Guided Shamanic Spirit Journeys by Kilandril:

My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual.

My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During the Guided Shamanic Journeys I will translate everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me.

Original recordings of Guided Shamanic Spirit Journeys performed by Kilandril in her Yurt in Southern Tasmania. Coded with activations and energetic clearings to help you become the most potent version of yourself.

Reconnecting to Star Origins ~ Spirit Journey Kilandril

The intention for this journey is to reconnect to ourselves Mother Earth and our star family of origin. As we walk, we shed from our body all that is heavy and holding us back. We light up our vessel and we are transported to the point of separation at our origins. Working with a team of high divine light beings we work to correct and align the energies within our physical body and our light body. Synchronising our healing with the Earth's healing and evolution. New pathways of higher timelines opening up for us as the Earth is connected with her future lineage. 
  1. Reconnecting to Star Origins ~ Spirit Journey
  2. We are the hidden Kings and Queens ~ Spirit Journey
  3. Kilandril (Trailer)
  4. Healing our vessels ~ Spirit Journey
  5. We are the Dawn, we carry the Sun ~ Spirit Journey

Darran Petty Podcast Hosts Kelly Smyth AKA Kilandril:

Talking life, loss and Journeys through the Spirit World

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