Recalibrating the Golden Rod of my Spine ~ Shamanic Vision

I dance and I go into vision.

As I dance pieces of my spine are re aligned. Hands reach in and turn the discs of my vertebrae to lock them into place. Once locked into place my spine becomes a golden rod inscribed with ancient writing. This is the hollow bone I will receive communication through. This golden rod becomes the trunk of a tree that is me. My roots reach into the earth and the neutrons of my brain which light up and reach into the cosmos become the branches. It is as if the top of my head has been opened and I can see into the infinite all. I can hear the ancient ones speak to me in their deep tones.

In this space in my opened mind in the cosmos. I see a woman from my my soul tribe. She tells me, she will show me more than I have ever seen. Even though I have seen so much. We touch our palms in communication and recognition. Golden light connects us through touch. Another comes in, wearing white, glowing white. She says if we are going to work together I need to do some clearing. She pulls white light through her body and shoots it down my body through my head. Little wisps of shadows come off me.

I stand in front of soul sister, her chest opens with blue energy morphing and we connect in this way. Our chests joining, our hearts merging with plasma. When we join I can see the deep missions we have been on. I see us diving into dense realities becoming lost, feeling as though we were destroyed. The fear and pain is intense. She tells me that we are like a generator together. There are more cells together like a battery.

There is a dream catcher like circle around her with constellations. It is a star map. She shows me we are incarnated in many bodies in many places at once. When we open to the next levels we will be able to communicate and travel into these other locations. The plasma morphs and stretches between us. Making us stronger. She says I will support her while I sleep and she will support me when she sleeps. One soul tribe member is holding the space for us to connect. She sends her white light into the plasma. My twin soul arrives a little confused and disoriented. She shines her white light into the plasma as well. This creates a cross in the energy and this is our vehicle for travel between realities and dimension in which we are incarnated. She has the star map within her and can sound us to the locations. 

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