Throughout history many powerful leaders had personal spiritual advisors to aid them in making important decisions in their role as commander of the city, kingdom or even entire empire. Being able to receive knowledge and wisdom from the spirit realm gave them a distinct advantage and in many cases enabled them to reach beyond the normal capacity of their human abilities.

The techniques I have been taught by my shamanic teachers over the years allow me to enter an altered state to receive information and healing for my clients. I act as a conduit between the earth realm and the spiritual realms as I translate the information and move the energy into alignment so the most powerful and true expression of your spirit can flow through you.

Allow me to guide you as you step into your highest mission and purpose.


Experience a Shamanic Spirit journey with Kilandril. Working from sacred space, using the beat of the drum to enter an altered state. The journey will unfold as a story. Everything Kilandril see’s while in the trance state will be spoken aloud. 1 hour session $100.00

Select the purpose for your journey:

~ Energy clearing: Removing any frequencies or entities that are not in harmony with your greatest good

~ Soul retrieval: Seeking out and drawing back any lost soul fragments that were splintered off after experiencing trauma in this life or past lives

~ Light infusion: Illuminating the cells of your body with your divine light and allowing your true self to shine


During a Shamanic consultation I access information on your behalf as we have conversations on the topics that are relevant to your present life. Messages and visions from the spirit world are translated into practical actions that can align you with you highest good and soul’s purpose. I create a protective energy grid around us for the consultation and call in the guides and helping spirits who will give me insights while we are speaking. The session is followed up with a written report on the topics we have spoken about. 1 hour session $100.00

~ Client Feedback

~Kym Sisley

Doula at Blue Lotus Alchemy

“I Had a beautiful session with kilandril yesterday. Much intensity coming in. I’m truly honoured to have met Kilandril. A very powerful woman with a very special gift. Still processing and not sure it’s to share here. There is a beautiful energy here today. Many little tears. Love keeps me here, grounded while my heart feels like it’s being rearranged. Clarity is a beautiful gift. May you be forever blessed.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to have Kilandril journey on my behalf last night. I’ve been blocked from transforming this issue for some time now.. I think I was scared of what would happen to this connection if I’m being honest. I genuinely didn’t know what to do. I’ve known my story for the most part but now I have finer details which are allowing for total clarity – why I am the way I am, why I feel this connection, why it’s so blissful and painful simultaneously and why I couldn’t handle it. There’s big emotion here, I get teary about the history of this connection – not this lifetime but before that, our origin. I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to allow this connection to become something new, to transform it into something that shifts the grief I feel into something light and pure. I’ll be going into hermit mode to stabilise as this energy comes in and I adjust to it. I’ve never felt closer to source than I do right now, I feel whole, forgiven and reborn. Please, if there’s anything you can’t shift, I highly recommend reaching out to Kilandril for a journey on your behalf. My experience with her has brought significant changes, completely restoring myself and transforming relationships. I can’t explain how profound this is. She is incredibly gifted and I am unable to express the level of gratitude I feel for having her. Deep love and gratitude. I feel very honoured to be here in her energetic presence.”

Darran Petty ~

Film Maker and Photographer

Owner and coach of Trojan Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

“Honestly.. and for the first time I’ll admit, I’ve got a lot going on and no idea what I’m doing.. For years I’ve felt driven.. but it wasn’t until recently my mentor Robyn Moore spoke to me about not being ‘driven’ from my history but instead being ‘drawn to my future’. From this moment I knew I needed to start finding answers to who I am and why. Basically I was tired of being ‘driven’ and wanted to be ‘drawn’ to my life. Then out of the universe.. I met Kelly. Next thing I know I’m sitting in a Yurt, in a spirit journey with Kelly (Shaman) Kilandril. Kelly guided me through a spirit journey of my history. It wasn’t easy to sit through at first. But it was simply the truth.” 

“You took me on this journey and you were speaking to me, and you were drumming and you started talking really real, really full on. I didn’t know what was going to happen but I gave myself away to it. It’s scary opening to that kind of mental openness or depth. Whatever comes through you’re going to speak on it. One of the things you did say to me, one of only a few reasons that I’m still pursuing the podcast is because you said to me, you should, it’s a vehicle that’s going to help a lot of different people in a lot of different ways keep going. This is the perfect vehicle for me, I get to help people share their story outwardly and I love stories. Every single person on Earth has a story. I want to continue what I’m doing. I love all this, and it does make a difference to me. Here I am just trying to embrace it all. Part of my journey into what you’re all about. I’ve not fully embraced it but I have tried to embrace it, what you’ve shown and I want to get better as a person and we’ve talked about that a lot. I want to use my craziness for good. It’s amazing what you do. I want to thank you personally for what you brought to my life, you’ve opened my eyes a lot in terms of spirit journey and understanding myself and the way I tick and so I can be a better person for myself and other people around me and I just appreciate that so much. I wish you all the best in every you do.”


Invite Kilandril to Journey on your behalf with up to twenty of your friends. A customised Spirit Journey experience guided by your intention. Complete with audio recording so you can revisit the experience.

Each Spirit Journey is unique and emerges in real time as Kilandril steps outside of this reality on her journey and translates on behalf of her guides and helping spirits.