7 Day Ritual Shamanic Healing Package

7 Day Ritual Shamanic Healing Package


~Journey with Kilandril

Kilandril’s role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform distorted energy. Using the beat of the drum as a tether to hold her and ground her as she is working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual.

Kilandril has a Nordic bloodline, her Grandmother was Norwegian and was a connection point to her ancestral knowledge and power of sight. In Norwegian Kilandril would be named Noaidi but the Siberian word Shaman is more recognisable and means “One who see’s”.

The spirit journeys are highly visual but Kilandril brings all of her senses with her when she steps outside of this reality. During a guided shamanic journey Kilandril will translate and relay everything she is experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with her. Some more sensitive people are able to feel the energy move.

~7 Day Ritual Shamanic Healing Package $440.00~


~Phone Consultation with Kilandril

~7 days of ritual healing guided by Kilandril including Audio and text

~Shamanic Spirit Journey Performed on your behalf 

Day 1: Cleanse and Consultation

Day 2: Earth

Day 3: Water

Day 4: Air

Day 5: Fire

Day 6: Light

Day 7: Spirit Journey Rest & Recovery

During a consultation Kilandril receives insights and understandings from her (spirit) team of advisors in relation to your personal situation. Together you are taken higher to gain a clearer perspective and understanding of how current life situations are part of a grander scheme being woven into your daily experience.

Kilandril is a naturally gifted and highly intuitive spiritual consultant. Who has studied Shamanism with Robert Moss and Sandra Ingerman. She has spent years developing her abilities as a Shaman so she may take a spirit journey on your behalf. Using the beat of the drum to enter a deep meditative state Kilandril is able to converse with your guides and helping spirits.

Moving through different landscapes, dimensions and timelines, meeting with light beings, angels, spirits, ancestors and aspects of the client Kilandril is able to move energy, release blockages, re align a sense of balance, recreate bonds of love, heal wounds, cleanse timelines and DNA as well as customise needs for the client. From this Shamanic state Kilandril has access to see and hear on behalf of the client in relation to their situation. A recording is given to the client because some beings come from far away or ancient places to tell the client in depth information that can be challenging to remember.


~If you are interested in booking your 7 day Ritual Shamanic Healing Package contact me for availability.



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