Potency of Creation Energy ~ Shamanic Vision

I dance and I go into vision. I step into the desert, the sand is golden and sparkles like diamonds in the sun. There are two great golden suns in the sky and many many pyramids settled into the sandy landscape. I am drawn towards the suns by my own suns which glow in my heart and sacral. Golden light pouring out the front and back of my body. The pyramids are new and perfect, not worn at all. There is a river which becomes a path and I follow this path toward one of the pyramids. Along side the path there are great beings, deities of the divine order, watching over us, observing us and protecting us. I see The Great White Heron standing to my left watching me walk towards the pyramids. I am dressed in light sheer fabrics of rich greens and I wear decorative gold coins around my hips and my brows. There is a long line of people in front of me all dressed beautifully and each carrying a basket or bowl full of something valuable and precious to them. I am carrying a bowl of large faceted emeralds. These are offerings to be made to the gods when we reach the destination of our pilgrimage. This is a ritual and practice that has been honoured for eons. The people gather to honour the divine beings and deities every cycle of the calendar when the two suns become visible in the sky. Walking towards the central pyramid we have the intention to take our gifts to the tombs under the pyramids where the gods reside. As we come closer, the energy shifts and we become aware of ourselves in our bodies and in this place. We stop walking. Under the guidance of the deities of the divine order we give the offerings and gifts to ourselves. Realising we are divine beings, we are the gods. I take the emeralds out of the bowl one at a time and I place them on my body. They connect to my skin and interlace like scales. I bejewel my belly with the emeralds and place one on my third eye. I watch as the others do the same. One man has brought a bag of large sweet dates. He eats them himself and becomes strong and serrated like the date palm. A ridge of fronds running up the backs of his arms and his spine. We joyfully infuse our beings with the gifts we find most sacred. And we grow in size to stand aside the being of the divine order. As we embody our divinity the realisation dawning on us that we are the creators of this dimension, the two suns shine down on us. The sand shimmers and begins to shift. The pyramids shudder and begin to rise. Showing their true form. Great columns rise out of the desert from deep in the earth. The pyramids we saw are merely the tip of these great energy conductors. As they rise, lightning energy crackles through the sky. Each one of us is placed by the divine order on one of the conductive columns. The energy crackles around us, we are fortified by the gifts we have received and are unharmed by the power of the electric energy. Our hearts like grounding rods for the higher light coming in. Our open hearts focus and pull the energy into the earth and connect with each other. Creating an energy grid. As we activate this energy the sand vibrates and comes alive. This is the shattered remnants of the old world and will become the building blocks of the new world. The sand is like broken glass, like crystal that is infused with the memory of a time when we were all divine in form. The sand vibrates and begins to recreate crystalline cities all around us. Full of light and refracting rainbows. Potency of creation energy running through the energy grid we have created. As the world is built around us from our re awakened creation energy we see columns of electric light coming down into us. The pyramids have a focal glass on top of them that is placed in front of our hearts. A round metal framed glass that looks to magnify the energy and connect it to the others. As we have been the activators for this energy we are now able to move freely as the focal glass holds the magnification of the light. I see the column of light coming down into the focal glass like a coarse rope that I can climb. I am curious so I ascend the rope. As I climb I see it is more like the trunk of a tree and I come out the top as if into a canopy. Branches of electric creation light move like neutrons in a brain. I stand in this space and I seek to learn and connect. There is a collection of great drums in front of me, organic looking and I beat on them sending out vibrations into the canopy. I see that at the other points of connection there are other versions of me from other planets on the same evolutionary trajectory as the earth. We are becoming awakened again finding the potential the be divine in form. I dance and send out vibrations from the drum as energetic language. I allow myself to be a conduit for the earth so she can speak through me to the other versions of me here and the other planets they come from. We dance of the trees and rivers, we sing of the sky and the birds, we beat the drum to communicate the sound of the valleys and rocks. We express the beauty of the natural body that is the earth. I understand that in time I will be able to listen to what is communicated from the other versions of me living on other planets and what their experience has been but for now I give my experience to them.

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