The Dark Mirror ~ Shamanic Vision

As the Soul Song draws me deep into the vision I see my face as a dark reflection in the mirror. I reach a hand out to touch her and I see it is a spell. It is not me at all. I command the reflection to show itself to me truely. The shape morphs and melts, then rises up as a darkly polished man, smooth as satin and smiling back at me. He says I am truely your reflection. I am the dark to your light. You cannot exist here without me. I am as dark as your light is bright. Now think on that… Every light on Earth has a dark mirror. Equal in all ways and just as powerful. I am the destruction that paves way for your creation.

He moves as a foaming rolling wave with the the four horsemen of the apocalypse at his wake. He defiles the ocean spewing black tar into her waters. He breathes black smoke into the sky and burns every living, green thing. He salts the earth so it is barren and dry. There is war raging all around him. Famine, pestilence and disease. Like smouldering fire that consumes all. I cannot stop him, it is written, that I must witness this. He will not stop until every living thing is dead. 

I watch the destruction as it unfolds all around me. And I wait… I take pause in the silence, I am in the eye of the storm. I am so close that it all just spins around me and never touches me. Until there is nothing but dust and ashes falling down at my feet.

When his part is complete and he returns to his place in the heavens as a fallen angel. Then my work begins… This work can only be done with a deep reverent love for the earth and her creatures, cultivated by many lifetimes here experiencing many cycles of dark and light. Many times will I change my form as I continue my work here on earth.

I drink the ocean into my body, swallowing the polluted waters in great deep gulping waves. The black tar crystallises and forms rocks which fall from me forming river beds and I cry rivers of salty tears back into the sea. I breathe in the black smoke, acrid and sour, my breath is halting and full of grief. I filter it though the pores of my skin and release clean air into the sky. I lay with my hands on the earth and I whisper to the microbes and mycelium to awaken now and grow new again. They remember me and my sweet words, like an ancient lover missed and reached for they wind fibres of light and life through the earth again. I bring out the seeds of consciousness I have been guarding so carefully. Spiralling through my DNA I have the memory coded of all living beings. The earth is one organism and so when we incarnate here in a body of the earth we hold the creation codes within us for all life. I plant them back into the earth, golden parcels opening with a glow and unfolding with the connecting fibres of light, where they flourish and bloom. All species returning to harmony as the cycle begins again.

This work I will do for ten thousand years. Breathing life back into the earth. I love and adore my work as I love and adore the earth. I know it will be many millennia until I have to meet my Dark Mirror again.