Night Vine ~ Shamanic Vision

I listen to the beat of the drum and I stare deep into the Peruvian pattern. I step out of myself and my feet fall on hard stone. I see a rainforest shaman walk towards me out of the darkness. He is wearing colourful garments and a headdress. He comes towards me as if he is hunting me so I run. He shoots a poison dart into my leg and I fall. 

I am being carried on a leather stretcher and am placed by the fire. I lay on my side and I cry, I am at his mercy now. He sits beside me and the poison from the dart starts moving through my body. He says it is plant medicine to help me see. He chants and sings in high rhythmic tones as he blows smoke all around me. I begin to see geometric shapes and fractal designs coming out of the smoke and the rainforest Shamans face. 

My body moves involuntarily and I stand. I can see the plant medicine move through me from the point of impact. Green fractals and sacred geometric patterns crawl across my skin. As I am lifted I see a woman come towards me. She is made of the green sacred geometry and great halos of the energy hang around her body. She is the medicine. The Night Vine reaches out from her and curls around my neck, ankles and wrists. She turns to walk into the forest and I am bound to follow her. I walk as she walks. If I struggle the vines tighten. If I try to fall down they hold me up. So I just relax and follow. 

She walks me briskly through the dark night of the forest. We come to a waterfall and river where the water is made of lost souls. They  flow down in a ghoulish white liquid, cascading over the rocks. She effortlessly leaps to the other side. I am drawn after her. She walks me to a gigantic tree with an open trunk, the buttress roots folding open like a curtain to create a cave within. She sits at the fire and I sit opposite her. I look at her and I begin to ask questions. I ask why are you communicating with me? You are divine and I am only human. She says that she speaks to those who listen and she lays my hand over hers, palm up. The green geometry fractals of her energy burst through my palm and cover my body rapidly. I feel the cool liquid and it creates a great pressure in my heart. Makes it hard to breathe. I feel I am losing myself. A vine bursts out of my chest when the pressure gets so intense I can’t bear it. And the vine unfolds then opens into a bud. Growing until it blooms. I ask if it is a seed and she says no it is a gem. I see inside the flower a huge clear pale yellow crystal that is flat front and back but heavily faceted around the edges. I take the crystal from the flower and I hold it up in the light of the fire. It reflects from every facet creating beams of light that create a huge living light body. The vine wilts and withers away to nothing leaving a hole in my heart where the vine burst through. I place the huge crystal in the void. And it clicks in. It reaches from my pelvis to my collar bone. The huge energy body of light surrounds me.

The plant medicine lady says we are going deep now and she comes towards me with force, pushing me down through the earth and we fall backwards until we are falling through the depth of the ocean. She is pushing me deeper and deeper. I look up at her face as her hair billows out behind her and I silently scream as all the air leaves my body. The pressure builds and we go deep in the crevices of the hidden ocean. Her force is immense she just continues pushing me down, her palm on my chest and the both of us falling down under her perpetual motion.

The movement is slowed by the gravity and pressure of the water as I hit the floor of the ocean. My back lays flat against the sea bed. We are so deep that gravity deceives me. I don’t know which way is up. We are at the heart of the earth. The crystal glows golden and the heart of the Earth communicates with it in colour and sound frequency. I ask the plant medicine lady how can she travel so far from the rainforest and she says she can go everywhere now. She shows me her energy being taken to many different countries and her energy is so big she can reach everywhere now. She shows me her grandmothers as extremely potent but fixed to the forest. Where as she, although softer has a further reach and she can speak to more people. Her grandmothers only spoke to a few.

After the communication is complete. The plant medicine woman draws me back up, faster this time, extreme pace until we break the surface of the ocean and then the earth’s atmosphere. She takes me into the far reaches of space to a solar planet. My home. I feel the liquid light fold around me and melt into me like honey. My friends are here. My true family. Beautiful harmony is felt all through my being. I stay and I speak to my true family. I learn so many things. Then I see the plant medicine woman brace herself and she says it is the end. The star is dying from the physical plane to enter the ether. I must be prepared to carry more light. The entire solar planet implodes and goes within itself. Pushing all of the light into the star at my heart. I am filled with radiant light. All of my star family are within me. The plant medicine lady draws me back towards the Earth and as we go in closer I can see a metal claw like structure around the earth holding it in place. As I enter the atmosphere with the heart of a star the claw breaks away as if it is being burnt into corrosion.

I walk with liquid legs of light. I am radiance. I am in a pure bliss state. The plant medicine lady returns me to the care of the rainforest shaman and he blows smoke all around me like a blanket. He brings me back into my body. It is too much to be in my body again. I tell him I cant hold all of this light, my body is too small. I cry as I lay on my side. Trying to hold myself together. Fearing I will splinter off into spears of light, become refracted. He brings different forest animals to my side. They try to connect with me. I am inconsolable. Then the black jaguar lays beside me with a sigh and touches my face with a cold nose and tickling whiskers. I open my eyes and I see the black fur, each stand as a pillar of light, green plant medicine fractals run deep in the body of the forest feline and I see the way he stands in the shadow as the light. His body is the earth. No small vessel, but an entire eco system held as life by our supreme mother, Gaia. Then I understand and I relax, I let the edges of my body soften and I expand to see and feel my body as the Earth. The light that was burning me now illuminates me and I don’t have to carry the burden alone. I was transporting the heart of a star to her next home. I tell the Earth I have seen her future and it is brilliant. She will become light incarnate and she will take us all to the higher realms with her. I pour love into my familiar, Solange, black Jaguar. Who has taught me so Much. How to be a light in the shadow. His name tells me who he is. Sol –  Light. Ange – Angel. Light Angel. Messenger of the Light.

I ask the rainforest Shaman how to get home from here. He just smiles and blows smoke into my face as he commands me to awaken. I open my eyes and I return. 

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