Frost Wolf ~ Shamanic Vision

As the sound of the soul voice illuminates the room I am dropped deeply into the experience. I land in the snow, a frozen landscape.  I walk out into the expansive white, I see a small stand of birch trees and walk amongst them, the trees have faces and the gentle spirits speak to me from the trees. They say I must find my tribe. I sit with the trees, lean my head against the birch tree. And sleep takes me. 

I wake with a start and see a shape shifter is standing in front of me. A woman with pale blue eyes and broad shoulders, she has the pelt of a grey wolf tied around her body to shelter from the cold. She doesn’t speak to me, just uses hand gestures to show me to follow her. We walk along an invisible path, powdered in white. 

She leads me to the edge of a cliff. Pointing that we must go down into the valley. She shows me her hands and I show her mine. We are to change into wolves to traverse the rugged landscape. She see’s my soft palms and shakes her head. My hands are blue with the cold. She breathes warm breath onto my palms then blows her warm breath like dancing streams of steam into my mouth. As I inhale, the warmth dances inside my chest and a heat builds. As her breath is my breath now I can take the form of the Frost Wolf. We both change form at once. Like she is moving me with her own transformation. We run down the cliff side, tactile paws beating the earth as we move together. 

At the bottom of the valley I see steam rising out of the ground. We walk up stream of a small river and see the thermal pools of clean snow melt. The Frost Wolf bids me to bathe in the warm mineral waters. I step in and my body becomes human again. I become liquid like the water and I see the minerals enter through the pores of my skin like sparkling diamonds. My bones are strengthened, my skin is renewed and my heart becomes fire. I close my eyes and I sink deeply through the hot springs down through the river bed, I sink like a stone falling down deep. I look up to the pale light of the sky above me as I fall all the way down until my back settles into the stone bed of a glacial lake. A being so ancient my mind is stretch to understand the ages that have past in this one lifetime. I lay quiet and still in the waters. I see the bones of the wolves scattered amongst the stones. These are the bones of my ancestors. I feel the ancient lake communicate with me. The DNA and memories of the wolves are in the water. The ancient lake’s memories are deep. 

I am shown that the wolves have been dispersed, severed from the spirit realm, they have become mortal. They have not awoken the song lines. The song lines are sleeping. It is time they were brought back to life. I see in the pale light of the sky above me a map in the stars. The stars begin to spiral down and sink into my body. I carry the star map in me and my feet will be carried along the song lines. The stones I lay on are risen up out of the deep cold water and I lay in a shallow river bed of warm steaming water once more. I open my eyes and I see the cool sky above me. Sharp points of light speak to me as the stars guide me. I walk naked through the snow. My body radiating heat and melting the snow beneath my feet. I see the earth become golden as the star light moves through me and into the Earth. Thin streams of golden light threading itself through me with heavenly melodies. I am radiant and ecstatic as I walk the song lines back to life. Being the conduit for such radiance is a blessing and I drift in and out of myself as I experience the memories of the sacred lands and the wolf ways. 

There is a circuit with branching paths and a direction that I follow until it is complete. As the circuit finishes the beautiful golden light leaves me and I fall to the frozen ground. In the dark I feel abandoned. The harsh contrast of divine celestial light and frozen earth hits me. I lose myself the the dark night as my eyes close in the chill of snow.

I wake with my head against the birch tree, still sitting with the spirits of the trees. I feel it must have been a dream, until I hear the distant howl of a wolf and the moon rises over the ridge. Then the soft patter of many furred feet. A huge Black wolf approaches me and his pack surround me. I see the Frost Wolf with them so I have no fear. This is her pack. The black wolf shape shifts into a man with the furs around his shoulders. He has brought me a gift in gratitude for walking the song lines again after them sleeping for so long. He hands me an Elk Antler, it is a symbol of wisdom and power. He says the Elk are sacred to his tribe. They give his tribe life and I have earned my place with them now as a Frost Wolf. One who seeks the way home in the dark of night. He then hands me the heart of the Elk. I eat the hot meat and pass half to him so we can share. We all sit together in the birch grove and we listen deeply to the earth singing the heavenly songs of the stars once more. I feel at home.