The Seed of New Consciousness ~ Shamanic Vision

I see the moon gently shielding us from the sun as the solar flares arc and lash out like ribbons of orange and gold. I breathe this fire into my being. The heat, the power is immeasurable. I draw it into my body, I draw it into the earth. As the solar light comes into my vessel and into the earth the reaction is fierce. This higher fire light coming in needs space too and as the fire flows in through me Demons rise up like flames from the earth, they are being expelled. These are the lowest vibration energies that are shifted as the next level of higher light starts coming in. I just watch them flare up and rise out as they are returned to light on release from this physical realm. I breath in fire, I burn, I rise. The moon is so gentle and kind in this shielding role, allowing me just to catch the edges of the rising fire from the sun, the arcs and loops that stretch out are tempered and I may consume them without turning to ash. After this solar fire has returned to the earth and the Demons held in purgatory are released. The planet looks so green, so blue, so light. I sit with this energy and feeling of peace, I stretch and move with this energy moulding it and shaping it to fit comfortably. The solar fire has created a lightness on the earth brought in through an organic vessel and body. A being has grounded it as light. It was not forced to come burning in through the atmosphere and cause chaos. I see my soul sister in her form as an ancient and advanced race and she gives me a small stone. I place it on my third eye. It is a seed and I begin to ask what this seed will grow. My forehead cracks open, my body like a shell fracturing down the centre and water flowing to nourish the seed. I am told that this is the seed of a new energy grid, each type of being that exists on earth has its own energy grid, there are some that have secretly been expelled from the earth. Meaning certain beings cannot exist here anymore. There are Earth Mothers like me that will re grow from seeds these energy grids so that certain beings may return to the earth. My soul sister says that it must be done in secret, that those who wish to keep the seed from growth cannot see me. That I am like a black jaguar moving through the shadows. I am shown how to begin with the roots in the earth, all of the under ground will grow hidden first. The seed sends down roots through the crack in the shell of my body and reaches all through the earth, gridding and communicating with the earth. When the rooting phase has completed the golden rod of my spine brings in solar light to nourish the growth of the seed. I tilt my head back so my third eye lines up with my spine. Then I see and feel a green and soft living net emerge from my energy field. Stretching and like the veins of a leaf, breathing. As I breath the living grid expands as my heart beats the grid expands and I breathe light into it from the sun. I move earth energy through it to help it expand. I am seen as I am working. There are women standing in rivers of sacred waters, they hold earth energy, they are keepers of the Earth Codes, I do not hold these codes. So they share them with me. The women are dark skinned goddesses hiding as washer women, they clean colourful fabrics in the sacred waters. They are working with energy but it is in secret. I stand with one of the women. She wears a fabric head wrap and she gives me Earth Codes through her heart. They pulse softly into my being, green and blue energy. She tells me I can’t be seen and I am protected. The earth codes help anchor the grid to the earth. She has been waiting to give them to the beings who hold the seeds. I give her and her tribes women in return Star Codes and I see her gasp in astonishment and an electric blue energy forms above her expanding her reach. She is very intuitive and connected, see can see much further now. I also give them the energy of the black jaguar so they may move in the shadows unseen and not need to hide as washer women any more. We all shape shift into black jaguars. And we dance and celebrate our meeting. I see we have brought attention to our selves now and hostile beings land around me. They come down from behind the moon, they are not pleased to see this energy growing here, they are static energy like radio or tv transmissions, they are sharp and dark grey, masculine and move like angry wasps. They can’t do anything, the seed is deeply rooted into the earth now and as they come closer the energy grid simply absorbs them and translates there energy into nourishment. More and more come and they are absorbed. From behind the moon they start to pour down almost jumping like lemmings off a cliff the momentum draws them and as they feel the ecstasy of the energy they no longer resist. When they have all been consumed into growing the grid, the moon cracks in half like an egg and the yolk as silver light pours down over me feeding the seed and growing the grid of energy. The shell of the moon shatters and places itself in fragments around the growing grid giving its size to the grid. Now the grid is vast enough around my body that it is inside the earth where it meets another energy and the earth sings to it giving it fire and light from inside the earth. I see my spine as the golden rod of light bringing in solar fire is also the umbilical cold that connects the grid to the earth and the field of energy is like a toroidal sphere. The energy moving through me is solar and earth, connecting in creation. As the energy grid meets the fire within the earth the earth light changes the grid to electric blue and instead of reticulate leaf venation it becomes a sphere with points like a pollen structure. The grid is complete, I arch my back to line up the seed with the golden rod and solar light energy fuses the grid into place around the earth with the many other layers of grids, it seals and separates from me. The seed stone remains on my third eye and I can see the grid energy still. I am told that this grid is for Pleiadian beings to return to the earth. I am shown that as the Pleiadians, the true pure bloods return the general behaviour of humanity will shift. The energy that the Pleiadians will hold on earth will become a primary energy. It will build until it is a majority energy, any consciousness that does not hold to truth and love will no longer be able to exist here. I am shown these souls incarnating all over the planet, that they will be able to come in now and by simply being here the  consciousness of the planet will shift.

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