Tidal wave of change ~ Shamanic Vision

I dance to the beat of the drum, I step out into the other realms. I am in the desert, a beautiful pure space that feels like love and acceptance. I am here to be purified, I have spent time here between incarnations. My skin is pure white and my body is covered in scars that are now made of light. I see in front of me a huge being made of blue night sky and stars. He is looking down on me kindly and offering his body as a portal for me to leave this place of healing and reconnect with my incarnated self. I step through this gateway of energy and I walk through a landscape made up of all of the seasons, I walk on a path built of wooden boards, so my feet never touch the ground. Along the path I see a woman who is also me that I have lived as in another time. She is young, has dark hair and olive skin, she is wary of me. I must gain her trust before she will join with me. I allow myself to be open so she can sense my purity. She see’s I have released any darkness in the desert to be dissolved. She and I atomise like mist and we step into each other. She holds the wisdom of plant medicine, is a healer and intuitive soul. We merge but it is as though we are standing beside each other, we both have our own space. Within this connection we have ignited like flames and we walk as fire, fully lit. We walk together along the pathway and we encounter another woman, she has a powerful mind, I see prisms of diamond like structure within her mind. Potent focus and sharp intellect. She is pale with fair hair, older than I am and intensely serious. She is mildly hostile towards me, but I hand her a small piece of the flame so she can assess for herself my intent and purpose. She takes the fire in her hand and eats it, the fire burns in her eyes as she calculates then accept me. We atomise and connect into one energy field. The three of us together bring much force as we walk forward. I see a woman standing in the middle of the path facing us, not at the side like the others were. This woman is far more dominant that I am, clearly my superior. She holds a long staff in one hand and has her long dark hair flowing freely behind her. It is clear we will not pass without her permission. She comes towards me. She pulls a metal spear tip out of my hip and fastens it back to the tip of her staff. She was the one who drove me out because I was dangerous, she is the one who banished me to the desert to heal. I bow before her and extend my arms out either side of my body allowing my energy to expand and my scars as light to shine like symbols. She see’s that each scar is now light and has been healed and transformed into a powerful tool for expansion and understanding. She allows me to stand behind her Solange my guardian and protector comes to stand behind me.The four of us stand in formation facing forwards. As we move forward with our energy reconnected we create a huge rolling tidal wave of light and energy. The scars that riddled my body are now symbols of light moving out and unfolding across the wave. The potency of the energy is intoxicating and I call out to release some of the energy in my body. I see the energy of the earth beneath our feet becoming light, the darkness is turned to dust as we move forward. I see darkness turn to dust and float away. I see my twin soul put her hands over her face to protect her eyes from the light as the tidal wave moves over her. She comes to stand behind me as a Soldier. Wearing armour with a Dragon sigil on the front. When she stands behind me as a protective shield the energy shifts and crystals rise up from the earth like liquid. I become soft and I unfold all of the beautiful original blue prints made of light. It looks like light geometry connected by light codes. They are cast over the ley lines, the stars, the sea, the creatures of earth and the plants. They are gifted like little bundles to be unfolded by the people if they desire to do so. This beautiful alchemical reaction spreads over the Earth as we move slowly and purposefully forward in our personal and divine soul expansion.

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