“Just want to thank you for your support and energy sharing. I’ m really glad to have known you, I never had the chance to freely speak about this big aspect of my life. Especially with someone that could fully understand it. Hoping to work again with you in the future.”

~29th May 2023 T.P

“Thank you so much, amazing! I have been working with the liquid crystals and the Devas for a few years now. That really resonated, I am now working with the liquid trees, which are really clearing past lives fast.”

~18th May 2023 M.J

Thanks so much for taking me on this wonderful journey. I’m using it as my meditation in the morning and about to head for the garden!”

~18th February 2023 J.C

“Thank you so much sister for bringing through that quanta of Energy that was to be a beautiful facet of sacred service for me in this life ~ it has helped me embody my gifts in this body fully and given my work a new and inspiring direction.
Thankyou for your sacred work kilandril ~ it is beyond my comprehension but is so very powerful .”

~ 30th January 2023 S.M

“Thank you, very much resonates with new energy I have been working with. Also, I am taking liquid crystal for letting go. Very special, thank you again, best wishes.”

~16 December 2022 M.J

“Thank you so much for this. What a profound, beautiful and reassuring experience this was. So grateful.”

~2nd December 2022 C.H

“I love the places Kilandril takes me in these distance journeys. Kilandril’s services are authentic and just that, rooted in service. Her prices are modest for what she does. I’ve had multiple journeys with Kilandril and 100% recommend them!”

~27 November 2022 K.R

“Hi kilandril, Thank you so much for facilitating this. It was a deeply restorative experience beyond what I expected. I feel more connected to myself, the earth, and the universe and want to thank you deeply. I again appreciate your help and will seek further sessions when the time comes in the future. Blessings.

~6th November 2022 H.M

“Thank you for seeing and sharing with me today. It really truly helped my situation going home, I felt calmed and prepared, I was able to hold space with a lot more patience and empathy and share some feelings which helped us move forward, so that was great , thank you.”

~4th November 2022 C.S

“Hi Kilandril, I received your recording and cried so hard through it all- you got everything on the nose! I’ve gone all my life with feeling everything you’ve described, I’m so grateful to be released to live my life and not feel so overwhelmed and heavy like I’m weighted down all the time…I felt something but never could put a finger on it and all the readings I’ve had done throughout my 57 yrs, no one could help figure it out- till you and I’m so very grateful …I will continue to be a dedicated client-I wish one day that I could sit in ceremony with you, you are a truly blessed gift to me in this life and I am forever grateful …Philamiyelo dear soul sister, etualoh”

~ 3rd November 2022 Cat

Thank you. That was very powerful and visual for me.”

~29th October 2022 R.J

“woooow, big big gratitude… so much resonates with me… thank you for the gift of seeing my son, our situation differently… and with acceptance.”

~28th October 2022 M.M

“hello, thank you so very much!
all resonated so much…
thank you for helping me bring my light back in!
sooo needed this right now and what a helpful mantra! i look forward to our next journey together.”

~26th November 2022 M.M

“Wow, a very powerful and special retrieval. Amazing!”

~ 21st October 2022 M.J

“Kilandril did a shamanic journey for me back exactly in 2018. She was my last chance to live, yes I mean live my body was emotionally, mentally, physically and highly spiritually dead. This amazing woman healed me of this. I owe my life to her. She is awesome and now I do shamanic journeys to heal people. I will never forget the day I came out of that journey feeling my life force was coming back.

~ 20th October 2022 P.V

“Kelly thank you for the other day. It felt good to hash over my journeying since the last we met. I have been travelling alongside’that prised golden vile you were gifted. It is really bringing me home to the perfect timing of things, and being present to the special nature of natures special offerings. Co-existing in a disjointed harmony. Allowing the meeting points of beauty to penetrate our being amongst everything! & always keeping a periphery open to (capturing) divinity. The hearts periphery is another nice image to mediatate in. . .

~18th October 2022 A.P

“Hi Kilandril, Thank you so much for your reading.. yes fascinating. I will let it process. Thank you for sharing a piece of your Light ..I will keep it safe. Blessings to you, Sincerely thank you.”

