When the Sun and the Moon become One ~ Shamanic Vision

With the beat of the drum and the ecstasy of dance I move between the worlds. There is a golden flower in my third chakra it draws me towards the sun and I step out onto a volcanic cliff. There is a full blood moon in the sky hung low over the ocean in the distance horizon. Its matching counterpart of equal size is a full red sun rising from the ocean at dawn. I walk along the rough rocks with Solange my constant companion, the black panther. The earth is splitting apart beneath us to reveal red flowing lava and the mountains fall as the rivers of liquid fire rise.

There are tribes of big cats moving like migrating birds heading toward the double red heavenly bodies in the sky. The indigenous people with painted faces are dressed like the dead and run with the rivers towards the ocean. Witnessing the prophesy foretold eons ago. The energy is building to breaking point.

I see the blood red moon and the sun coming closer to each other and touching to create the symbol of the infinite all. The intensity of the fire and heat drive me to the water. I walk in the flowing and cool river beds that flow to the ocean. The water is bliss and as I walk I take the path of the deeper waters, I drink the entire river into my being. Leaving smooth shiny rocks under foot. Flowing clean energy comes out from my heart as a green aurora snakes its way from my heart into the sky all the while reflecting off the polished wet river rocks. The river reflects the sky perfectly so I walk on a reflection of green aurora energy.

Now I am fully lit with fire from the sun and quenched with water from the earth I begin to create as I walk towards the infinite flames. I feel such joy that my energy grid glows luminous diamond white light and blue as the flower of life with the sword of truth over my heart.  The barren and burnt earth formed from fallen volcanoes begins to grow green as I walk. Vines grow out from under my feet and reach outwards covering the earth. The codes embedded in the flower of life grid around me unfold beauty and harmonious creation. My grid becomes like an infinity symbol one loop around me and one expanding around the earth to spread the green lush growth of recreation.

This lights my heart and the core of all existence inside me grows to create an orb of golden light around me. I am nearing the coast now and the stars are up as dusk falls. The moon and the sun are becoming one as we are becoming one with our great divine energy. The feeling of completion within the golden orb is pure and intoxicating. I see my soul brother laughing inside his orb and I reach out a hand to touch the glow. As I make contact with the golden divine glow of another I am swept with a complete understanding of the totality of their being and I have pure clarity and connection with all.

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