Guided Journey – Shenandoah, Beautiful daughter of the stars.

A succession of stones from sacred sites have come to me. This one is from Ireland from the Shenandoah River. Shenandoah means, beautiful daughter of the stars. I journey on behalf of the collective, walk with me, see as I see, feel as I feel and together we heal, for the earth, for the collectiveContinue reading “Guided Journey – Shenandoah, Beautiful daughter of the stars.”

Guided Journey -The Fae Transmute EMF

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields and artificial energy into organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute anyContinue reading “Guided Journey -The Fae Transmute EMF”

Guided Journey – Sacred Tribe Lighting our Paths of Evolution

See as I see: This journey is to bring us into alignment with the energy shifts the earth is experiencing. This is a guided journey, you walk with me following the footsteps I place on the earth as we step beyond the veil.  We stretch the roots of our trees deep into the earth, theContinue reading “Guided Journey – Sacred Tribe Lighting our Paths of Evolution”

Shamanic Journey ~ Blending the human body with the divine essence

We stand within the portal of evolution, we are blending our human body with our divine essence. I invite the high divine beings of light, the spirits of the Earth and the elements, my guides and helping spirits to journey with me on this intention. To blend our divine and our human into one unityContinue reading “Shamanic Journey ~ Blending the human body with the divine essence”

Shamanic Journey ~ High Divine Feminine Energy

Listening to the beat of the drum with my eyes wide open I go into vision. I light up my body and I become the tree, roots stretching deep into the earth anchoring me and branches stretching high into the sky connecting me. I step out of the tree with Solange the black jaguar myContinue reading “Shamanic Journey ~ High Divine Feminine Energy”

Insights ~ Listening to the Universe Within me

I am able to access a higher aspect of myself known to me as Kilandril from whom I receive insights and understanding beyond the reach of my human personality. Kilandril is who I know myself to be outside of any incarnation and the truest version of myself that exists. I have been coming here toContinue reading “Insights ~ Listening to the Universe Within me”

Dance Journey – Potency of Creation Energy

I dance and I go into vision. I step into the desert, the sand is golden and sparkles like diamonds in the sun. There are two great golden suns in the sky and many many pyramids settled into the sandy landscape. I am drawn towards the suns by my own suns which glow in myContinue reading “Dance Journey – Potency of Creation Energy”

Dance Journey – Tidal wave of change

I dance to the beat of the drum, I step out into the other realms. I am in the desert, a beautiful pure space that feels like love and acceptance. I am here to be purified, I have spent time here between incarnations. My skin is pure white and my body is covered in scarsContinue reading “Dance Journey – Tidal wave of change”