~ 6th October 2022 S.R

“Beautiful session with Kilandril yesterday. She really is an amazing woman, so gifted. I don’t let many into my spooky little world but I trust her with my inner workings at this deeply personal level. It’s a beautiful feeling to talk to someone you don’t need to hide anything from.”

~4th April 2022 V.S

“I was really blessed to do some work with Kelly and do what’s called a spirit journey. Id heard about these experiences and I chose to be open minded about it and Kelly has such a beautiful caring heart. She helps her clients align to their highest potential. I can’t tell you how much of an impact Kelly is having on so many peoples lives… It was game changing for me, the conversation we had it is in my mind every single day now, I remember it and I feel more powerful from that conversation because of the information you made me aware of. It’s beautiful work that you’re doing and its so transformational for people. You offer such a depth to peoples lives when you work with them.”

~9th February 2022 N.M

Heartfelt thanks. Tears of Joy flowed. Big smiles of gratitude, Thankyou !!!

~4th January 2022 R.M

“Thank you so much that was amazing. So many tears, relief, letting go. Loved the opal emotional magnification. It felt so special to meet/see this way and what you saw made so much sense for this lifetime. Really keen to listen again as i feel there are a few more gems to see/hear. Thank you again. Love the magic and healing that you share.”

~8th December 2021 L.P

“When we begin to remove the layers of conditioning we are able to build a relationship with the centre. The stronger this relationship is, the fewer layers there are to peel off in times of struggle. I have been feeling the layers beginning to fall away from my soul, I see the love that exists in the centre. These moments have been directly influenced by the wisdom and abundance or truth that beams out of you, and for this I am deeply grateful.”

~5th December 2021 N.F

“Thank you Kilandril, What a beautiful, heart full, path affirming session. I am feeling so comforted, supported, held, connected. Bless you and thank you for sharing your remarkable gift x”

~ 4th September 2021 F.H

“Kilandril’s shamanic Spirit journeys are potent and magical and will align you with your heart and your soul. there is no limit to the healing and connection to self you will feel.”

~ 26th August 2021 M.T

Hey dear Kilandril, I have been absolutely transformed since the journey over a month ago, it brought me SO much clarity, healing and inspiration. Absolutely epic. My partner has also been thriving and we are both so grateful. Deep respect and reverence for your loving presence and devotion to healing.”

~26th August 2021 K.R

Next level shamanic journey with Kilandril in the yurt ~ we are so lucky to have such highly skilled and connected practitioners like Kilandril amongst us ~so grateful ~ and soooo recommended”

~ 8th August 2021 S.M

“Thankyou, I needed that to be mirrored back to me, I appreciate this very much xx. I am transitioning. Lots to the journey that is evolving, but I just want to say thank you to you for journeying for me and all who supported the journey ~ hand over heart.”

~ 7th August 2021 G.N

“It is my nature to be always on the go, always creating my life. Very rarely do I stop to think about my life. Very rarely will I rest in contemplation. Throughout my life I have gone from one accomplishment to the next. But in 2020 amidst a global pandemic I found myself searching for a re calibration. Little did I realise the person who would open the window to my spirituality would be my good friend Kelly Smyth. Kilandril went deep into my life both past, present & future. This experience has completely changed my life. Thank you Kelly Smyth ‘Kilandril’ for helping me explore my past, reassure my present & prepare me for the future.”

~16th June 2021 D.P

“My deepest heart gratitude for the sacred soul journey you took me on. I feel so profoundly grateful for the depths of the soul we journeyed and for the sacredness of your gifts. Your medicine is so exquisite and so powerful. I felt deeply held in the safety of your grounded and searched presence. You invite us into the unseen realms to receive the infinite wisdom and guidance from Spirit and from our Soul. As I sit with the layers and wonderings arising within me after our sacred spirit journey, I invite myself to deepen into trust even more, trust in the Divine holding me and in my inner wisdom shining a light to guide me. Your magic is such powerful medicine and so needed at this time. In heartfelt gratitude to you.”

~24th May 2021. F.R

I feel so deeply moved by your sharing of such a potent and literal symbol in the physical of our deep alignment to source today. I feel a deepened sense of self trust after our time of the pathway of my soul and of releasing with gratitude old connections and friendships as I open to the soul gifts even more deeply I am here to share and inspire in others. Thankyou again for such an incredibly beautiful and sacred connection today. I sense deeply these sessions and the journey are guiding me to honour even more deeply my sacred gifts, authentic inner power and the unique ways my intuition comes through me to support others. So profoundly grateful for your earthed and rooted wisdom. All that you share resonates so deeply with me. With deep gratitude.”

