Weaving magic mycelium through me ~Shamanic Vision

As the reverberations of the Om wash over and through me I see myself step out into the vision. I have my hands in the damp soil. Clawing at the earth. Digging in to expose the white threads of mycelium matted underneath in the dark. I begin to draw out the white fibres, pulling at them like a rope. And something from the other side pulls back. We struggle against each other for a moment. Then I am pulled into the earth and through a portal into the cosmos.

Several bright beings stand above me. Looking down like surgeons haloed by the light. I am calm as they cut open my skin to reveal the mycelium within my body. A network of nerves sending currents of communication through my body. While I am in stasis they pull out this network and inspect it under the light. I can see it is worn and weathered. With patches missing. It has areas that look tired and lacking life. They stitch new threads of light through it and soak it to bring back vibrancy. Wash away the stains and the pain. Then wrap it gently around me again. It is warm and comforting. I feel the love and care that has gone into the reworking of my mycelium like nerve network.

After my body is closed again I speak with the beings who have helped me heal. The main masculine energy says I may call him Astrid which means divinely beautiful. That their Earth bodies of mycelium and mushroom are very different to mine. They are both on the Earth and beyond the Earth at the same time. Their Earth bodies do not contain or restrain them. That they are visitors to the Earth and are here to help repair damage that has been done. And to help other Earth Healers like myself repair the damage. I thank them and I feel we will remain in contact and communication.