The Shaman and the Maker

Smyth Creative

Kelly(Kilandril) and Michelle from Smyth Creative are Makers at their core. Michelle; a contemporary jeweller; has a strong connection to her local landscape of Southern Tasmania and her feature pieces depict the mountains that give all of us a sense of 'place' in this world; the ones we walk on, look up to and are nourished by. 
Michelle is extremely passionate and dedicated to her craft and re defining herself in the world of art and design. Fossicking, polishing, and bringing elements of magic into her pieces, she is truely putting all of herself into her creative expression. 
Kilandril has a strong connection to spirit as well as the earth and spends time foraging the raw ingredients of wood and leather to be carved and cut into something beautiful. As a practicing shaman Kilandril has a unique perspective that allows her to connect deeply with the elements of nature being particularly inspired by flowers and Tasmanian timbers. Pulling together all of our gathered wisdom and experience Smyth Creative make unique and magical pieces