~14th May 2021. F.R

“I’m incredibly grateful to have Kilandril journey on my behalf last night. I’ve been blocked from transforming this issue for some time now.. I think I was scared of what would happen to this connection if I’m being honest. I genuinely didn’t know what to do. I’ve known my story for the most part but now I have finer details which are allowing for total clarity – why I am the way I am, why I feel this connection, why it’s so blissful and painful simultaneously and why I couldn’t handle it. There’s big emotion here, I get teary about the history of this connection – not this lifetime but before that, our origin. I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to allow this connection to become something new, to transform it into something that shifts the grief I feel into something light and pure. I’ll be going into hermit mode to stabilise as this energy comes in and I adjust to it. I’ve never felt closer to source than I do right now, I feel whole, forgiven and reborn. Please, if there’s anything you can’t shift, I highly recommend reaching out to Kilandril for a journey on your behalf. My experience with her has brought significant changes, completely restoring myself and transforming relationships. I can’t explain how profound this is. She is incredibly gifted and I am unable to express the level of gratitude I feel for having her. Deep love and gratitude. I feel very honoured to be here in her energetic presence.”

~ 24th April 2021. K.S

“Had a beautiful session with @kilandril yesterday. Much intensity coming in. I’m truly honoured to have met Kilandril. A very powerful woman with a very special gift. Still processing and not sure it’s to share here. There is a beautiful energy here today. Many little tears. Love keeps me here, grounded while my heart feels like it’s being rearranged. Clarity is a beautiful gift. May you be forever blessed, k.”

~ 10th April 2021. K.S

A beautiful guided shamanic journey with Kilandril, a very potent and gifted Shaman. Before the journey I felt pressure in my heart centre built so I knew big energy was present. The journey confirmed for me a desire to stand witness for myself in those past moments, even very recently where my intention was initially not of manipulation but quickly evolved into that. Spontaneous heart and throat chakra healing mid journey allows me to understand *why* I chose whatever I chose. I feel a renewed commitment to forgiveness for myself and awareness to choosing moments that come from a place of service and integrity.

~ 18th September 2020. V.S

“I had my second journey with Kilandril yesterday, and I came away with a tremendous feeling of purpose and intention in these difficult days. The yurt is gorgeous and starting to feel like one of the safest places I know! Kilandril is intuitive, intelligent and wise, and her journeys bring much insight and meaning to my life. Thank you, particularly for the recorded aspect which is a joy to revisit time and again.”

~20th March 2020. H.A

“I often miss the guidance that comes to me because it gets drowned out by the creative whirlwind that is my mind. Much of what Kilandril said helped to untangle my thoughts and follow the important trail/thread. I’m getting better at seeing distractions for what they are. Now on my way to creating art that has meaning outside the nest of my mind. The advice to work with the drum beat as an anchor when drawing/creating was instrumental in purifying/decluttering. Helps to block the over analytical mind which was stopping me from doing. Learning to pursue my excitement with more order and purpose. I might manage to get where I’m going in one piece. Kilandril gave me the insight to understand my journey and the courage to follow it whole heartedly. Thanks is such an inadequate word sometimes.”

