Soaring on the thermals she surveys the scene below her. Carnage, broken bodies, a desolate landscape. This war will go on forever.

She see’s a golden light, a warrior with soul and swoops down to wrap her wings around him. Sheltering him from the storm of shrapnel. He is lifted up enfolded in her protection and they soar together for a time. He will live to fight another day.

The face of an Angel but the wrath of god is in her. She chooses who lives and dies with no remorse. The unworthy are left like litter on the battle field.

Their broken bodies discarded as waste in the wasteland.

Only a chosen few are wrapped in her wings, sheltered and elevated. These golden souls of warriors are placed under her protection. Neither Heaven nor Hell can touch them, they belong to her now. Her legion of warriors walk beside her, unseen in the earth realms. They fight an age old war, between the light and the dark.

They walk beyond the reach of time and never age, bodies hardened through warring. Minds sharpened by strategy and lengthy engagement. They burn through the layers of shadow with their piercing light. They shatter all illusions and free the cursed from their prisons. 

The light is mighty and hunts the darkness tirelessly, illuminating everything that is hidden. Dragging it out into the open and demanding it be witnessed. There is a reckoning due and the Valkyries are hunting the souls of the slain, building an army of light warriors to bring an end to this great battle. 

~ Kilandril is available in person or by distance for Spirit Journeys and Shamanic Consultations