Tears of the Divine Creator ~ Shamanic Vision

I dance and go into vision. I look towards the dawn, the sand of the desert dances to the beat of the drum and the sun creates a golden glow. I see the divine masculine as warrior men rise out of the earth, they are made of vibrating sand. I turn and I see the divine feminine as warrior women rise out of the sea, they are made of water. The warrior women merge into one divine creator being and the men offer her their protection by handing her a shield.

She takes the disc, it’s small in her hands and she turns it upside down to make a dish. She fills it will her silvery tears and hands it back to the men. In the reflection of the salty waters the men see their true selves. Not just a man of flesh and blood but made of the earth and the stars. Animal and plant also. They each cry tears into their shields holding them like a dish. They weep for themselves, the pain of separation, being lost from the truth of who they are. As they cry, the battle scars on their bodies become silver tears and pour off them transforming into a mirror for reflection. They become who they are through the divine creators vision. They become shape shifters and they connect with their instincts again. They have the eyes of jungle cats and they see so much more.

They look into the dish again. Now they see her. They say “we see you divine creator.” She feels them honour her with this new way of seeing and in joy she flies apart into little children running and squealing with delight amongst the warrior men. The little girls each take the hand of one warrior and lead them into the forest to show them the secret worlds. There is a deer standing beside a silver lake. The girl child asks to learn the wisdom of the deer and the deer sheds his antlers for the child to pick up. She hands them to the warrior as ancient wisdom. The warrior’s ask can they have their power back? She shows him to walk into the silvery lake and the waters make them strong and alive with light again.

The divine creator becomes one being again sitting calmly on the earth. The warrior men want to see more. She releases one golden tear from her third eye into each shield of silvery water. The tears rise up as vapour and they dissect the men, pull them apart into all of their aspects beyond the earth and into the stars. The warrior men become interdimensional beings of light with earth energy running through their DNA. They are ancient and wise, light beings coded with earth energy. As shape shifters they are able to embody all matter into one being. The euphoria, the ecstasy felt in their remembering is palpable.

They take up their mission. Each light warrior shape shifter takes up his shield as a dish filled with the divine creators tears and walks the earth until he finds his sacred site. He then takes a path of the light warrior, walking out into the interdimensional reality. Stepping out into the stars and contacting his brothers. Different star races are approached in this way. Each brother that sips the earthly waters becomes infused with the earth codes and becomes part of the earth. From the ground where the divine creator sits she can see the stars lighting up with connection.

All of these tribes of star beings come to hold the earth and surround her. They are blue and green with their earth energy running through them. They are connected to their ancient tribal instincts and they know what to do. It is now coded in their DNA. Around the earth is an energetic cage. Of red electric energy. Each human on earth has an electric cage around their energy body. This star tribe of brothers acting as divine masculine protector send out an ancient call, guttural and deeply moving. The frequency goes to the core of the human heart. It pulses out such profound energy that the energy cages shatter. One at a time with focused intention the star beings shatter the cages and little lines in the electric earth cage shatter as the human cages shatter.

When the energy cages have been shattered by the ancient calls. The star beings come down onto the earth. They are on mission and in a trance like state. Together with their earth brothers they dive down into a denser reality beneath what we see here. There is a very heavy and hard energy layer here with beings so heavily held they don’t know that they are captive at all.

I dive down here in the body of a warrior. I hold these dense beings in trance gaze with me. I breathe in their density and I breathe my light into them. My breath becomes cyclical and I vibrate a deep resonant sound from my chest and throat. My brothers make the ancient call. I hold and filter the dense beings while my brothers shatter the cell of dense energy around them. When they are broken out of this energy they can rise up to the new earth plane.

They are like new born humans, all light with blue and green earth energy. Other light workers breathe in the sun and breathe this light and new life into them. They are so joyful and pure in their new life. They radiate out peace and love onto the earth plane. I continue holding in trance gaze each being in this dense reality. I breathe in their energy and I breathe my light into them. I feel like I am hyperventilating but I am held by my brothers. When I become strong in this transmutation I divide myself into as many bodies as there are dense beings and I match myself to each one in trance gaze, breathing light. My brothers call the ancient sound and we shatter them all out of the dense illusion rebirthing them into the new earth and collapsing the entire dense reality like a layer being compacted out of existence.

Now we are so much closer to the heart of the earth and it glows golden and vibrant. I stand on the new earth and every new being that has been born into this higher vibration reality comes to touch me on the heart or the head with their hand which gifts me golden light and anchors me more strongly to the golden heart of the earth. Each one says “you freed me, I love you” and each time I say to the golden heart of the earth “I love you.” It is a way of sharing energy and light and love. These newly birthed humans have come from such a deep darkness and density that this earth plane is so beautiful to them. They shine so much love into the world with their gratitude and they nourish the earth and those around them. I allow myself to feel the love and the light. I infuse my body with the energy and I glow.

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