~28th January 2020. A. H

“The Journey took place in her yurt on a beautiful bush property in Southern Tasmania.. The lining of my Shaman’s yurt was decorated with gifts of the Earth such as wood, crystals and bird feathers, and a little pot belly wood fire sat at the heart of the yurt. We sat facing each other and as she picked up her drum, I could see she was already beginning the transition to the spirit world. She closed her eyes, began a slow rhythmic beating of her drum, and then she was gone. She was now walking through the spirit world, alongside me and my spirit guides. She talked me through our journey; her words were poetic and descriptive and the tone of her voice mesmerising. I too closed my eyes. We journeyed through a landscape dotted with shadows and cliffs with our animal guides beside us – a black jaguar and a sabre tooth tiger. She explained how details within the landscape represented energetic boundaries that need to be crosses. Throughout the journey, she called on help from spiritual beings and entities and they joined with us to help us cross the boundaries. She spoke of a masculine aspect of me, of my soul, who also met with us to walk us through the journey. He and I walked together through the earthy landscape while our two energies balanced one another; masculine boldness and pride, blending with feminine humility and tenderness. Her imagery was stunning. She described my soul energy opening and changing as it met the golden light of the sun. We descended into lush, green valleys and gullies abundant with new life, connecting me with new and abundant soul energy. I then came to the masculine aspect of my soul’d past. The sound of the river babbling and bubbling past us in our spirit world created a fusion of liquid souls – our two souls became one entity of water. As one, we connect and communicate. As our energies meld together, we become one energy. The disturbances within my physical body are corrected. The porous nature of my body allows me to absorb great amounts of wisdom and knowledge. She now see’s me in my human form within the journey, and I have changed. I now have a gentle sheen of light overlaying my body, my skin, my hair, even the fibres of my clothes are now interlaced with a higher energy. The integration is complete.”

Extract from the book Equilibrium, Spirituality for everyday people by Jo Worsford 2019

“Thank you Kilandril, what a beautiful journey it was! I felt extremely peaceful as the story washed over and through me, almost a calling home from a memory of another time, with a strong brother/sisterhood of fellow home-comers to the light. Letting go of the construct of time is always hard for the rational brain, but there was a feeling of melting/alchemy/expansiveness when time fell away in your words and that releasing of boundary is something I think i’d like to work more on. Thanks so much for opening up a safe space and allowing the story to come through. It’s big work and I’m grateful. Love and light”

~15th December 2019. V.V

“Ah dear, just beginning to realise what actually happened yesterday ahaha
Thank you so much for taking me through the journey, I am so excited to work with the energies that you‘ve helped me unlock (unbox). ”

~24th November 2019. C.R.

“Thank you for today. It was just what was needed. The potency of energy was palpable and it led me to a place of knowing and pleasant surprise. It’s inspiring how that works – to hear someone outside of your Self, tap into, and pronounce certainties that ring true. I also like that I now have a take home message that I can action.  Deep bow to you.”

~21st November 2019. L.S.J

“I have had both a Shamanic Journey with Kelly in her yurt and a Conversations with Kilandril session in Earth Mother clinic. Both experiences have been mind blowing, yet very different from each other. In each experience Kelly accesses higher realms and channels wisdom that is useful, accurate and healing.
However, the Shamanic Journey took me on a voyage to inner and alternate realms that gifted me a vision of my life and work as it relates to others and the much wider system of existence. I was given insights into the purpose of my life-work and ways of moving forward with it.
The session with Kilandril did not involve journeying for me, but was very focussed on the details of my life. I was able to ask questions and discuss relevant issues. The wisdom I received was insightful and accurate and delivered in a relaxed and informal way. Just like having a conversation with Kilandril. Both experiences enhanced my ability to walk my path in this life.”

~1st November 2019. K. B.

“I just wanted to send you a quick message of sincere thanks for journeying for me last week. Of all the help/therapies etc that I’ve been exploring these last few months, you guided me to a place of inner peace that I hadn’t yet been able to tap into.
Not that my struggles have ended, but just glimpsing and experiencing that peace and acceptance has been transformative, and given me genuine hope of healing.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and helping me feel more whole. You’re deeply appreciated.”

~3rd September 2019. L.G.

“I found my experience with Kilandril profound and deeply helpful. Kilandril is gentle and kind and makes you feel safe in the journey she takes you on with the drum. There is nothing to fear in having a Shamanic experience with Kilandril. There is only something to gain as she works to bring you to wholeness. Kilandril is clearly in divine flow with life. I highly recommend working with Kilandril. She is a true connector and healer and just being in her energy feels nurturing and compassionate. The experience with her was one of the most special spiritual experiences I’ve encountered”

