Shamanic Spirit Journeys by Kilandril:

My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During the Guided Shamanic Journeys I will translate everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me.

Original recordings of Guided Shamanic Spirit Journeys performed by Kilandril in Southern Tasmania. Coded with activations and energetic clearings to help you become the most potent version of yourself.

Realigning and harmonising the sacred sites with golden light.

Breaking free of the stony and wooden stasis we have been in.

Reconnecting with the Atlantean archives and memories

Cleansing and recoding the body for higher light.

Walking the ley lines back to life and finding tribe.

Nervous system healing and rewiring.

The destruction paving way for our creation.

No matter where we have come from or where we are going the Earth is our Mother. We are remembering ourselves as indigenous to the Earth so we can heal the wounds of separation and begin to be whole again. Fully integrated into the Earths ecosystems.

The spirits of the Earth and the Elements draw back the lost parts of ourselves as we learn to see and reconnect with the earth realm on a spiritual level.

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields, artificial energy. To transmute that energy to organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute any negative thought forms any interfering frequencies any artificial frequencies, that will be transmuted into organic around us and around our field at all times. 

The intention for this journey is to reconnect to ourselves Mother Earth and our star family of origin. As we walk, we shed from our body all that is heavy and holding us back. We light up our vessel and we are transported to the point of separation at our origins. Working with a team of high divine light beings we work to correct and align the energies within our physical body and our light body. Synchronising our healing with the Earth’s healing and evolution. New pathways of higher timelines opening up for us as the Earth is connected with her future lineage. 

We go about our day not knowing we are the hidden Kings and Queens. We suffer for the truth which is hidden from us all the time. This spirit journey was inspired by the song “We are the hidden Kings” by David Roberts who played his drum and sung the words as spoken word poetry. I was taken to another place and I knew the words were powerful.

The intention for this journey is to heal and upgrade our Earthly vessel as we are coming into a time when we are greatly needed on Earth in our full capacity as divine beings.

We are the Dawn after the darkest night, sun rising in our souls. We are the spring after the longest winter, light illuminating the cells of our being. We are the children of the light and we are breathing life back into this planet.

Journey with me on behalf of the Star Children that have come to Earth incarnated in a body. We offer them love and support to overcome the struggles and difficulties they will face in this reality. We are among those Star Children we seek support for at this time.

We will be activating healing for the collective consciousness, the Earth, and our selves. With our open hearts we focus and pull the energy into the earth and connect with each other. In this way we are able to shatter the remnants of the old world and become the builders of the new world.

Journey with me as we embody our divinity the full potency of creation energy running through us, the realisation dawning on us that we are the creators of this dimension. Our heart beat meets the heart beat of the Earth and we bring our selves into alignment with the universe to move into a new decade fully activated and aware.

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Talking life, loss and Journeys through the Spirit World

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