ~ Solar Light Energy Gracing the Earth”

Insights ~ Star Portals and Soul Origins

I am an ancient being of light, I have travelled through time and space to be here. I am a great distance from my home. I am here to act as a star gate for light to come into this reality from where I originate. I have moved from star system to star system toContinue reading “Insights ~ Star Portals and Soul Origins”