~26th August 2019. K.M

“I treated myself to a session with Kilandril last weekend, and since journeying with her through the spirit world, my energy and awareness has opened up to a whole new scope of energetic awesomeness. My gift has evolved dramatically! This week, during client healings (are you ready for this?): I saw a client’s DNA strands form shapes and patterns resembling sacred geometry, and then watched on as his energy transformed in ways I can’t even put in to words. I communicated with a High Priest from another time, who came and joined our weekly meditation + reiki class so he could bless every single person in the room one-by-one, myself included. The blanket of peace that settled on the room after the blessings was palpable. During a private healing for a client, I watched on as a very powerful female energy drew her fingertips together, to summon some insanely powerful energy I’ve not seen or felt before. She had long, slender features and her hair was black and shiny, in a long braid down her back. She then placed her fingertips on my client’s head and the entire space around us exploded in bright colours. And it wasn’t just me who saw it! My client saw the colours as well. During another healing, an elderly man with long fingernails drew diamond shapes on my client’s forehead, and on the soles of both feet, using an ochre-like substance from the earth. The triangles also carried some new energy I have not experienced before. My client’s energy received some serious balancing and cleansing through those triangles. My head is spinning! My healings are now so much more than channelling Reiki energy. My healings are evolving, and I am going with the flow and embracing all this magic!! And my visions are becoming so clear now. And that is just a few examples! This has been happening all week. So surreal, and so magical. So THANK YOU! for your incredible gift. You have opened me up to something very special and I can feel it inside me. So excited to see where this goes! I feel blessed to have received some of your awesomeness.

~23rd August 2019. J.W

“Have you thought about offering spiritual counselling ? You’d be good. You are one of those people who are connected but grounded and offer good advice. I know it’s a strange question to ask but it keeps coming up in my mind so I figured I’d pass it on.”

~20th August 2019. K.M

“Thank you so much for the recording. I’m still buzzing after our journey! What you do is a real gift and I’m so grateful for having experienced it. Thank you again.”

~8th August 2019. J.S

“Thank you Kilandril
Your journey of the spirit was beautiful, poetic, moving and illuminating. It really lifted me. I really appreciate you. Love and golden blessings.”

~6th August 2019. K.M

“Oh wow!
Today with you was amazing. The world truly feels different. Like I know it deeper? I’m not sure, but something is different. I can almost feel the sounds?

“Dearest Kilandril, I just wanted to express how truly thankful I am for the powerful journey you took on my behalf 2 weeks ago, on the new moon/solar eclipse. It is now the full moon/lunar eclipse, and I have been deeply integrating this initiation, and becoming clearer everyday as to what this journey represents for me.”

~17th July 2019. C.D

“Hi beautiful, 
I have thought many times to contact you and ask you a kazillion questions about our journey together but I understand that I need to answer these for myself now, in the stillness and to listen for Dragon wisdom. Life has kind of notched up a level for sure and I am facing a lot of truths that were previously hidden from me… Thank you so much for helping me find my true path and make some sense of my challenging life. It would be great to journey with you again sometime, perhaps around a sacred fire. In Love and Gratitude”

~3rd June 2019. T.T

“Everything makes sense now. I can see so much. I’m so focussed on what I need to do now. You might have just saved us. I understand so much now.”

~3rd June 2019. K.S

“Wow, I was drawn to grid work just yesterday, I feel like I am a transmuter of energy, and feel my role is just starting to emerge, I am drawn to sending the dark to light, a nice little synchronicity is that I am surrounded by smokey quarts crystals I found, just after reading about entities and dark energy’s on the ley lines I immediately had a visit from them, I then called in some assended masters, surrounding myself with golden light, then grabbing a piece of smokey then sent the entity to light to set free…. I then sat back and read this…. Thanks again, love and light.”

~28th May 2019. R.K

“Thank you so much darling one. What a lovely journey. Very validating for me. It was a pleasure to meet you both. I look forward to us meeting again in the future”

~27th April 2019. Y.

“Your sacred work is amazing sister! I still listen to my recording of your journeying for me , it brings healing and connection to my self more each time and I am so grateful for that” 


“Oh, thank you so much! It was such a joy to meet you. The journey has been truly life-changing for me already, and has given me something so magical and tangible to move forward with. I’m so appreciative to you.”

~6th April 2019. B.R

“It was beautiful to be there today…. What is that yurt! So peaceful, so magical, and such a vast space in side!…
I feel I found a new friend in my (Guide) today, one that feels familiar already, and I’m glad he’s there.”

~13th Nov 2018. M.A