Celestial Sound bath ~ Shamanic Vision

I see the celestial kings charging ahead on their white horses. They hold staffs of silver that emit sound frequencies. Flowing vibrations emerge from them. I see the earth Shamans calling to the star beings asking for the light to return to the earth. The queens of the starlight with beautiful silver woven crowns and white light energy sing down to the earth. They answer the earth Shamans call by sending their children to live among the earth people. These star children become half earth Shaman and half celestial being. The earth people are animalistic and primitive, only the Shamans have stars in their eyes still. The star children seem strange to the earth tribes, they won’t follow traditions. The tribes cast them out, all over the world these star children wander, lost, and with no memory of their home in the stars. They walk paths of light all over the earth. Trailing golden light over the skin of the earth. Creating energy grids. Even in their despair, in their hearts they seek answers. The moon and the stars whisper to them. The stones and the trees talk to them also.

One day the Celestial queens create a call out to all of their star children. They gather in the desert. Seeing each other under the stars at night their hearts break wide open and they know who they are. They recognise their brothers and sisters. They are fully alive and awake, embodied on the earth. They go deep under ground into honey combed like hives in the dunes to continue their work of sharing light within the earth who has spent too much time in darkness. The earth rejoices in their touch. Great cities are built on these sites as the people, sleeping still, can feel in their slumber movement in their hearts and they are drawn to the light of these star beings. The people in the golden cities become the brightest and most highly intuitive, open to inspiration and invention. These cities become great powers in the world and a brilliant light in the darkness. As the children gather and join underground, the paths of light they walk on the earth’s skin becomes energy lines, ley lines and powerful beacons to those who still have stars in their eyes. Now the younger star children walk the earth finding these paths of light seeking their brothers and sisters to reunite.

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