Shape Shifting Consciousness ~ Shamanic Vision

With the beat of the drum and the movement of dance I extend my awareness and go into vision. I reach for the ancient wisdom of the earth. I find the old gnarled and mossy pine trees, so young in their experience here. I move through the trees to the lichen growing on the bark. The lichen is connected to so much and talks to the rocks and I move through the rocky riverbed following the flow.

The water has memory and is alive, has a consciousness grid around the earth working towards evolution. I feel as it is to be a rock in the river bed, they do not feel dormant or still they feel active and alive, the earth is always shifting and they move with these cycles. Lifting from deep in the crust to surface and meet the trees and lichen. I move with the surface rocks to the deeper more solid phases of the earth rocks I find larva here burning her way through these solid rocks causing movement where there has been none for so long.

The larva knows the deep earth secrets and she shows me the crystals formed from pressure, heat and time. These are the wise old ones, they know no time and they move as they please. Exposing or hiding themselves from humanity as needed. They are also beyond the earth many formed from asteroid impacts, merging stars with the earth bringing higher consciousness and new vibrations. I offer my body to these crystals as a conduit to aid in re aligning the earth to her perfection.

My bones become crystalline and my spine is extended forming a tail that is used like a grounding rod. That I may plug my body directly into the earth’s energy and consciousness. I feel the way the trees, stones and water communicate. The water is the wisest and is part of everything. The ultimate shape shifter. Part of everything on earth, feeling through all that exists here and is timeless in nature. Has memory of everything and can move its awareness to any place on earth into any object or being. I feel as it feels to be water. My body becomes water as my bones are crystalline. I am fluid and connected the movement I experience is non linear.

My body moves in a way that is beyond my experience. The water is also not entirely of the earth having lived much longer than the earth has existed. Bringing life here as part of its life cycle. From this crystalline bone and water body form I can stretch and connect and shape shift, I can feel the different energy grids that the earth is working with. I am witness to the evolution of our home planet. The old world is dying the new is ready to be born in its place.

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